topical bible reading plans

Topical Bible Reading plans are a simple and effective way to be intentional about your quiet time with the Lord. They are great for beginners who are just starting to focus on reading the bible as well as those who have read the bible consistently but are looking for a different method to grow closer to God and get deeper into his word.

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What is a topical bible reading plan?

A topical bible reading plan is any plan that prioritizes a specific theme or topic of the bible. These simple bible reading plans often include a list of scriptures that talk about a particular word or thought process. They allow you to laser focus on particular of scriptures that relate to that topic.

How do you read the bible topically

First you have to understand that reading the bible topically isn’t necessarily a start to finish reading. It is more a way to highlight God’s intention on a word, thought, or theme.

Next, you gather your supplies. Completing a topical bible reading plan doesn’t require much, in fact all you really need is the scripture list and your bible. However, I like to have the following additional tools.

Once you have all your supplies, you’ll simply select the first verse on the reading plan and look it up. Pro tips: (1) Pray for holy understanding or pray through the scripture (2) Read the scriptures before and after the verse for context (3) Highlight words or thoughts that stand out to you (4) Be expectant that God will reveal himself in each verse

Free Topical Bible reading plans

Below are several of the topical reading plans that I have used to get a deeper understanding of God’s intention for many different subjects and situations that have puzzled me as a woman and busy working mama. They have helped me to really cultivate the calm I needed in this very busy-driven world!

This 12 Month Bible reading plan includes a list of scriptures to follow for the month as well as a guided prayer journal template to write down your reflections. Feel free to download one or all of them! And be sure to subscribe for more free prayer and faith growing printables and resources.

Want More Topical Reading Plans

I’m constantly looking for new topical studies to share, here is a list of all of our most recent topical studies.

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Additional Bible Reading Plan Resources

Studying the bible is one of the best ways to spend your quiet time with the Lord! Here are a few additional bible study resources to help guide your quiet time with the Lord. Here are a few additional resources that can help augment your study time with our simple bible reading plans.

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