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Resources to Overcome Working Mom Burnout

As a working mom I know how tough it can be to do all the things! We want to be everything for everyone but time often stands in our way! We give all we can to our careers, our homes, our ministries, and our community and end up with this overwhelming feeling of exhaustion. Mom burnout.

You lose interest in doing things that should bring you joy. You feel irritable, confused, and guilty. You wonder how you can show up for your people while also showing up for yourself.

This is common amongst moms, whether you are a full time working mom, a part time working mom, a stay at home mom or somewhere in between. We can not be everywhere at once. We need help! But too often, we suffer in silence and try to stuff the fatigue of mom burnout to the bottom of our growing to do list.

If this all sounds very familiar to you then, this very comprehensive list of all the resources I could find for overwhelmed moms suffering with burnout.

Learn God’s intention for Time Stewardship

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Self-Care Resources

So many of us often neglect self-care for no other reason than we don’t feel like we deserve it! We know that we are exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling on the verge of burnout, but we fail to see that if we just steward our health well through intentional self-care we will not only feel better, but also be able to show up and be present for those who we love the most.

The following resources will encourage you to start caring for yourself well!

working mom burnout

Additional Self-Care Resources

Books that help me find peace when I’m feeling overwhelmed and on the verge of mom burnout

I love reading, but as a full-time working mom my reading time is limited. I love listening to audio books on Audible especially on my way to and from work. Some of my favorite books for personal growth and self-care are:

self care gifts

Balanced Living Resources

True balance is probably a myth, that doesn’t mean that we have to live in the midst of chaos, it simply means that we have to adjust our goggles, to refocus, and to let go of expectations. Being a working mom is so much fun! Having systems in place can help you enjoy it even more!

These resources will help you enjoy the best of being a mom who enjoys her career and loves being a mom!

Additional Balanced Living Resources for Working Moms

Apps to make life easier and minimize working mom burnout

  • Trello is my current jam for all my blogging needs. I am currently working to update my home life onto trello too
  • Noteshelf is what I use for my digital journals and planners since I am #teamandroid
  • Supercook is amazing for helping you plan dinner at the end of a long day
  • Platejoy helps you plan your grocery list and create meal plans for the week
  • Abide App has always been a great way for me to be more intentional about better quiet time with God meditating
  • Headspace is also an amazing app for meditation and creating calm

Spiritual Growth Resources

Many times when balance seems harder than normal and my temper is flaring, the culprit isn’t my mounting to do list, or my career stress. No, whenever I feel out of wack and on the verge of a real mom burnout moment, the reason is always a disconnected prayer life. The fix is always spiritual self-care in the form of prayer, bible study, and spending quiet time with God.

These Resources will help you grow spiritually by giving you easy tips for more intentional time with God.

Additional Spiritual Growth Resources