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10 Uplifting Stories of Women In The Bible Who Impacted the World

These 10 stories of women in the bible will encourage and inspire you to see the pivotal role your own life plays in the God’s story!

Women are always beautiful. Not only in looks and shape, but their hearts are one of the strongest in this world.

Their beauty of hearts radiates from generation to generation. 

The procreation of unique humanity would be impossible without women. Socially, men’s lives are incomplete without their mother, sister, wife, and girl-friends. A family, one of God’s institutions and the basic unit of society, would feel down without mom. After all, mothers are the light of their homes.

And there many other ways that these precious women in the bible have touched and changed the world.

women in the bible

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Jesus: Women are Heroes

In a patriarchal society where Jesus lived, women were undervalued, even objectified. 

But Jesus regards them highly. From His mortal inception to His death and resurrection, the Bible presents women gracing His life.

In His first advent here on earth, He stayed in Mary’s womb. Aunty Elizabeth’s baby leaped inside her when she learned that His mother is pregnant with Him.

Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus involved women. We can see this in His words and action. He saw them as worthy of concern, unlike people of His time who regard women as inferior. We often see the contrast between His interaction with them against the understanding and tradition of the society. 

He mingled with prostitutes and made them valuable and forgiven.

He brought hope and healing to Peter’s mother-in-law, Jairus’ daughter, and other sufferers.

When His disciples reproved the woman in the bible who poured perfume on His feet and the woman who touched His robe, Jesus acknowledged their faith and actions.

When His life on earth ended, women stood by the cross and prepared spices for His anointing. And after His resurrection, Jesus appeared to the women and gave them good news to share. This was unlikely because, in first-century Israel, women’s statements are regarded as untrustworthy. Here, Jesus empowered them. And so they brought the particular message to the cowering men.

Yes, Jesus built genuine relationships with women, defending them and depending on their influence.

Even today, Jesus is the Best Friend of every woman.

What does the Bible say about women?

The Bible may sound patriarchal, using the word “man” all over its pages. But the Holy Scripture is also full of the accounts of women. Starting with Eve in the Genesis creation, it ends with the harlot riding the dragon in Revelation.

Woman’s role in the Bible

As we read through the Scripture, we can say that nothing is new under the sun. The roles of biblical women are no different from what today’s women play. Here are some of their characters:

  • Mother
  • Daughter
  • Sister
  • Wife
  • Judge
  • Missionary
  • Teacher
  • Servant
  • Helper
  • Friend
  • Aunt
  • Leader
  • Church member

We can relate. Right?

Misconceptions About the Bible and Women’s Role

Some words of the Bible are taken with the wrong context. It’s sad, but this is especially true when it comes to women. There are misinterpretations and misteaching about the treatment and privileges of women.

Some think that the Scripture implies that men are more deserving than women. The latter is the “weaker vessel.” So, they should “submit” (emphasized!) themselves. Does that sound like, “You, woman, are a second-class”? But it is written in Genesis 1:26-27 that there is no hierarchical difference between male and female. God values and loves them both equally; no favoritism.

Some would say that those with XX chromosomes shouldn’t set about having a voice. Shhh, remain silent. Like, women shouldn’t speak in church and should submit to their husbands. Like, childbearing saves you; motherhood is your life’s most significant purpose no more, no less.

Others claim that ladies should not lead or teach in the church pulpit. And that’s absurd because we all know that our mothers are our first teachers, especially spiritual subjects. God did not say that these spiritual gifts are only for the males; He calls all people and gives them unisex gifts (1 Corinthians 12:8-10; Romans 12:6-8; 1 Peter 4:11).

These issues are not built on Jesus’ intention. These troubling traditions are principal of cultural influence and not spiritual. And don’t blame Peter and Paul for what they have written. Remember that their primary aim was to write and encourage the fledgling church during their time. They were not even aware that their letters will be preserved and, much more, be a part of the sacred Writings. 

We should also remember that God works through the geography and culture of the time.

Women’s Rights in the Bible

Since the beginning, the right to free choice has been given to women (and men). Remember Eve misusing her right?

Again and again, God wants us to acknowledge that we are all created in His likeness (Genesis 1:26-27); we’re all His children—heirs to His promise.

Let’s learn from women in the Bible and see what we can adopt from their experiences.

10 Stories of Women in the Bible Who Made A Positive Impact

The following biblical women can teach us a lot about faithfulness, courage, leadership, and wisdom. The stories of these strong women are as unique as the women of today, and the lessons we can learn from them just as impactful! These stories come from both the old testament and new testament of the bible. These stories aren’t mere historical fiction, instead these are powerful stories of real women of unwavering faith who despite difficult situations, played a key role in God’s plan! Let’s look at the stories of these great women of the bible. 

1 – Jochebed

She is the wife of Amram, a Levite, and the mother of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. (Exodus 6:20). 

As a mother, she had to sacrifice and entrust her youngest son’s life in God’s hand. She gave birth to him during the Israelite’s dark days, at a time when the Pharaoh issued a decree to kill all Hebrew baby boys in the land by throwing them into the Nile River. For three months, she courageously hid and nursed her baby. But he was growing fast and soon couldn’t be hidden. 

With a broken heart, Jochebed had to make a drastic decision—let go of the baby and let God take care of him. So, she made a papyrus basket, painted it with tar and pitch, tucked her child in it, and strategically put it among the Nile river reeds (Exodus 2:3). The story ends with the pharaoh’s daughter finding Moses and taking him in as her own, moses’ sister miriam suggests his mother as a nurse maid, and the rest is history!

In her story, we see how God works when we entrust to Him our all. We know what had become of Moses, the baby that Jochebed tried to protect.

In Hebrews 11, Jochebed is included among the heroes of faith. Why not? Her life is one best example of how to walk in faith and with hope.

When she saved her son, little, did she know that she would impact world history? She had raised a great leader and legislator, a high priest, prophetess, musician, and poet.

2 – The Slave Girl of Naaman’s Wife

The Jewish girl was a servant, yet she was brave to suggest something critical to her mistress, the army commander’s wife. Commander Naaman was a brave man, but he contracted leprosy. At that time, if you were a leper, you were an outcast. Leprosy is contagious and discriminating.

But since Naaman was rich, he just needed to be quarantined in his house. Despite the health risk and threat in her environment, the young slave girl stayed loyal to her masters. Not only that, she showed compassion to them. She wanted healing for Naaman. That’s why she suggested that he go and find healing from Elisha in Samaria.

The girl must have shown good testimony to the family such that the high-ranking official obliged.

Here, we see how enormous her faith was—in God’s power and in the prophet’s ability to heal the sick. Hers is a sufficient faith. She gave hope to her masters. Her testimony and the healing of Naaman were witnessed to the latter’s family, King Ben-Hadad, and King Jehoram. Her faith resulted in Naaman’s salvation (from the disease and judgment) when he believed and acknowledged the God of the heavens (2 Kings 5:14-15).

3 – Rahab

Rahab’s story in Joshua 2:9-13 is a fantastic harlot-to-heroine tale. She has helped change human history—all by faith! Yes, she is also included among the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11.

She may be labeled as a dirty woman, but her one choice made her one of the greatest. When the spies that Joshua sent to Jericho were being hunted down, she accommodated the spies and hid them on her rooftop. She guided her townsfolk in the wrong direction so that the spies can escape. So when the city of Jericho crumbled, only she and her family were spared.

Hers is a courageous faith. She could have decided to work with the king she knew. But she chose the leap of faith, working with a heavenly King whom she doesn’t know.

Her choice led to the rise of Israel as a nation. It also led her to be included in the generational line that led to King David then to Jesus.

4 – Deborah

Her time is like our time. People were into apostasy. The Israelites whom God has chosen to influence the world were themselves being influenced by their heathen neighbors. Life was chaotic and confusing. Everybody does their own thing as they see fit.

We read about her account in Judges 4. 

Deborah was a wise and courageous judge and a prophet. She’s also known as a female military leader. Why not? God used her to prompt the doubtful and reluctant Commander Barak to action. Her faith was a divine enthusiasm. It helped the shaky start of Barak to finish strong. So, in the end, their army was victorious in the battle.

5 – Ruth

She was the great grandmother of Israel’s greatest king, David, in the family line of Jesus. That was already a significant impact. But behind humble story of Ruth is more to learn. Through her story, we see just how specific god’s plan is for the world. 

Ruth became a widow just after 10 years of her marriage to an Israelite. Instead of going back home to her mother and father after her husband’s death, she decided and insisted on staying with her mother-in-law, Naomi, who was also a widow. What compassion she had!

She traveled with Naomi back to Judah, where she worked diligently in the fields of Boaz. And just like some rags-to-riches love stories, Ruth and Boaz eventually got married.

What’s so impactful in her story?

The moment she took a vow that Naomi’s God will be her God, her faith had led her and her family into an unforgettable legacy. She—a non-Israelite—became a direct ancestor of the world’s Redeemer.

Not only that, her influence lives on. Look at your Bible. Her name is privileged to be one of the canonized books as the book of Ruth.

6 – Hannah

In the Bible, she was the fourth woman ever mentioned to have suffered infertility. But unlike the other three (Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel), she didn’t do any retaliation, even if her husband’s other wife bullied her for being barren. Her narrative is found in 1 Samuel 1-2.

She only knew one thing—take her pain to the One Who really cares. She never doubted God and fervently prayed until something happened.

Despite being mistaken as drunk, she humbly presented her plea to Priest Eli, who helped intercede for her. In asking for a child, she wasn’t being selfish. She promised to commit her child to God’s service. God’s promises stood true and she soon birthed a baby boy! She bore Samuel and raised him well.

For Hannah, being a mother brings happiness. But keeping her promise to God is joy everlasting.

Any mother would be impacted by her courageous and faithful move to leave her child—her long-awaited, hardly-prayed-for son—at the temple. She should have been anxious about getting separated from her firstborn. But she trusted God and kept her words. For this, God blessed her with five more children. What a mother’s prayer can do!

Her impact can be seen on her son, Samuel, a great prophet and guide for the Israelites during King Saul and David’s time.

7 – Queen Esther

Her story is another rags-to-riches tale. Her name was Hadassah, and she was an orphan and an exile. Her cousin Mordecai took care of her as his own child.

When the king was looking for a wife through an unusual beauty pageant, the young girl was forcibly taken away from her cousin to compete for the king’s favor. Her name was changed to Esther, which means ‘star.’ She did become a star.

Aside from outshining other ladies in the contest and becoming the queen of Persia, her actions as royalty were gleaming.

We all know her story as Esther, the brave queen. What was courage for her? It’s not acting and confronting the battle immediately. In fact, she felt helpless at first. When her people, the Jews, were to be annihilated, instead of moving forward to the battle, she took a step back, consulted her mentor and elder, Mordecai, prayed, fasted, and waited on God’s perfect timing. This way, she was more enlightened on which move to take. Yes, she may have felt helpless, but she was never hopeless.

Her faith and selflessness cannot be discounted in her story. She loved her people more than herself, her status, and her riches. She willingly risked her life to save her people.

Like Ruth, Esther’s name stands out forever, for hers is a book in the Bible. The book of Ester is one of just 2 books in the bible named after women. Moreover, Esther’s bold action is commemorated until today by her people, the Jews, through the feast of Purim.

8 – Mary, Mother of Jesus

For sure, we all agree that Mary’s impact on this world lies in her son, Jesus Christ.

But not only that, the lessons in her life story have a tremendous practical touch on our lives as Christians as well as the beauty of God’s divine plan.

We know that Mary was a young lady when God called her to be the bearer of the Messiah. She was betrothed at that time to Joseph. In their time, it would be very shameful to be pregnant when you are not yet married. 

But Mary, in simple faith and obedience, accepted the call. She didn’t mind what other people would think and say about her. All she knew was she was serving her heavenly King.

And what selflessness she has too! Though it was hard for her to see her son being crucified, and though it was not so clear to her why the Savior should die, she trusted God’s word.

Her sacrifices are felt by the world until today.

9 – Elizabeth

Elizabeth was Mary’s cousin. Though Elizabeth and her husband had been praying to God for a child, she was barren until in her old age, when God blessed and touched her womb. She became the mother of the faithful John the Baptist, who prepared the way for our Lord. Yes, John was a miracle baby.

Elizabeth, as a mother, reared her son in the way of the Lord. As her husband was unable to speak, she had to speak up for her son and family. During John’s circumcision, their relatives insisted that they name the baby after his father’s name. But Elizabeth had to speak up and stand firm on God’s instruction (Luke 1:59-61).

Moreover, we see in her a friend and a sister for Mary. Her words for Mary are supportive and uplifting, full of blessings. Who would not forget these beautiful words in Luke 1:42: “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb”?

Indeed, a mother impacts the world through the way she rears and trains her child and this beautiful woman shows just that.

10 – Mary Magdalene

In the story of Jesus, she was also prominent. She was a great witness of the Savior’s miracles.

In her life alone, Jesus delivered her from seven demons (Luke 8:2). That was her turning point in life. She became a supporter and close follower of Jesus in His ministry.

Her dedication can be seen in her presence in the most historical time of the Redeemer’s life. She was there when Jesus was crucified (John 19:25), and she had the privilege to first see the risen Savior after His resurrection (John 20:15-16).

She was the first bearer of the good news of which, until today, we, Christians, are spreading to the world: Jesus has risen!

Faith: The Common Denominator

As we read through the stories of these influential women who have beautiful hearts, we see the key to their legacy—FAITH!

With their faith, even as tiny as a mustard seed, they moved, touched, and blessed the world as a whole. They may not have moved mountains, but their trust and obedience to God caused a ripple effect that impacted even us today.

You Can Be A Hero Too!

Christian woman, you are a great one, a valuable person in God’s sight. Whether you like it or not, you influence this world. You cannot say that you are just a nobody. 

Your circumstance may not be a favorable one; your past may be a shameful experience. Or you may be thinking of your age. 

God does not define us by those. He blesses and calls us all.

Look at the stories of these female characters. One is unnamed. Most had no power, prestige, or popularity.

God even uses ordinary people, the unlikely ones. He uses the weak to touch or topple the strong. You can do something good for this world or even for just someone. You are an important part of God’s story.

The Scriptures got lots of promises for you. You are loved and not condemned. You are God’s, and He has made you wonderfully. You’re never alone. And you’re a chosen one.

Whoever and wherever you are and whatever situation you are in, always remember: You’ve got a woman’s touch, a gift of God.

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