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Top 10 FREE Printable Prayer Journal Ideas

Need help recharging your spiritual life? Check out these free printable prayer journal ideas and start connecting with God in a meaningful way.

Do you struggle to find time for reflection and prayer? As busy working moms, our lives can be filled with pressing deadlines, errands to run, and children who demand our attention. But taking a few moments each day to journal your prayers is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself. It not only brings more focus into your faith journey but also adds an element of peace that comes from having designated space specifically set aside for intentional prayer and meditation.

Fortunately, there are many free printable prayer journals available online so you can start right away! In this blog post I will share my top 10 favorite printable prayer journal ideas created by my blogging sisters in Christ from around the world. Check them out and pick one that speaks to your heart today!

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Prayer Journal ideas: Templates for your prayer binder

Are you ready to start a war room binder but unsure of where to begin? Let me encourage you that prayer journaling is a simple and enjoyable practice! Creating a prayer binder and exploring these prayer journal ideas can be a delightful experience.

You’ll find printable templates and premium options available online. I’m thrilled that you’re embarking on this journey, and I can’t wait to hear about the incredible things the Lord does for you!

1. War Binder Printables

prayer journal ideas

One of the keys to your prayer journal journey is creating strategic prayer! These prayer journal printable templates from Megan Allen Ministries are great for organizing your prayers and creating a prayer strategy that is bold and confident in the Lord!

Each bundle comes with a how to page and a guided printable prayer journal template to direct your thoughts to the things that God lays on your heart!

2. Printable Prayers Journal for Moms

You can do hard things! This is the premise of this beautiful scripture and prayer guide from my dear friend Rachael from Healing Home! Rachael’s heart is to encourage moms where they are! And this journal was created with this purpose in mind! It is filled with scriptures to pray through and lined journal pages to write through your prayers!

3. Guided Prayer Time Printable Prayer Journal Bundle

The next entry in our list of prayer journal ideas is this waiting on God Prayer journal bundle from Savoring Each Moment! This Free Prayer Journal Printable bundle has it all! Guided prayer time templates, Scripture promises, prayer request templates and more!

What is even better is this template was intentionally created by a mom who is always encouraging others to be in the present moment and to love on those around you well! Taking this mentality into your prayer life is sure to be a game changer!

4. Daily Prayer Journal Printables

These daily prayer journal templates from Gina Poirier are a great way to kick start a prayer journal journey! In this 7 day prayer guide she offers a daily prayer along with simple to follow prompts that help you to learn how to model your prayers after the teachings of Jesus! These intentional prayer journal templates are a great way to help you get unstuck in your prayer journey!

5. Prayer Worksheets

Not only are these prayer worksheets from Not Just a Stay at Home Mom gorgeous, but they are also a complete prayer journal guide! This bundle is complete with prayer journal cover, scriptures to pray, prayer list templates, prayer logs, and so much more!

6. ACTS Prayer Printable

These ACTS Prayer printables are just a few of the over 16 different prayer journal printables available in this prayer journal bundle from Printables of Faith! This bundle includes 5 different ACTS prayer templates to choose from as well as scripture lists to pray and prayer request sheets.

7. Guided Printable Prayer Template

The Philippians 4 prayer template is a guide for prayer when feeling anxious. Using Scripture from Philippians 4:4-8 this guided printable prayer journal walks you through stages of rejoicing in the Lord, confession, supplication with thanksgiving, praying for peace and protection, and replacing our worries with more uplifting thoughts. It is particularly useful for women going through a stressful situation, but can be used at any time.

8. Daily Prayer Journal Printable Bundle

daily prayer journal printable

This Daily printable prayer journal from Mrs. Lo Tanner is designed to guide users through praying intentionally for God’s will to be done in our families, work, ministries, and communities, and daily lives. With a prayer list of scriptures to pray for specific situations you are bound to have effective prayer time with the Lord.

9. Printable Prayer Journal Planner

prayer journal planner

This 10 page prayer journal planner from Sharing Life and Love is the perfect way to make sure you always create time to pray. You can add your prayer schedule, who to pray for, and use the journal prompts to guide you as you say your prayers. You can talk about your feelings, what you are grateful for, what you need help with, and where you want God to intervene in your life. There is also plenty of room in the Notes section to discuss the many blessings God gave you after you said this daily prayer.

10. Prayer Worksheets

prayer worksheets

This quick and easy prayer worksheet devotional from Cedar Birch Musings will help you stop and take a pause. Through the guided prayer prompts you can get to know God a little at a time or just to register His goodness around you. Read Scripture, write out verses, and let it sink in and think on it as you color the page around the verses. These creative prayer journal printables are a great way to experience quiet time with God!

11. Prayer Journal Printable Prayers

Sometimes even the beauty of a prayer journal template isn’t enough to get the words going. When that is the case a prompted or topical printable prayers journal is the best option and I just LOVE these printables from Susan L. Davis! This particular 30 day printable prayers journal walks you through praying for patience. It includes daily prayers, and pages to add your own thoughts!

What are the Benefits of using a prayer Journal?

Having an active prayer life is a powerful way to connect to God and build your personal relationship wtih him! There are so many benefits to using a prayer journal in your spiritual life.

Writing prayers in a journal provides the benefit of having a record to reflect on in the future. It allows you to witness God’s faithfulness and serves as a testimony of his hand working in your life.

Additionally writing your prayers in a prayer journal helps with focus while praying, especially as you are establishing your prayer life. Using prayer journal templates that have prayer prompts helps guide your prayer time and keep you focused on what is most important! As a busy mom, this is particularly great to help me be intentional with my prayer time.

Lastly, using a prayer journal can help strengthen your prayer life and build consistency in your communication with God. By setting aside time to write out your prayers, you are establishing a habit that will benefit your spiritual growth tremendously. As you continue to use your prayer journal, you may find yourself becoming more connected with God and experiencing deeper levels of intimacy in your relationship with Him.

How to create your own prayer journal using these ideas

Creating a binder with prayer journal templates is a helpful way to enhance your prayer routine. By printing out various sheets and organizing them, you can personalize your prayer time. If you’re new to prayer journaling, a guide is available to help you get started.

Alongside other resources like planners and bible studies, using prayer journal printables can deepen your prayer and meditation experiences. Embrace the benefits of daily communion and fellowship with God to transform your life for the better.

Start a prayer journal habit today

It is so easy to become busy and become distracted with everyday life, but beginning a prayer journaling habit is a wonderful way to practice and grow in faith. I hope you have been encouraged and challenged by the ideas shared in this blog post. I’m praying for God’s grace and love to fill your heart when it comes time for you to pick up your journal or turn on an audio recording of His word. May the templates provided help launch you into a faith-filled life for Him.

In Hebrews 4:16, Paul instructed the children of God to…

“Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”

Whether in moments of need, joy, or studies, use these templates as tools of communication with our Heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally. He loves it when we share our hearts with him! So what are you waiting for? Start writing in those journals today!!

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