20 FREE Printable December Calendars for 2023

Take control of your December planning and get organized with these unique, free printable December calendars. Read on to find out how having one (or more!) will make juggling all the things during this busy season so much easier.

December is nearly here (how is it already the last month of the year) and that means you have to juggle the typical challenges of a crazy work schedule with holiday season shopping, decorating, events – and any other obligations LIFE throws at you. It can be overwhelming….but don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Having organized planning tools easily accessible makes it so much easier to stay on top of everything.

That’s why we’ve created 20 of the best calendar templates specifically designed for December – all free for you! Keep reading to find out how having one (or more!) will make juggling ALL THE THINGS- especially during this busy season – so much easier.

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Free Printable December Calendars

These printable December calendar templates were created  with YOU in mind. Whether you prefer a traditional monthly calendar layout, a wall calendar or something more unique, we’ve got you covered. And the best part? They are all FREE! You can grab one or all of the various formats by clicking the download button below each picture. Once clicked, you’ll be directed to the pdf files where you can open in adobe reader or the pdf reader of your choice!

*These templates are for personal use only and any reproduction for sale, POD or otherwise is prohibited.

Important dates for December

There are so many important dates and major holidays for December including the first day of winter! Here’s a quick list of the December holidays to add for your blank calendar 

  • St. Nicholas Day (Dec 5th or 6th)
  • Hanukkah (Dec 18-26)
  • First day of Winter (Dec 21st)
  • Christmas Eve (Dec 24)
  • Christmas Day (Dec 25)
  • Boxing Day (Dec 26)
  • Kwanzaa (Dec 26-Jan 1)
  • New Year’s Eve (Dec 31)

Federal holidays are denoted by an (**). Fun fact, December 21st is also the shortest day of the year if you are in the Northern hemisphere! Depending on where you are located, this could be up to 6-8 hours shorter than the longest day of the year which is June 21st!

Printable Monthly Calendar with To-do lists

These free printable calendars are great to add as a monthly planner. We’ve created both one-page layouts and two-page layouts in both landscape and portrait view!  We’ve also added a section for notes and to-do lists – perfect for keeping track of everything you need to get done in December.

Festive Season Printable Calendars

Celebrate those special occasions, school events, family gatherings and other end of the year happenings with these  festive and fun printables! The designs are perfect for getting into the holiday spirit while keeping organized. 

Printable December Calender

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2 Page Printable December Calendars

One of the most popular calendar formats is the 2 page spread.  This gives you more space to write down all your plans and appointments. The printable calendars  shown here all come in the 2-page format, some have full calendar breakdowns, others with one page displaying a full month and the other page for note-taking or adding additional details. 

Winter Season December Calendars

Each of these monthly calendar templates showcases stunning winter-themed designs, capturing the enchanting beauty of the season. They are not only practical for organizing your December activities, events, and travel plans, but also serve as delightful visual reminders of the cozy and festive atmosphere that accompanies this special time of year. Whether you’re mapping out holiday gatherings, jotting down gift ideas, or simply cherishing the joyous moments, these calendars are the perfect companions for embracing the magic of the winter season.

December Printable
December Printable

Printable Weekly Calendar Templates

Sometimes a monthly view just isn’t enough! These printable weekly calendars break down each week of December into manageable sections. Each template also includes space to write notes and to-do lists, making it easy to stay on top of your December plans.

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Aesthetic December Calendar

Looking for a cute and aesthetic December calendar?  We’ve got you covered with these free printable templates that feature trendy designs and fun holiday elements. They are perfect for keeping your schedule organized while adding some festive flair to your planner or workspace.

Blank December Calendars

If you want to create your own monthly calendar that can easily be adapted these blank printable calendar templates are a great option for you! Each of these blank calendar templates is also shown above with the dates included for 2023. Grab one of these beautiful blank calendar templates today!

We hope that our free December calendar templates will provide you with some creative and unique ways to organize your life during the holidays. Use these templates to help you stay on track for the season, or even just as a special way of getting yourself into the holiday spirit! So don’t wait, print out whichever template works best for you and get started today! 

And if you are looking for even more holiday-themed tools or ideas, check out our FREE Christmas Holiday Planner – it’s full of great ideas! With all of these great resources at your disposal, we know you can have a wonderfully organized December! Thanks for joining us here today on our blog – until next time, happy holidays and all the best to you in 2023!

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