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14 Unique Easter Gifts for Toddlers

All parents can agree that one of the greatest treasures to having littles is the ability to re-see the world, through their eyes. A snowfall, fireflies, fireworks- all things we as adults take for granted, are nothing short of magical to our kiddos getting to experience them for the first time. Having the luck to share these moments with our children is also pretty magical.

While the little moments are pretty fantastic in their own right, there are a couple times a year when those tiny eyes really sparkle- Easter, being one of them! Looking to make your toddler’s Easter extra special? We’ve rounded up some of the best easter gifts for toddlers!

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Easter Gifts for Toddlers that share the meaning of the day

God’s Easter Promise – Inspirational Children’s Book

Looking for a great way to share the easter story with your little one? God’s Easter Promise is an awesome way to bring light to your little one’s heart.

One thing most parents want to do for Easter is to find a way to make the importance and reverence of the day be real for our toddlers. Once upon a time this was done with Sunday school Easter speeches and presentations, but in many churches Sunday school and main services remain separated. This inspirational children’s book will allow the whole family to share in the joy of the season!

Really Woolly – Children’s Activity Set

toddler easter basket

Really Woolly is an awesome easter basket option for parents who want to offer a lot to keep those busy young minds going.

This easter gift for toddlers includes 4 fun activities that help to direct your hearts and minds to the celebration of Easter. It comes with an activity book, a mini coloring pad, a puzzle, and a sticker set! With so many activities this set will be a delight for family fun time.

More Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers

Many times as parents we can sort of agonize over exactly how much magic of each season we should provide for our children. One thing that tends to hit Christian mamas particularly is just how much commercial Easter to offer our kiddos.

This is such a personal choice and is often dictated by the way we ourselves were raised. I for one, enjoy seeing the excitement on our little ones faces. Depending on how you work it, you can very easily get across the importance of the Resurrection and allow your littles to hunt for eggs! The following gifts are additional items to add to your toddlers east basket.

TOMY Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs

Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs made by TOMY is a great Easter basket idea for toddlers that stays within the Easter theme.

The set includes six colorful squeak eggs that when cracked reveal colorful chicks. The chicks will then peep when your toddler gently presses on their heads.

No batteries are required are required, and the Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs are suitable for toddlers 6-36M old.

Set of 6 Wooden Bunnies

This set of 6 Wooden Bunnies is a sweet, and beautiful easter basket idea for your toddler!

The bunnies are made of hand carved wood with burned engraved floral detailing. While any child would love the gift of these adorable bunnies in their toddler Easter basket. They’re especially great for children getting a Montessori or Waldorf education.

The bunnies can help develop your toddler’s fine motor and speaking skills, while also immersing them in creativity and imagination play! 100% homemade, this easter gift for toddlers is recommended for children aged 2+.

Skyfield Carrot Harvest Game

The perfect easter idea for babies or younger toddlers, the Carrot Harvest game is an aesthetically beautiful and interactive toy.

The farm designed wooden box features holes for 7 wooden carrots with felt tops that your child can pull in and out of the “garden.” Not only will Carrot Harvest help to develop your child’s fine motor skills, but it acts essentially as your kiddo’s first matching game!

Rest assured, this game is lead-free and BPA- free, phthalates free, and is stained with non-toxic water-based paint, with smooth, wood edges. This game would be the perfect Easter gift for children 1-3 years of age.

Hijinks Costumes Bunny Tail & Hijinks Costumes Bonnet

If there’s one thing that every toddler likes, it’s a good costume. The handmade Hijinks Costumes Bunny Tail & Bonnet is no exception.

The elastic tail is easy on, easy off, and is made of soft organic cotton and a little fur pompom. The bonnet is made of  soft and stretchy organic cotton. Both are available in three colors; dusty violet, mustard, and ivory.

These gender neutral costumes can take you past playtime- use them for family photos or the following Halloween as well!

Biscuit’s Pet & Play Easter

Author Alyssa Satin Capucilli brings us on another Biscuit adventure with Biscuit’s Pet & Play Easter, touch and feel board book, a wonderful idea for an Easter gift for toddlers!

Read along with your toddler as the puppy Biscuit goes about his Easter holiday. As the story goes on, enjoy sensory activities as your kiddo pets the fuzzy chick, and spots the shiny Easter eggs.

Biscuit’s Pet & Play Easter is 12 pages long and is available for purchase on board, or hardcover. Biscuit’s stories are recommended for kiddos in preschool and beyond and make a great addition to any toddlers Easter Basket.

Easter Bunny Nesting Dolls

California Studio Art brings us this adorable, 5 piece, handmade, hand painted, Easter bunny nesting doll set. They come together from linden wood, safe acrylic paint, and  eco varnish.

The main doll in this set is 3.75” but if you’re looking for something larger, they can go up to 5, or 5.5”. Because they are handmade and painted, no two nesting doll sets are the same!

The Easter Bunny Nesting Dolls are great for developing fine motor skills, and are considered a Montessori approved toy. These nesting bunnies would make a great easter basket idea for toddlers!

Egg Shaped Crayons

Super cute and easy for little hands to hold, these egg shaped crayons are easy for little hands to hold and would make the perfect addition to your toddler’s Easter basket!

Each box contains 9 bold and beautiful colors. Guess what mom and dad? These crayons are washable! That means no colored fingers or mess to deal with after play. Easy clean up with just soap and water.

These crayons are made of non-toxic wax and do not include any soluble elements such as lead or asbestos. So you can rest easy knowing your toddler will have a safe, and enjoyable Easter experience.

Bunny Soap

easter gifts for toddlers

Your toddler will delight in this bunny soap by Soap by Nadia.

Choose your color- blue, pink, green or yellow, as well as your scent which includes but is not limited to cherry blossom, strawberry, and tropical coconut. The soap arrives with a matching colored bunny smiling and sending a wave from the center of the soap. So when the soap is all used up, the fun isn’t over- you will still have the bunny toy!

These soaps are handcrafted, and no two are identical. Not only will your kiddo love their Easter basket, but bath time too.

Learning Resources New Sprouts Grow It!

easter gifts for toddlers

Encourage creative play while teaching your toddler about the growth of spring by surprising them with the Learning Resources New Sprouts Grow It! Set in their Easter basket.

The set includes two flower pots, a watering can, a trowel, a carrot pot, and a radish pot!

This set features easy-to-grip handles and parts. You’ll find it to be durable, it is washable, and pieces feature a real-life look and feel to them.  New Sprouts Grow It! Is made of soft plastic parts making it an ideal easter basket gift for toddlers.

Personalized Easter Basket Tag

Why not make the Easter basket a part of the gift for your toddler, with these darling personalized Easter basket tags by Alexander Laser Design.

Choose your shape, which includes things like bunny, carrot, Easter egg, and then decide whether you would like your tag to be natural wood, or painted robin’s egg blue, pastel pink, or white!

These tags are 5” tall by 5” wide. These Easter tags are easily one of the cutest personalized easter gifts for toddlers around!

Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny

This soft and snuggly bunny by Melissa and Doug is an obvious choice for your toddler’s Easter basket!

This plush stuffie is perfect for imagination and creative play, story time, and of course, bedtime snuggles. It features  long floppy ears and extra-soft plush fur. You will also notice how realistic-looking this bunny’s features are.

This washable bunny is recommended for kiddos aged 3+. Make Easter morning dreams come true with this easter basket idea for your toddler!

Simple Kids DIY Birdhouse Kit

Built by Bap brings us this adorable Simple Kids DIY Birdhouse kit, which would be a unique and thoughtful gift for an older toddler’s Easter basket!

These kits come in either finished or unfinished wood, and are ready to build. You’ll find holes are pre-drilled and that the only tools you need will be a Phillips screwdriver.

This is an Easter basket gift that will keep giving. Spend time with your child not only while building, but throughout the years as you watch birds come and go from their home you have built them. Assembled the birdhouse is 6x 5.25x 7.25.

Enjoy Easter this year and all year round

You’re sure to see the joy and wonderment in your child’s eyes on Easter morning, whichever gift you decide to put in their basket. The time spent together is a gift all unto itself!

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