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20+ Self-Care Items to Create the Perfect DIY Self-Care kit

Wake up. Kids to Care. Work. Cook Dinner. Kids to bed. Sleep.

With the exception of a very few days, this is life, and its stressful. Without intentionally deciding to steward my mind, body, and soul, I could easily become stressed-out, grumpy, and completely useless to my family, friends, and those who count on me. Building a self-care kit helped me to be prepared for the moments when mommying and wife-life leave me feeling drained.

Creating a self-care kit can be both simple to do and fun as it helps you focus on the sort of stress relief that serves you best and allows you to make sure you continue to show up as the best version of yourself for your people.

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What is a self-care kit?

When I think about this question, I always hear the same tune in my mind “These are a few of my favorite things.” This is the essence of a self-care kit; a collection of the things that bring you joy, help you relax and reconnect, and allow you to release stress.

As women, we take on a lot of stress because we juggle a lot of hats. In order for us to avoid overwhelm and the mental breakdown that always seems seconds from the surface we need to learn to prepare our spaces and our days for moments of self-care. These moments of good stewardship can be supplemented by the contents of your very own self-care kit.

Who should have a self-care kit and why?

Stewarding your mind, body and soul well is crucial to a full life. Understand this: you cannot pour from a cup that is empty. You cannot give what you do not have. If you give and give from a place of stress you cannot give your best. Functioning in a state of low fuel means potentially jeopardizing your efficacy in your purpose when you do not take time to rest.

You cannot hustle non-stop. Eventually something (usually life) will slow you down.

It is not selfish to need a moment to yourself. It is not weak to need to recharge. It is all a part of the true meaning of self-care. It is intentionally placing focus on the areas in your life where you feel lack. Having a self-care kit prepared makes it easy for you to take time to breathe when you need to. Whether that looks like hiding out for 15 minutes or taking a Self-care day, a kit means you are prepared with what you need when you need it to intentionally steward your mind, body and soul well.

What should be in a self-care basket?

A diy self-care kit should include items that focus on each aspect of self-care. Our stressors come in many different forms. Because of this we should think of our self-care kit like a toolbox. It’s a basket, box, or kit that provides all of the items we may need to invite calm and release tension that we may feel.

Deciding on the type of self-care that you need will help you stock your basket with self-care items that will serve you best. To get started on creating a kit for yourself or for someone else you want to do a few things.

  1. Make a list of all the activities that help you to relax
  2. Find a space in your home (or at work) where you can easily access your diy self care kit. It helps if this area is also comfortable. I love creating little sacred spaces for calm and comfort around my home.
  3. Find a cute box or basket to hold your items.
  4. Start filling your self-care basket with items to reset, release, and renew

The following diy self care kit ideas make great additions to your self-care self care routine regardless of what type of self-care you may need.

Stimulate your mind with these self-care items for your wellness basket

Our minds are constantly at work and many times our exhaustion comes from the fact that our minds are weary. Looking for self-care kit ideas that that help you steward your mental health well is important to add to this wellness basket. These items include activities that will help stimulate your mind as well as items that allow you to be very introspective.


Having a journal on hand in your self-care kit allows you to have a space to write down things that stress you out and things that encourage you! You can share your dreams, write lists, or journal your prayers.

Self-care kit, journal
Photo curtesy of Feelinggifts shop on Etsy

My Pick: Personalized Leather Journal from Etsy


I don’t know about you, but certain pens do spark joy! Having writing utensils on hand especially when they are good quality and write in the way that you enjoy are another great addition to your self-care space.

My Pick: Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens, 16 Count

Coloring and Activity book

Coloring and mentally stimulating activity books such as Soduko, Crossword puzzles, and Word searches are excellent ways to increase your critical thinking skills and unwind when you are feeling stressed. Stash a few books in your basket for a few moments of peace.

My Pick: The Psalms in Color, Coloring Book

Coloring tools

If coloring for self-care is something you’d like to do, you may also want to have some coloring tools available as well. This can be crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

My pick: Crayola Colored Pencils

Your favorite crafting items

Whether you are an amateur painter, a candlestick maker, or something in between, having supplies for your craft make sure that you are able to do the things you enjoy when you need to enjoy them.

My pick: Drops design DIY Crochet Kit

The cozy self-care kit for emotional health

We’ve all had days where everything seemed to go wrong. You’re drained and ready for a warm drink, a favorite book or movie, and peace and quiet! Why not be prepared for those moments with these comforting self-care items for your self-care kit.

Warm Blanket

The best thing about cozying up at the end of the day is wrapping yourself in a nice soft blanket! Whether it is a family heirloom or a modern weighted blanket, having this little bit of self-care comfort does wonders for lifting your spirits.

My pick: Sivio Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket

Tea and mug

One simple self-care idea is to drink a warm drink! Extra points for the drink that may have some medicinal benefits! Drinking a warm cup of your favorite herbal tea can help calm you down and sooth your soul.

My picks: Tea Drops Blueberry Acai Tea

Favorite movies

Romantic comedies are my thing! I could binge watch them all day, but maybe a great suspense or documentary will give you the renewed feeling you desire. Whatever it is having easy access to these movies in your self-care package is important.

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My pick: A Walk to Remember, The Fox and the Hound

Good book

I don’t often have time to read (my preference is to listen to audible), except when I know I need self-care. In those moments, there is nothing more relaxing than feeling a book in my hand and flipping the pages. Having a personal development book (the bible is my personal favorite) or fiction of your choice on hand in your wellness kit is a great addition.

My pick: Uninvited by Lysa Terkerst

Diffuser and oils

I wasn’t a believer of essential oils, until I tried them. My particularly fussy baby was almost instantly calmed by a blend I purchased on a whim from Young Living! I was immediately sold! Have a few favorite blends on hand with a diffuser for your wellness basket.

My pick: Young Living Oils and Diffuser (I’d love to share with you all about my essential oils journey and share with you some sweet deals!! Shoot me an email if you’re interested!)


The reason why I didn’t do diffuser was because I loved the feel of lighting a ton of candles, turning the lights down low in the house a listening to my favorite worship music to meditate and reflect. This setting allowed me to get out of my head and share my thoughts and feelings out loud in prayer. It was transformative, and I recommend it!

My pick: Homemade Soy Candles

Release tension with these physical self-care items

If you are like me, you hold your stress in your back and shoulders, but you can not always get out to have a massage. For this segment of self-care I like to have a few items that will encourage me to get moving (even if it is just to stretch).

Yoga mat

There is something about quality fitness equipment that encourages me to at least think more about physical self-care. Having a quality yoga mat is no different. Simply seeing this gorgeous mat in your self-care space can invite you to at least doing some mild relaxing stretches.

My pick: Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat

Water bottle

Hydration is one way that each of us can do something good for ourselves that has lasting impact. Hydrating allows for each of your body systems to run smoothly and effectively.

My pick: S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Foam roller

If a regular date with a masseuse is out of the question with your schedule, finances, or lets be real, a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC, then having a foam roller could be considered the next best thing.

My pick: 321 STRONG Foam Roller

Stress ball or calm jar

This may not have to do with fitness specifically, but it definitely has impact on your physical health. Stress is scientifically linked to a slew of medical conditions. Having a simple destress tool in your toolkit is one of the reasons why having a self-care kit is so critical.

My pick: Motivational Quotes Stress Balls

Stretch video or workout

I have to admit, I have more workout DVD’s than I care to admit, and I still use them, and they are amazing! If you too have a favorite, then pull those out and pop them in your self-care package. If not, Youtube has a plethora of videos to choose from.

My pick: I LOVE Sarah Beth Yoga!

Be calm in luxury with these pampering self-care items

Nail polish

I love getting my nails done, there is something about having beautifully manicured hands. I hate waiting in the nail salon to have them done. This was my dilemma for years, until I made up my mind to learn to do them myself. With just a few (read many) tries, I was able to get the manicure I like at a fraction of the time! My current fave is Dip powder!

My pick: AzureBeauty Dipping Powder Nail Starter Kit

Face masks

Nothing says pampering like a facial! You can purchase the facemask sheets nearly everywhere for $3-10! If you are looking to splurge you can check out a store such as Lush for their selection of pampering products.

My Pick: Viva Naturals Sampler

Bubble bath

Having pampering bathing products is important for your self-care moments that last the day, or when you decide to give dad the kids for the evening. Bath bubbles are one of those little luxuries you didn’t know you enjoyed until you try it!

My pick: Natural Honey Bubble Bath

Bath salts

Another great bath time self-care item to add to your self-care basket is bath salts. Bath salts not only luxurious, they can help sooth tired muscles, and if you use them with essential oils they can uplift your mood as well!

My Pick: Herbal Tea Bath

How to use the self-care basket

After gathering all of the items you want to place in your self-care kit, its time to assemble them and create your self-care corner. One of the things that became very apparent when I got married and especially after having children was the idea that I needed a space that was mine.

Having a space that is solely for you (be that a corner or a whole room) allows you to have a space that welcomes calm and relaxation. The safety of that space allows you to physically cue your body to calm when you enter it.

Place your self-care kit in this space to use on the days when things are hard and your mind is strained! It also is a great place to go when you decide you want to take a mental health day!

Have you created a self-care space? Are there any items that you MUST-HAVE in your own self-care kit? Share your thoughts with me below!

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