Daily Self Care Checklist Printables: 11 Gorgeous Templates + Ideas

When I gave birth to my daughter I quickly realized the importance of routines. As a baby she thrived best when her needs were met consistently with order. It was easy for me to comprehend this for my baby, but hard for me to translate that to my own needs.

As the overwhelming feeling that accompanies being a mom of a newborn and working quickly crept in, I started considering more and more how important it was for me to apply the same principles of routine to my own life.

I knew I needed to create a daily self care checklist to easily incorporate the things that sustain my sanity into my daily routine.

Many of you may be staring at me wondering what that even means (adding daily personal care into your routine) and I get it! Many professional women find it impossible to balance all of the many roles that they have, let alone find time to intentionally focus on doing things that they enjoy or need for their personal health.

Self-care, is often seen as a nice to have addition to an already hectic schedule. Contrary to this belief, however, self-care is a time-tested necessity to your daily routine. Building a self-care routine and curating calm and balance in your life is key to a life that you love. Keep reading to learn all about how to create a daily self care checklist of your own!

self-care checklist

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What is a Daily Self Care Checklist?

As women, we may feel that meeting our needs first before satisfying the needs of others is selfish. We may be juggling with demanding work, a growing household with little children needing our attention all the time, a spouse that needs our support, aging parents that need our care and attention, and friends that call on us for assistance. When we look at all these expectations, we become overwhelmed and put our own needs on the back-burner.

A daily self-care routine checklist is an ideal way to avoid the tendency to neglect our needs and the things that help us to be healthy and our best for our people.

Self-Care routines help us remember that our lives are gifts that we have received from God. These gifts are to be enjoyed and celebrated. Your life is to be enjoyed and celebrated. It is not something that we go through the motions for.

Life is to be lived in the moment and for the future. It is to be lived abundantly. “I have come that you may have life and life abundantly”. Along with abundant leaving, we are called to “clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience” (Colossians 3:12, NIV).

“Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.” (1Timothy 6:11, NIV)

These qualities should flow abundantly from within us. I believe that is quite difficult to portray these qualities if we haven’t practiced on ourselves.

For instance, practicing self-compassion and self-kindness would help us recognize our emotions and accept our human-ness (our imperfect nature). Once we become self-aware of these things, we are then able to show more compassion and kindness to people who find it difficult to accept their emotions and imperfections. And those struggling with self-hatred and perfectionism become drawn to us because they want to learn how to treat themselves with kindness and compassion.

What Are The Benefits of a Daily Self Care Checklist?

Self-care routines enhances your overall well-being. Any conscious activity you do to feel, think, and look better has a profound impact on your health.

Self-Care Routines Improve our physical health

One huge aspect of self-care is the commitment to take care of our bodies. This would mean being able to listen to our bodies and responding appropriately. So, this would mean grooming, exercising and stretching our bodies and getting at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

A Habit of Self-Care improves our mental state.

Making the time to engage in relaxing activities such as listening to music or meditating on God’s Word will have a positive effect on your mood. Activities that relax your mind help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress, thereby enhancing our mental well-being. Making mental self-care a priority can help reduce the risk of developing mental health issues.

Daily Self-Care improves our self-esteem

Engaging in relaxing activities and focusing on our needs can have a positive impact on how we look at ourselves. When we treat ourselves with compassion and gentleness and forgive ourselves for past mistakes, we become kinder to ourselves and we begin seeing ourselves in a positive light.

Taking care of ourselves improves the quality of our relationships

When we make a conscious decision to nurture our needs and take care of ourselves, we become much healthier and emit happiness and self-worth. The happier we become, the more we give to the relationships that we have. A happy woman can give her love freely and joyfully to her children, spouse, family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers.

Using a Daily Self Care Checklist motivates us to become better versions of ourselves

Clothing ourselves with self-compassion especially after a personal failure helps us to take it easy on ourselves and motivates us to do better, without the added pressure of being perfect. For instance, when we are trying to lose weight, we are quick to become self-critical when we don’t see those pounds drop off at the rate we want or expect.

When we adopt self-compassion, we celebrate ourselves for small victories (such as being consistent to exercise daily for two weeks) and give ourselves time to reach our ultimate goal(s). When we are conscious and consistent in our self-care, we can recognize and accept our imperfections, and find ways to improve ourselves to become well-balanced individuals.

How Do You Make a Self-Care Checklist?

You can create your own custom self-care checklist from the comfort of your home using our FREE printable daily self care routine ideas checklist. Have a look at all the self care routine ideas shared above and identify one or two ideas from each category that you would like to implement.

Click to Download your Self-care quick guide to follow along!

Once you’ve chosen the self-care ideas to start with, come up with the following:

Goals: Think of the end goals for the self-care ideas you had written down earlier. Alongside each self-care idea, write a goal. The goal needs to be realistic, specific, measurable, and achievable.

Time: Think about the amount of time you would like to dedicate to achieve your self-care goals. For instance, if your goal is getting 8 hours of sleep daily, you would determine the time you want to go to bed and how long you will practice this to make it a habit. If you choose to learn a new skill, allocate time each week for this new practice.

Activities: It is a good idea to start with the simple self-care ideas and then progress to the time-consuming ones as you grow the discipline for self-care. You could start with eating healthy and getting sufficient sleep before progressing to mindful breathing exercises.

Once you have all this information, you can develop a realistic checklist that will meet your specific needs.

  • It could be a time-specific checklist where you group self-care ideas according to the duration of activity (e.g. less than 2 minutes, 5minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 1 hour).
  • You can also create a checklist according to the category of self-care ideas. So you list an idea and goal each for emotional self-care, mental, physical, social, and spiritual self-care.
  • Another alternative is a weekly self-care list. Jot down the self-care ideas you want to implement in one column and have separate columns for the day of the week. Then tick off any activity and the day(s) that you performed it.

Regardless of the checklist you choose, remember to be consistent in adopting your self-care ideas. Start slowly and build momentum as you gain confidence and the discipline to keep doing these activities.

Want more self-care tips, activities, and ideas? Check out all of our Self-Care Resources created to help event the busiest mom steward her health well!

Printable Self-Care Checklists

One way to make sure that you stay consistent with your self-care routine is to use a printable self-care checklist. Having a visual of your daily tasks can be the reminder you need to keep up with the plans that you set up for your daily self-care plan. Here are a few of our favorite daily self-care plan designs to try out.

Daily Self-Care Routine Checklist

These daily self-care routine checklists can be printed out to keep account of the self-care activities that you incorporate into your day to day routine. To use these checklists simply print out and fill out the activities that you need for your self-care routine and then mark off the task as you complete them each day.

daily self care checklist
self care routine checklist
daily self care checklist

Printable Self Care Day Checklist

While creating a self care routine should be an intentional part of your day to day experience, there are times when you need a day set aside and specific for recharging. The following self care day checklist printables can help you create the perfect self-care day.

self care day checklist
self- care day checklist
self care routine checklist

Weekly Self-Care Checklist

Taking the time to slow down and be intentional about self-care during the week can be hard to do, especially as a busy working mom with a long to do list and little time. One aspect of planning your week, which is the best way to simplify your life

daily self care checklist
printable daily self care checklist
daily self care checklist
self care routine checklist, weekly self care checklist

Create your Daily Routine with our Self-Care Checklist Printable

Self-care is difficult to do especially because excuses are easy when it comes to doing things that only (at first glance) benefit us. We must remember that self-care while directed to our own health is something that benefits all those who you love.

We focus on these external expectations that make us feel wanted and forget the internal turmoil going on in our minds, spirit, and manifesting in our bodies. We forget what makes us laugh and feel good. We forget the things that we loved to do for fun. And we forget what we really need because we are busy satisfying the needs of those around us.

In the end, we burn out. We give and give but have no source from which we are replenishing ourselves.

If you are struggling with burnout and fatigue, and overwhelmed with finding the time it takes to take care of your health, then I would love for you to join our Undoubted Grace Tribe Facebook Group and get access to our collection of self-care, balanced living, and organization resources.

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  1. Ashley,
    THANK YOU!!! Thank you for these wonderful resources relating to self-care. I am a therapist, and probably the number one thing that I work on with clients (and that I need to work on for myself, too) is self-care. In my own life, I struggle to organize and plan, and have been desperate for ways to improve my own self-care routine, and these checklists have been SO helpful! I am excited to use them with clients as well. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and appreciate you for the positive impact that your work here has on so many lives. Thank you!!

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