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Ultimate FREE Printable Prayer Journal Template Vault

Have you been looking for a prayer journal template to DIY your own war room prayer journal? Check out this post and get access to our FREE Prayer Journal Template Vault below!

Creating a prayer journal has been one of the most impactful parts of growing my prayer life. I have always had a strong desire to pray more, but found that without much clear direction, I often was left reciting basic prayers without much depth or direction.

When I first started prayer journaling, I simply found a blank journal with a beautiful cover and started writing! This worked beautifully and allowed for raw pure conversations between me and my Father in heaven. As my prayer habit grew however, I learned that I needed some way to organize all of the parts of my prayers. I began creating simple Prayer Journal templates to help keep my prayers organized.

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Free Prayer Journal Template Vault

When I first started organizing my prayer journal, I found that there were a few consistent things I added. This included the breakdown of bible verses, lists of prayer requests and praise reports, specific scriptures for people I prayed for as well as paragraphs of diary like conversations with God. 

What I also found is that I needed to mix and match templates from others to get everything I wanted in a daily prayer journal printable. So I started creating templates that I both loved esthetically but also that incorporated all the prompts I needed for prayer. 

Printable bundles like this are fun to make and share so I have bundled up several of my favorites in a prayer journal vault for your personal use! You can create your own prayer journal with any one of these gorgeous free printables. With each prayer journal bundle you will receive:

1. Prayer List Template and Prayer Request Sheet

Sometimes our prayers come easily, the words flow and we have tons to say, other times we need a guide for our daily prayer.

One of the most impactful entries on our vault of printable prayer worksheets are these prayer journal templates which include two versions of the prayer request list template. These daily prayer journal pages can be used to prepare war room prayers or as a guide to remind yourself who to pray for.

One of the template designs comes with space to jot down your list of prayer requests. The second version of these prayer list templates can simply be used to list all of your praises and your personal prayer needs. 

These templates remind us that we can and should pray for others in our conversations with the Lord. They can also be used as a reminder of God’s faithfulness.

2. Bible study prayer page

prayer journal printables

Often times our prayers can be guided by our bible reading and devotional time. For this reason, I include a bible study printable to the bundle. When I first began using my prayer journal I would read a passage of scripture and then pray about it.

This helped me to temper each of my prayers with the word of God, and set my heart in the right space before I began praying.

These pages follow the SOAP method of studying the bible and are great when you do topical bible studies.

3. DIY Prayer journal printable

prayer journal printables

The prayer notes printable template is a great way for your free flowing brain dump style prayers. When there is a lot on your heart and you are unsure of where to start, use this page to simply start praying. 

These pages can also be used in conjunction with the other prayer journal printable pages as additional space to write prayers or bible study notes.

Each of these can be used individually or together to create the ideal prayer quiet time.

Want a sneak peak at the vault? You can download these prayer journal template pdfs for free! Simply click on the caption of each picture for your free prayer journal printable download.

What are the Benefits of using our printable prayer journal template?

One of the benefits of writing your prayers in a prayer journal is the fact that you have a record of your prayers to read in the future. Reading through your prayers allows you to see God’s goodness and faithfulness in your life. This is a wonderful way to keep a record of your testimony and see proof of the power of prayer during the hard times in life.

The prayer journal pages that I have created allow space for you to list specific prayer requests and praise reports as well as have additional room to list scriptures to pray over those requests.

Creating these war room style prayer requests gives extra weight to the prayers you pray and increases your understanding of using the word of God to pray for those you love. 

What do I write in a Prayer Journal?

Once you access the prayer journal templates vault and print out your favorite designs, you may start to wonder what next? What should you write in your journal and how should you structure it?

Well first you must remember, prayer is just a conversation, and these templates are just tools. These printable prayer journals give you some guidance to organize your prayers. You can use them to simply write down everything you want to bring before the Lord, or use them as your method of prayer. Either way is both acceptable and impactful! 

Use the Prayer Journal templates to organize your prayers

If you decide to use your prayer journal templates as a way to organize your prayers before you go before the Lord, then I recommend you use the template that looks more like a list.

Here you can write down the needs of those you wish to pray for and then search for biblical promises and encouragements that speak to that particular need. Using the printable prayer journal templates in this method allows you to create a strategy for your warroom prayers. I like this method because after creating a prayer strategy on a particular topic I can then post the completed form in my prayer closet to use during my quiet time with God

Use printable prayer templates to write your prayers

Another way to use your templates involves you actually writing your prayers directly on the printables. This way is nice because you can use a bindle to create a journal that you can keep with you at all times to write in. 

There are many different methods of prayer to use should you decide to write your prayers out directly in your prayer journal. Two simple to incorporate ways to pray include:

The P.R.A.Y. Method

  • P – praise God for who he is
  • R – repent of your sins
  • A – ask for what you need or for the needs of others
  • Y – yield your will to that of God

The A.C.T.S. Method

  • A – adoration for who God is
  • C – confession of our sins
  • T – thanksgiving for your blessings
  • S – supplication, share what’s on your heart and what you and others may need

Regardless of the way you decide to going about writing your prayers on one of the templates, the goal should be the same. Spending meaningful time in prayer helps you in connecting with God, getting to know him more, and tunes your heart to see him in everything

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How to use these prayer journal templates

I like to create a binder with the prayer journal templates. This usually involves printing out multiple of each sheet I want to use and keeping them handy to add to my prayer binder as needed. 

With 4 different prayer style templates you can create the prayer time that serves you best. If you are new to prayer journaling and are unsure where to start, I recommend checking out this guide for starting a prayer journal

While the benefits of a prayer journal are numerous, the greatest is the assistance in building an effective prayer routine. Growing in your walk with God through daily communion and fellowship with him is the number one best way to change the course of your life for the better! 

Still another way you can use the prayer journal printable templates is in conjunction with one of our planners, guided journals and topical bible studies. Having focused bible study time in addition to your prayer time can really help increase the quality of your prayer and meditation. 

Approach God Boldly

My hope is you are able to use these prayer journal templates to grow in habit and boldness as you approach God in prayer. Use them daily to grow a habit of constant conversation with God, knowing and believing that he is not a passive listener and he hears you. I want you to walk in the fullness of knowledge that you pray to God not as a beggar hoping for scraps of affection. I want you to pray confidently, like the beloved daughter of God. You come not as a beggar but as an heir.

In Hebrews 4:16, Paul instructed the children of God to…

“Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”

Prayer is a conversation, and my prayer is that these prayer journal templates help you to increase your prayer life and your faith exponentially!!

prayer journal printables

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