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13+ Essential Homeschool Resources for Working Parents

Hey mama! If you are anything like me you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed, stressed and otherwise with the decisions needing to be made as you prepare your little ones for school! Many working moms and dads are considering how best to foster an environment of learning with a full-time job or maybe even considering adjusting work hours to accommodate the new version of education for their children.

I’m currently in this space and have spent a great deal of time wondering am I equipped.

I’ve spent countless hours trying to figure out if it’s possible to work full time and homeschool. I’ve scoured the internet looking for the best homeschool curriculum for working parents and working mom homeschool routines.

What I have found in all of this research is that most mom’s who do end of homeschooling find a way to do it with a career that allows them to be home most of the day or do sacrifice their career to be able to teach their little ones full time.

This may not be the case or desire of every mom out there, and both parenting styles is okay!

For the mamas who are just wanting to find a way to be their for their little ones during this current seasons, and to give them the best education that they can, I have created this list of resources that I plan to use as I navigate this season.

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homeschool resources

Is it possible to work full time and homeschool?

What I have been learning is the answer to this question is a resounding YES.

Home school doesn’t have to look like a traditional classroom. As a working mom homeschool does not need to look like that of other moms either.

Perhaps your school district has decided like mine that it’s safer for the children to remain at home for school. Maybe you are wrestling with this decision on your own as the school is deciding to maintain classes at the school space. Whatever your situation these homeschool resources for working moms are great educational activities that you can do to supplement your children’s education.

Whether you and your spouse work full time out of the home and cannot fathom where you will find time to be able to teach your children well, or you work from home and require a lot of time on your own computer, it is possible to create a homeschool environment that everyone loves as working mom.

Homeschool resources for overwhelmed full-time working moms

I’ve spent the last several weeks scrubbing the internet and my networks for valuable resources to help make the homeschool journey for any working mom easier.

Resources to help calm your anxiety about homeschool

As a new to homeschooling mom with a full time job, I’ll admit I stressed a lot initially. With the shear quantity of information out there, it was hard not to feel both overwhelmed and anxious. The following resources have been very important for my mental health as I have begun to wrap my mind around the idea of teaching my son.

Most of these are more focused on adjusting your mindset and preparing your heart for homeschooling. Each touches comes from a very unique perspective that has helped me to shift my emotions from a place of frustration and concern to excitement!

Teaching from Rest

I came across this book in a local homeschool Facebook group I am in, and it changed everything I was feeling about homeschooling. It was an amazing reminder of the blessing that I am being given to instruct my children.

Teaching from Rest helped to calm my anxious (overachieving) mama heart and put into perspective that the best thing I can do for my babies as we embark on this adventure is to try.

Joyful Living Toolkit

If I am honest, one of the biggest reasons that I felt anxious about homeschooling as a working mom, was the fact that I imagined my already minimal free-time dwindle to nothing.

I was in essence tired before I even began, and that scared me. The Joyful Living Toolkit is a resource that I keep in my back pocket for these moments when I need encouragement, ideas for positive thinking, help in your spiritual life, and reminders that it’s more important to focus on the positive than the negative.

Wiggles away

As a non-teacher, this course absolutely helped me get some basic knowledge of the way my children may process things. It also offered amazing, easy to implement action steps to help insure an easier transition into homeschool.

Wiggles away addresses everything from schedules and routines to nutrition in creating the optimal learning environment for my kiddos.

Homeschool scheduling toolkit

I am learning that one of the most important things you can do as a working homeschool mom is to create a schedule that is both efficient and effective.

The Homeschool Scheduling Toolkit is a great resource created for moms needing some guidance in easily creating a homeschool schedule.

Homeschool resources to help build curriculum

Once you have gotten your heart and mind set on the success of your homeschool journey, you are ready to start sorting through the tons of curriculum and supplemental resources available.

It can absolutely be overwhelming trying to determine where to even start! With different learning styles, different curriculum styles, and thousands of different curriculums; any new homeschooling mom could easily get lost in information overload. These resources for homeschool will help you sort through the clutter of information to create a curriculum that works for everyone involved.

Cathy Duffy Reviews

If the shear thought of trying to go through the thousands of different curriculum makes your head spin, then this is the site for you. Cathy Duffy has been reviewing curriculum for the homeschooling community since 1984! On her site, she also reviews additional resources important for homeschooling and education.

In her ebook, 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, the job of selecting the right curriculum is made easy! This book includes extensive reviews of each of her Top Picks. What I loved about this book was that it helped me to really understand my children's learning styles, which helped in deciding on products for my school aged son.


One of the coolest things about homeschool is the flexibility in curriculum. This excites me so much because some of the fun activities that my children and I enjoy together can be incorporated into our education plan. SUPER WIN!

One of those resources is Kiwico subscription boxes! I have gotten these boxes for both of my children for the last year, and these are absolutely an amazing resource.

Currently we receive two boxes. We get the Kiwi crate for my son. Every month we get a themed box that has a large experiment usually broken up into three different projects. It also comes with a fun activity magazine that helps encourage children to learn more about the theme for the month.

We also get the Panda crate for my daughter. Each Panda Crate includes 2 months worth of age-appropriate products and activities and ships every other month. This crate takes the guesswork out of educational play for my daughter.

If you are interested in trying Kiwico, you can get 30% OFF WITH CODE SHARE30.


Another very cool supplemental resource for educating your children is the Outschool. Outschool is a program that offers live online classes and camps to allow your child to explore anything that interests them. With over 50,000 classes and topics that range from the Coding and Tech to Pokémon to World Languages, Outschool is offers an awesome supplemental educational resource for kids of any age.

Classes with Outschool start at $10 and range from single session lessons to multiweek experiences. Each class is live and taught by an independent teacher in a small group of the child's peers.

My son and I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the course listing and planning our curriculum based on the available classes.

Some that we are particularly excited about include:

Epic! Books

One of the classroom experiences that may be hard to recreate is the library, and with the current climate, getting the the local library may be more difficult than normal.

For this homeschool resource, I love Epic! Books. We started using Epic during our drive from the lower 48 to Alaska. I happened upon Epic during my search to find a range of activities for my son to do on our over 60 hour drive to the last Frontier.

Epic's program is simple. Daily, age/reading level appropriate reading for children based on their interests. Boasting over 40,000+ books, there is sure to be something that your little one will love!

Currently they are running a promotion where you can try it out for free.

Read FREE for 30 days!

Homeschool Mamas to Follow

I am by no means a homeschool mama expert! I am muddling through this season like many other mamas I know! Luckily, I have been blessed with a tribe of friends who have years of homeschooling experience and have graciously offered their insight!

Homeschool blogs to follow

Lessons from Home

At Lessons from Home you'll meet Heather, a mama of 5 who's in love with her family, homeschooling, and all things chocolate.  At Lessons from Home she shares her homeschooling and parenting journey along with the lessons God teaches her as she learns to follow Him wherever He leads.  Healing from loss is a major part of her story as her family walks the dark path of grief after losing her 8 year old daughter. 

Susan Evans

Susan has been an educator for over 20 years. She specializes in helping homeschool moms bring more joy to their home through hands-on learning. She also encourages women to draw closer to God by making their faith real. She offers hundreds of fun articles, videos, and posts that encourage hands-on learning!

Her prepared unit studies include subjects such as Integrating Art into History, Living Science, and Making Literature fun.

Bobbi Schaben

I just love Bobbi's heart for the Lord, wellness, and her family! Bobbi's prayer is that readers understand God's love, thrive in wellness, live on purpose and experience abundance. Bobbi is a trained occupational therapist and I was particularly taken by what led her to homeschooling! It is a powerful and encouraging story! You can check out her journey from homeschool sceptic to believer here.

Chronicles of Momia

Katherine from Chronicles of Momia is a homeschool veteran with the curriculum to prove it! A large portion of her site is on homeschooling. A gem found on her site is nearly three years of free literature-based lesson plans and printables. She's also published outside of her blog. One article that is particularly uplifting for those of us new to homeschooling is located at For the Church. In this article she shares encouraging words for new homeschoolers!

Homeschool Youtubers to Watch

Jess Will

New to the Youtube Scene but a veteran in the Homeschool realm, Jessica is one of my dear friends and someone who's homeschool journey I have always admired! I'm so excited to see what jewels come from her channel! This video is already a personal favorite!

What are your favorite resources?

This list is not exhaustive, but it is does hold a lot of the items that have helped me as I start on this new adventure! If you are also on this journey and have a great product or resource I would LOVE to share it with the tribe!

Comment below with your MUST-HAVEs!!

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