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11 Best Health and Wellness Subscription Boxes of 2021

Whenever I don’t know what to get someone for a gift, I always end up searching subscription boxes. Think about it! Subscription boxes are quite literally the gift that keeps on giving.

This day and age you can find subscription boxes to suit any kind of person, but what kind of subscription box would be good for anyone and everyone? A health and wellness subscription box of course!

Not sure where to start on your search for the best wellness subscription boxes for your situation? Look no further. We’ve amassed the best of the best from Cratejoy- a website featuring all the best gifts and subscription boxes, all in one place.

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Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

The coolest thing about wellness subscription boxes is they literally make one for any situation. The following list is all encompassing and includes ideas for wellness boxes for anyone on your list. Wellness needs comes in all forms. It could be in the form of emotional health, mental health, physical health or spiritual health.

Whether you (or your recipient) needs emotional assistance or is just looking for a way to be pampered, this list of the best wellness subscription boxes is sure to have something for you!


best wellness subscription boxes

Curated by therapist the Therabox is a top rated wellness subscription box created to help reduce stress and increase joy through self love. With so many things going on the world that only helps to increase our stress, this box is great for any busy woman you know!

Each box includes a research happiness activity to help reset your mind and decrease anxiety as well as 6-8 self-care items to keep the calm going day to day.

Nature’s Wellness Box

Looking for a wellness subscription box that offers 100% non-toxic, cruelty free items? If so, then Nature’s Wellness box is for you! This box offers 5-7 full-size skin-care and household products. This box would make a beautiful gift for any health conscious mama on your list.

This box is very Aromatherapy focused and will often feature an aromatherapy product made with essential oils!

The Mental Wealth Box

wellness box

The Mental Wealth Box is a monthly box filled with creative tools helping you to  explore  your mental health and well being. Your box arrives containing 4-6 hand picked products that help to provide you with a better understanding of mental health topics. Past boxes have included things such as books, essential oils, face masks, and journals.

This box is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about mental health by gaining knowledge and tools for navigating Anxiety, PTSD and Depression.


wellness subscription boxes

Monthly encouragement has never been easier than it is with the Hopebox wellness subscription. Each month, receive a curated selection of 10+ high quality treasures including books, aromatherapy, jewelry, candles, snuggle buds, organic soaks, scrubs, masks, and more.

One of the neatest things about this wellness subscription box is each box includes an uplifting personal message of hope. If you give it as a gift, you are able to add a personalized note as well!

The Calm Classroom

wellness subscription boxes

The Calm Classroom is a social-emotional learning and self-care tools wellness box curated by wellness educators for members of your whole family.

The Calm Classroom is one of the best wellness subscription boxes not only for it’s bi-monthly contents including  5-7 premium, full-sized items teaching you and reminding you about self care and mindfulness, but also because it’s a company that supports other small businesses by the way it curates it’s boxes. Long story short they practice what they preach.

The Joyful Nursing Home Box

wellness subscription boxes

We can’t forget that part of our wellness journey is finding joy in the day to day- and we can’t forget those who are too often forgotten, our friends and family living in nursing homes. That’s why the Joyful nursing home health and wellness subscription box which is sent directly to your loved one, is one of our favorites.

This wellness box includes a variety of things to keep your loved one feeling connected to the outside world, including a monthly personalized newsletter, written by you (the giver of the box!) and up to 5 printed photos of your choosing. Past boxes have also included things such as  puzzle books, craft projects, and novels.

Singles Swag Box

The goal of the Singles Swag box is to make the receiver feel empowered and inspired. Each box features 7-8 hand picked full-sized products and have in the past included bath and beauty, jewelry and fashion accessories, best-selling books, and even yummy treats!

One of the nice things about the Singles Swag box is that you have two sizes to choose from- the Singles Swag, or, the downsizes Singles Swag Petite at a lower price point. 

Coach Crate

The Coach Crate is the perfect wellness subscription box for the entrepreneurial go-getter in your life!

This wellness box is like having a life coach delivered to your door each month. Each box is curated with a different theme, topic or area of personal growth for you to explore. Each box includes a monthly coaching breakdown, a book, 2 to 4 Exclusive Recorded Online Coaching Videos, 3-6 productivity, relaxation, personal growth, and or well-being products which in the past have included candles, journals, and even tasty treats. The Coach Crate promises to motivate and make you happier, month by month.

The Plant Club

Sometimes caring for something else is the key to one’s well being. That’s why when it comes to wellness subscription boxes, The Plant Club is a winner. Each month you will receive a new plant to be responsible for and watch grow! This box offers a monthly assortment of  pots & accessories that are hand packed and easy to assemble and care for.

Improve not only your wellness but also your home decor, with this fun wellness box from The Plant Club.

Unfolding Essentials

Unfolding Essentials fancies itself the  ‘Get it Together’ wellness subscription box. This box features organization tools to keep you accountable and organized. The idea is that it literally helps you “get it together”- you will find you are completing your goals and feeling more organized after a few deliveries of this wellness box.

Each month includes a new topic to explore with your self care journal, a new gratitude journal, 8 affirmation cards and more.

Natural GLOW Box

Wellness, & Lifestyle Products From Women-Owned Small Businesses?! Sign me up!

The Natural GLOW Box contains a variety of 5-6 beauty and or self care must haves, including but not limited to skincare, oils, bath bombs, candles, aromatherapy, and other lifestyle products. Natural GLOW prides itself on the fact that it has curated a monthly wellness subscription box curated specifically for women- busy moms, entrepreneurs teachers and caregivers, or any “woman that just wants to bring out her Natural GLOW!”

Wellness Boxes for everyone you know

Wellness subscription boxes are not only the gifts that remind someone you care- month after month, but they can also be the best kind of gift you can give yourself. A monthly reminder that you love yourself could be the first step in achieving all your health and wellness goals.

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