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10 Awesome Black Owned Subscription Boxes to try today

In February we formally celebrate black history by remembering those who are well known and those who aren’t a widely celebrated. We embrace the impact the Black Americans have made to this country and the world.

A huge part of history is also showcasing those who are making history now, by showing up and excelling in the present. Each week this month I will showcase Black Americans creating space in the self-care, productivity, and wellness niches! This week I will be sharing with you some awesome Black owned subscription boxes to help steward your mental, emotional, and physical wellness!

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Black Owned Subscription boxes of 2021

When I began my research of black owned subscription boxes I was pleasantly surprised that several of the boxes that came up were boxes that I have reviewed before! Two of them already ranked in my top 10 subscription boxes, which was an awesome realization! This list of subscriptions offers options for anyone looking for black owned wellness brands or considering trying products but don’t want to jump straight into an entire line! Keep reading for information on each of these brands, and let me know if you happen to try one!

My Me Time Box Subscription

black owned subscription boxes

Looking for the perfect feel-good box for your mind and body? Look no further than the My Me Time Box. This black owned subscription box is perfect for the busy mom or the overwhelmed professional. Recipients of this box can enjoy a themed collection of items created by women-owned businesses.

Each box includes a self-care product as well as 6-8 products which may include aromatherapy, bath and body care, sin care, snacks, accessories and more!

Work • Space • Spark Subscription Box

black owned subscription boxes

Sometimes we need a little extra spark in our workspace! Enter the Work • Space • Spark Subscription Box. This curated collection of career and office décor is created with professionals in mind. Having an office space that you love is so important for productivity, and this subscription delivers.

Each month box recipients receive 4-5 trendy, hand selected desk décor, productivity and office items. This box is great for those of us who could use a little help with curating the perfect Zoom backdrop!

CLOTH & PAPER | Planner & Stationery Subscription Box

I often talk about the importance of organization for self-care and the Cloth & Paper Subscription box allows you to do that with class. This black-owned subscription box company offers 3 different options for the planning guru in you!

  • The Planner stationary box provides planner related stationary items, organizational supplies and writing tools.
  • The Penspiration Box offers 5-7 stylish pens, pencils and/or writing tools
  • The Penspiration and Planner Stationary Box is the best of both worlds and includes all of the items listed above at an amazing value.

Past boxes have included trendy round post-it notes, desk calendars, and more!


The next selection on our list of black-owned subscription boxes is the VNUS Box Subscription. This pioneering subscription is the first-ever all-natural personal care box created specifically for women of color. This company shares the wealth in providing high quality organic and vegan products from other black-owned businesses.

Each Month recipients of this box will receive full-sized hair, skin, body, and beauty products along with cool samples, gifts, and more! Not only does this box offer a little slice of self-care for you, but the creators of this box also donate 20% of proceeds to charity organizations.

Black Girl Magic Box

The Black Girl Magic Box is a specially curated box of self-care products for and by black women. Each box is thoughtfully curated by holistic health and wellness coaches in support of black-owned businesses.

Monthly recipients can expect to receive a box FULL of full-sized and premium items meant to improve their wellness and provide space for self-care.

Fortunately Inspired Subscription Box

Looking for practical products that make you look and feel good? The Fortunately Inspired box may just be the ticket for you! This lifestyle brand is committed to delivering confidence, beauty and positivity directly to your doorstep!

Each box provides 5 or more premium products catered to successful women who don’t always have time to search for fun, unique self-care items! These boxes make excellent gifts for the holidays, Mother’s day or Valentines!

Bombay & Cedar Aromatherapy Subscription Box

Bombay and Cedar is the lifestyle box you didn’t know you needed. This unique monthly lifestyle black owned subscription box features vegan and cruelty free products for the woman who values her health and wellness.

Each box includes 5-6 products plus two Bombay and Cedar Essential oils worth over $100 per box! Previous boxes have included oil diffusers, books, snacks, home goods and much more!!

The Mental Wealth Box – Mental Health, Self-Care Subscription Box

This isn’t the first time the Mental Wealth Box has been reviewed on Undoubted Grace. In fact it first debuted on our Wellness subscription boxes list earlier this year and for good reason! This box is a self-care bloggers dream particularly when understanding that self-care is so much more than just bubble baths and manicures.

This box was a shoe in for our list of black owned subscription boxes because it takes into account that self-care means taking care of the whole person including the mind and emotions. Each box comes with 4-6 carefully curated products that provide knowledge, tools and activities to better understand mental health topics. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to explore mental health as well as practice self-care in a new way each month!

Home Made Luxe | DIY Home Decor Craft Box

Finding creative things to do is a great way to practice self-care, but its also hard to get beyond the flood of information on pinterest and into a creating space! The Home Made Luxe box takes the guesswork out of your DIY project goals.

This box delivers gorgeous Pinterest-inspired projects to your door each month! Each box includes all the materials needed to create a home décor project alone, with friends, or with the kiddos!

On The Go Mom Subscription Box

The On the Go Mom Subscription Box is another box that isn’t only on our list of black owned subscription boxes. This box also rounds out our list of subscription boxes for new moms! This box was created to inspire, motivate and encourage the modern mama from all walks of life!

Each month recipients can expect 4-6 items related to health and wellness, beauty and skincare, on the go snacks, and tips/tricks to being a busy on the go mom!

Try a Black Owned Subscription Box for your next self-care day

One of the best ways to practice self-care is to have regularly self-care days! These could be in the form of a self-care Sunday or just scheduling in a few hours and digging into your self-care kit. Either way you go about it, having a subscription to one of these self-care boxes is a great way to make sure you are prepared! Have you tried any of these? Share your experience in the comments below!

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