Want to start a blog?

Becoming a blogger and turning it into a business I am crazy passionate about has been one of the best leaps of faith I have ever made!

It has not only given me a chance to “passively” add income to my household, but has also given me a platform to connect with and serve so many woman (learn more about the blog and business here)!  

Keep reading below to see my absolute favorite blogging resources!

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My Fave Blogging Resources

The following resources include courses, programs, and technologies that I am currently using. I have been through a TON of resources in my 6 years as a blogger and these are the ones that have lasted the test of time!

Starting a blog

Starting a blog is overwhelming! When I first started in 2016, I considered blogging sharing personal stories more like a glorified journal. In truth, blogging these days is much more technical. That is why my absolute FAVORITE resource for anyone considering starting a blog is this course by LeeAnn of Kingdom Bloggers. Her Christian Bloggers Bootcamp runs just 3-4 times a year, but if you are a self-starter you can grab the SEO for Christian Bloggers course which goes through all of the same course materials and also gives you a discount on the Bootcamp!

Writing Blog content

One of the biggest time savers I have found in blogging has been in using AI technology to help me create content. Currently I am using Jasper which is an awesome resource that has helped me cut down my blog writing time significantly! What used to take me 2-3 hours to write a meaty search engine optimized blog post now takes me between 30 mins and an hours start to publish!

What’s even better is if you use my link for Jasper you can try it out for free and get up to 10,000 credits free!!

Blog Images

I don’t know about you, but I am not a photographer. I just don’t always have the eye for beauty like professionals or even semi professionals do. So, I love these stock image providers! The photos that they provide are amazing and they are always adding more!

Pixistock is great because not only does Alicia provide images but with membership you also get access to social media templates, printable templates courses and so much more! She even creates guides for social media posts including for Instagram reels and TikTok.

Depositphoto has an amazing deal a few times a year where you can get 100 credits for $30. I’ve purchased at least 10 of these deals in the last 2 years.

Canva is a great resource for those on a budget and with their pro plan you can receive access and licenses for all of their premium stock photos and templates.

Sharing your blog

When we set out to start a blog, our hope is always that someone reads it. What we find in blogging is getting that traffic can take time. For my blog, I have been able to see significant success with search engines, but I like to diversify. Using Pinterest has been a great way to add additional traffic to my blog which ultimately means more income.

Tailwind is a great resource for planning and scheduling my Pinterest pins. Scheduling out my pins helps to make sure that I am not spending too much time on the marketing side of the business and more time in the actual creation.

Building an Email List

For new bloggers, worrying about an email list may not be at the top of your list, but it is something that you should keep in the back of your mind. Having a list of people who are fans of your work and writing is one of the best and most consistent ways to turn your blog into a business.

Printables by number is a comprehensive course that I used to help me really get a handle on what it meant to build an email list!

Mailerlite is the service provider that I use for my current email marketing and I have been using them for the past 2 years without an issue! They are one of the more affordable email service providers and they provide a ton of easy to use features!

Making Money

The last resources I want to mention are those which can help in making money! Earning an income from blogging is one of the things we don’t often talk about because we don’t want to feel sleazy maybe? But, being able to get paid for this hobby and turning it into a business is huge for so many of us bloggers! There are many ways to earn an income and I will probably write a post about it soon, however, these are two of the resources I use that have helped me turn blogging into a viable business.

Ezoic is an ad network and it is one that actually allows you to join at any time in your blogging journey (there’s no traffic minimum.) There is a short course you may have to take, but its an on and off process.

Shareasale is an affiliate marketing program that allows you to get paid for recommending products. Once you join shareasale, you are able to promote companies for a commission that can add up quickly! (I recommend Cratejoy for all ni

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