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10 Simple Self-Care Sunday Activities and Ideas

Life is so busy! We live these ridiculously chaotic lives characterized by running errands, schoolwork, office work, juggling chores and still trying to find time to pursue our passions. The world has become so competitive, especially in the business space, and people must put their best foot forward. There is so much pressure that spills over to our free time and our weekends.

Incomplete projects, parties to attend, visiting family, and much more. The list of things to do feels never ending. 

While that may be the fact of what life looks like, it doesn’t have to remain this way! We need to be kind to ourselves, we have to understand that it isn’t novel to work beyond the point of exhaustion. At the end of your weekend, you should feel rejuvenated and relaxed and not tired like the rest of the days.

Many don’t even realize that the choice to “busy” themselves throughout the weekend only leads to decreased productivity during the week. We were created for a rhythm of work and rest! We were designed to spend meaningful Sabbath. We have to be the example in our family of embracing the idea of self-care. Our children will know that stewarding their health (mental and physical) is important.

I would like to encourage you to look beyond the stigma that may be associated with Self-Care Sunday and consider spending a day in Sabbath Rest. Embrace the idea of intentional time to steward your health!

Self-Care Sunday

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What is self-care Sunday?

Self-care Sunday is the time you take time to wind down and practice some self-care specifically on the weekend. It is a time for you to reset, do away with the fatigue and the baggage of the week. On self-care Sunday, you do all the things that will make you feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle a new week. 

For Christians, we can many times get caught up in the nomenclature of an activity. Self-care Sunday sounds like an indulgence. It sounds like excess. When you believe the infallacies of what self-care is (pampering, self-indulgence, selfish focus) you miss the true meaning of taking time for yourself (this can include time with family).

Self-care Sunday isn’t all spa treatments, facials, and manicures. In fact that is only a small piece of what Self-care Sunday CAN be.

Self-care Sunday IS planning your week, meal prepping, readjusting your budget, spending time in prayer, spending time with your family. Biblically speaking, Self-care Sunday is Sabbath Rest reimagined. It is time that we dedicate to being filled up in the way that we need to be filled.

Benefits of having a Self-care Sunday:

So not that we have established that self-care Sunday is indeed acceptable and “good.” Lets talk about some of the benefits of self-care Sunday.

1. Having a dedicated self-care day allows for better work-life balance

A self-care Sunday routine will go a long way in helping you achieve a healthy work-life balance. A work-life balance will help you avoid burnout, alleviate stress, and create a healthy work environment. With this, you will be able to protect your mental health even in the middle of those very chaotic workdays.

2. Self-care promotes good mental and physical health

A Self-care Sunday routine can include activities that improve your physical, mental, and physical health. Self care, therefore, is beneficial for both your psychological and physical well-being. 

The long-term results of having a dedicated self-care Sunday routine are a stress-free and healthy lifestyle. 

How to create a self-care Sunday routine

Having a self-care Sunday routine is often easier said than done. This is mostly because when it comes to prioritizing ourselves and our needs, we default to the idea that to do so is selfish. So first off, let’s drop this thinking! You are worth the time it takes to get healthy.

Having a self-care Sunday routine starts with good planning. Starting self-care Sunday is one thing, and maintaining a routine is another. Here some self-care Sunday tips for creating a routine.

1. Write down a list of things that you enjoy

Identifying the things that make you feel centered is the first step towards having an effective self-care Sunday. People are different and require different things to rejuvenate them at the end of the week. Identify the one thing that makes you feel relaxed and happy at the end of the day. It could be a massage, a hot shower, journaling, a healthy meal, and so on. 

If you are struggling with what type of self-care you need to focus on, I recommend taking our self-care quiz!

2. Create a plan to incorporate those activities in your Sundays

Go through the list you have written down and see how you can make those things part of your Sundays. If a massage makes you feel centered, make it part of your self-care Sunday routine. 

3. Set goals around the activities

To get this right, ask yourself where you will be doing them, when you will be doing them and how often. For instance, you can dedicate every 20 minutes or so of your self-care Sunday to the activity. This is also where you decide whether you will be alternating the activities depending on how much you have to do. 

4. Evaluate your routine

Set a timetable and get to work. After about 5 Sundays, evaluate your self-care routine, and see whether it has positive results. If it works for you, proceed with the activity. 

You are also allowed to adjust your routine as you go. 

5. Learn how to overcome barriers to a self-care routine

Just like in most of the other things you do, there are challenges along the way. Some of the challenges you will face when implementing your self-care routine include the difficulty of sticking to the routine. To overcome this, it is as simple as making a commitment to yourself.  Remember you are worth the time it takes to be healthy.

All it takes is just getting started, and the rest will come naturally. You are allowed to tweak your activities to get something that works best for you.

Self-Care Sunday Activities

Most of us tend to be busy six days a week. Sunday being our off day, it is an important and a good idea to engage yourself in improving all aspects of your personal life. It is also essential to have a routine for refreshing yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. The following are some of the self-care activities to do on those perfect Sundays. 

1.Make yourself your favorite healthy meal.

Let’s face it: weekdays can get so hectic that you lack time to make yourself a meal. While carry-outs are great when you are hungry and have no time to cook, nothing beats a homemade meal. If you are struggling to find enough time for your cooking, you should consider sparing some time on your schedule on Sunday to prepare a special meal

You can have this for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, depending on your priorities. This will save you time and money on ordering carryout and give you a sense of self-appreciation.

While most people may view eating as just another thing we do to survive; it plays a vital role in the quality of life. Eating the wrong food can cause significant discomfort, also has a long term impact on your health. 

The idea behind self-care is to do things that improve your emotional, mental, psychological, and physical health. Food is at the center of it all. Consider stocking your fridge with healthy foods like berries, lean meat, and vegetables. 

2.Body fitness and skin treatment

Attending yoga classes or going to a gym is good for your body and physical health. It doesn’t mean that you can only exercise at the gym; you have an option to unroll your yoga mat at your home and workout. You can also go jogging or for a long morning walk to exercise your body. Simple beauty treatments like face masks and hair masks will also go a long way. 

Exercise has so much to offer, and you cannot afford not to have it as part of your routine. It creates a sense of achievement, helps you maintain a healthy body weight, boosts your confidence, and is also key for healthy glowing skin.

3. Spend time reading a book

Reading is an important part of mental and emotional self-care. Reading improves your rationality and makes you more mentally flexible. It helps you in looking at things from different angles. Simply spending 30 minutes of your routine on reading can significant improve your stress levels and make you feel more relaxed, all while helping your mind to expand.

4. Outdoors activities

A walk in the park can be another great activity to add to your self-care routine. It connects you to nature and captures your mind. A nature walk will keep you thinking of nothing else except the flow of nature.

Outdoor activities don’t have to be things that will make you more tired than you were. Light gardening can be therapeutic, too; it is fulfilling and will also help you sleep better at night. 

5. Set your weekly goals

To have a well-organized week, you have to create a list of things you may need to accomplish by the end of the week. With this, you may require a weekly planner. This is by far one of the most important habits in my Sunday self-care routine.

6. Learn how to say no

Saying no and setting healthy boundaries is a huge part of self-care. Many times due to obligation we overextend ourselves, and then end up exhausted because of it. A self-care activity that we often neglect is the art of saying no. Remember, doing nothing, IS doing something. Just because you do have the time to do something doesn’t obligate you to fill all of your free time.

Prioritizing yourself is a vital part of self-care. Being confident about not overstretching yourself will help make sure you have time for self-care. More so, it will help you set boundaries, which is also good for self-care. 

7. Self-care trip

While this one may not happen every Sunday, keeping it in your wheelhouse is important, and perhaps you can make it a monthly routine. Travel outside your town and disconnect with the world, and instead connect and spend quiet time with the one who holds your world.

Another fantastic way to spend this mini vacation is to book a stay in a hotel and get pampered over the weekend.

New experiences are part of self-care for the mind and even physical well-being. Self-care can include doing things out of your routine. It doesn’t have to be an expensive vacation: something as simple as driving to the next town will do. 

8. Use your gratitude journal

Keeping a gratitude journal is the ultimate self-care idea. It is recommended that you write something in your journal every day as part of a well rounded self-care plan. Gratitude increases positivity and improves your ability to see things through the lens of reality.

Taking time on Sunday to write in your gratitude journal or even just review your entries from the week prior. Simply reviewing your blessings and the many good things in your life can help prepare you for a positive week to come. You will also find that this activity can help you to alleviate stress and boost your self-esteem as you focus less on the bad and more on the good.

9. Talk to a loved one

Self care Sunday also involves taking care of your relationships. You can dedicate some time of your Sunday routine to talking to loved ones. This will help stabilize your bond with your friends and family. Talking to people you trust and care about also goes a long way in lifting your mood. 

Making this part of your routine will help you create a good balance around your life. That is, work, family, and friends. 

10. Moisturize your body

Nothing is as relaxing as full-body moisturizing. Unfortunately, this is not something that most people are able to do every day. We usually have limited time in the morning, and after work, we are too tired to moisturize the entire body.

Sunday makes the perfect day to give your body some attention. Do this after a nice long hot shower. You don’t have to invest in expensive oils. You can use your regular lotion, coconut oil, or other essential oils you have. This will leave your skin glowing and also boost blood circulation.

Try a self-care Sunday routine this week

Every person should have a self-care day where they prioritize their health. Because most people work five days a week, and spend much of Saturday catching up on chores, Sunday makes the perfect day. It is usually calm, with not so much going on. With it also being at the beginning of a new week, it can get you motivated for all you have planned. 

Prioritize this day for yourself, and even let your friends and family know about it so that they don’t make plans during this time. You can do a lot from just letting light inside your house, drinking water, meditating, speaking words of affirmation when you wake up, and spending some time outdoors.

Sunday self-care activities are for relaxation and enjoying your free time. Therefore, it is wise to involve yourself in activities that you like for fun. Otherwise, it may turn out to be a boring Sunday after forcing yourself into some social activities, which others consider to be fun. The guide above will help you come up with an effective self-care routine. The self-care Sunday ideas above will help elevate your mood, reduce stress, and improve your overall health. Be  religious about the routine and your life will improve.

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