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Top 10 New Mom Subscription Boxes: Postpartum, Self-care and More for new moms

What are the best new mom subscription boxes? Keep reading for a list of my top 10 favorites!

Becoming a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences someone can go through. It is also one of the hardest, most exhausting, and most dramatically life changing experiences someone can go through.

When a woman becomes a mother she is suddenly the second person people ask her about and that can be difficult. During a time which can be both emotionally exhilarating and emotionally draining, having someone show up and show you that you matter, that you (the woman you were prior to giving birth) is still there can mean the world!!

Mommying a newborn is no walk in the park! So , if you are looking to be a support friend or family member to a new mom in your life, consider the gift of a mom and baby subscription box.  A postpartum box is a monthly reminder that there are people in your life that care, long after the new baby honeymoon has worn off and the lethargy has crept in.

Looking to score points in the new baby gift game? Check out our top picks for new mom subscription boxes!

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What do you get a new mom after-birth?

Imagine this, you train for nine months for a super race. Race day comes and you complete the race only to realize that when you finish the race you trained for; you are only at the beginning of the first leg! That is what the birth experience is all about!

A mother spends 9 months prepping for the birth, only to realize at the end their whole world is centered on the precious little one they carried. This new life is also a major concern of most people that the new mama knows and loves! New mom subscription boxes can be an excellent way to let her know that you see her! Let some of the items be personal care and things that the new mama needs for herself, but also give the gift of a subscription that has things she loves and enjoys. She will thank you for seeing her and thinking of her in the midst of the newness of motherhood.

Best new mom subscription boxes

These postpartum subscription boxes are a great way to help a mama recover and find a little peace in the midst of the busyness of new-mommy hood. These boxes are strictly for mama!

Cater to Mom

postpartum subscription box

Cater to Mom is a Postpartum Self-Care, new mom subscription box. This box is meant to ease the ever difficult, 4th trimester.

Each month, the new mama in your life will be treated with postpartum essentials that help aid in her recovery. Items might include things like teas, healthy snacks, beauty and wellness products, and postpartum types and resources. A very thoughtful gift to give to new or seasoned mamas with newborns.

Mother Snacker Subscription Box

new mom subscription boxes

“A sweet break from the chaos of Motherhood, delivered right to her door.”

The Mother Snacker subscription boxes for new moms is a curated dessert box for the mom in your life. Each box contains artisan treats, little gifts such as coffee mugs or t-shirts, and a bit of encouragement with some inspirational quotes. This new mom subscription box has a new theme monthly, and is curated from small, women owned businesses.

Feeling Fab Subscriptions

new mom subscription box

Being a new mom is all consuming. The Feeling Fab is one of the best subscription boxes for new moms because it reminds them to take some time and to think of themselves!

Each package includes 6-9 clean and natural beauty, skin-care and body-care products. Feeling Fab also includes wellness and spiritual tools, including but not limited to self-care trackers, mood charts, affirmations, gratitude and journal prompts. New mom will be feeling like herself again in no time!

On the Go Mom Box

subscription boxes for mom and baby

The On the Go Mom new mom subscription box was designed to keep the everyday, modern mom, inspired and motivated. Lord knows a little motivation goes a long way for a busy mom!

This monthly subscription box 4-6 items to help make the life of moms a little bit easier. Each month includes a variety of items such as snacks, beauty products, tips and tricks for momming, and more!

Coloring and Classics

postpartum subscription box

Here’s one of the  best subscription boxes for new moms who need to de-stress!

Coloring and Classics subscription box contains adult coloring books, activity books, and hardcover books to read. The idea is that they will help the new mama clear her mind by bringing together imagination, problem-solving, and creativity, giving her time to focus on herself. Her starter box will even include colored pencils.

Peace Love and Breastmilk

new mom subscription boxes

This postpartum box won’t be for all the mamas on your list, but it is great for those who have chosen to breastfeed their babies.

Peace Love and Breastmilk is a new mom subscription box that supports lactation and self care for mom. Each box contains 5 curated items carefully chosen by a nursing mother who is also a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and Mental Health Therapist (LCSW). Past boxes have included lactation bars / cookies, nursing covers, water bottles, Bath bombs, body butters, affirmation cards, and so much more.

Best Subscription boxes for mom and baby

If you are looking for a subscription box for a new mom that also includes items for her new baby, consider one of the following boxes. They include boxes to help moms decide on the best organic products for their new little one, to boxes that include activities for mom and baby to grow together.

New Mommy Box

new mom subscription box

The New Mommy Box by Birth with a Voice provides new mamas with natural and organic products to try for their new baby. This monthly box includes an organic onesie with each package, as well 4 new products to try.

A fan favorite, the New Mommy Box was voted the one of the top 20 boxes for pregnant and nursing women by consumers of Cratejoy!

Moms + Babes Box

The Moms + Babes Box is the perfect mom and baby subscription box for someone wanting to pamper both mom, and new baby.

Moms + Babes is a quarterly new mom subscription box with a new package shipping every 3 months. In each box new mama will find high-quality, premium full size products, retailing at up to $150 for both herself, and her babe.

Panda Crate

The Panda Crate by Kiwi Co is a great baby subscription box option for when you’re buying mama something else.

Every other month new baby gets a package of developmentally appropriate products. Each product is developed by researchers at Seattle Children’s Hospital to help babies learn by experiencing. Help mama keep her baby happy and engaged while also promoting their bonding time by gifting them this baby subscription box.

Stuck on Scrapbooking

The Stuck on Scrapbooking is an ideal mom and baby subscription box gift because mom is going to be taking a LOT of new photos of the baby, and she’s going to need somewhere to put them!

Each box contains the highest quality papers, markers, stickers, die cuts, and other custom products for you to create scrapbooks full of your baby memories. Mamas can bring their cute baby photos and have an afternoon of fun with this new mom subscription box gift.

Support a new moms motherhood journey

Gifting a new mom a postpartum subscription box could be the most rewarding gift you ever give, because it just may be the most appreciated gift you’ve given. Being a new mom can be lonely, and we guarantee the reminder that you’re thinking of them every 4 weeks won’t soon be forgotten.

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