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17 Gorgeous Pampering Gift Baskets and Subscriptions

Complete list of 17 of the Best Pampering Gift baskets for working moms and busy women who need to relax.

What do we get the mom in our life who literally does everything! She is running the household, making sure dinners and lunches are prepared. She is getting school projects done and the finder of socks. She is up before we are awake and doesn’t sleep until the household is well into dreamland.

She spends her days pampering those around her, and making sure that the needs of those she loves and cares for are taken care of. This season let’s show her a bit of appreciation with a pampering gift basket full of the things that she loves for relaxation and stress relief.

The internet is overflowing with companies selling gift baskets for every need and occasion and it can be completely overwhelming. This list of the best pampering gifts for her includes the top rated baskets from small businesses on Etsy and Amazon!

pampering gift baskets

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Spa Pampering Gift Baskets

When we think about pampering the first thing that comes to mind is a nice day at the spa! The calm music, low lights, and relaxing smells all work together to give a mama the experience of peace.

Recreate that feeling of calm for the mom in your life who needs a rest with one of these amazing pampering gift baskets featuring all of the elements of a great self-care day at the spa.

1. Lizush Spa Gift Set

These spa gift boxes from Lizush includes all the items a mom may need to turn her daily bath routine into a luxurious spa experience. The gift box can also be customized with her name.

2. Weighted Body Wraps for Anxiety

pampering gift baskets for her

Each of these pampering gift sets include handmade weighted wraps. You can choose to include a neck wrap, foot warmers, and weighter therapy pack. You can also choose from some beautiful designs!

3. Sweet Sunshine Gift Basket

These gorgeous pampering gift baskets for women from Herbs and Soil include a scented Loofah, sugar scrub, natural soap, and milk bath. The fresh scent of citrus is sure to invigorate the most exhausted of mamas!

4. Organic Spa Gift Set

These pampering gift baskets from Scarlett Acres are excellent for the Earth conscious mama! You can customize your basket with your choice of candle scent and body product scent. Each item is scented with skin loving essential oils and extracts, never artificial fragrances.

Personalized Spa Gift Sets

There is something very thoughtful about gifts that are personalized for us. It says not only did I think of you, but I prepared in advance enough to get something specifically for you!

This is why monogrammed items are so En Vogue! The following gift baskets let the special mom in your life know just how much you love her with their personal touches.

5. ModParty Stress Gift Basket

pampering gift baskets for her

These beautiful stress relief gift baskets include matching scented candle, compact mirror, matchbox, bath bomb and lip balm. This set can be customized with a name and any saying you like.

6. Signature Scent Gift Basket

With 12 different scents to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect spa smell for the mom in your life. These gift boxes from Dreamy Candle Co., can be include all the items needed for a dreamy bath time routine.

7. Cute Phrase Gift Baskets

These sweet spa gift boxes from Little Flower Soap Co., allow you to select your choice of candle label such as “Happy Birthday Make a Wish”- “Best Friends are forever”- “P.S. I Love You” -“Hello Beautiful” and others.

Unique Gift Baskets

Relaxation and stress relief look different for every mom! What may make for an amazing day of self-care and calm for one mom may be awkward and stressful for another.

The following gift baskets help show and cater to the unique personalities and self-care needs of the moms you know!

8. Fun Gift Baskets for the Comedy Loving Moms

Each of these Milky Chic gift baskets is packed with with practical and fun products to calm and relax the busy mom in your life. It includes bath salts, a notebook, a makeup bag, and fun socks!

9. Basket for the Outdoorsy Mama

Do you know a busy woman who would rather throw a reel than get a mani? Try this super fun camping inspired gift basket and appeal to her particular type of self-care.

10. Garden Basket for the Mom with the Green Thumb

pampering gift basket for her

One of the hot relaxation gifts for lots of ladies this year has been gardening. This Super cute Gardening Gift Basket includes everything she might need to get started or continue on a gardening journey!

11. Spirit First Relaxation Basket

There are times when the weariness we feel can only be addressed with spiritual rejuvenation, and chocolate! This encouraging gift basket includes a motivation text as well as lots of sweet treats to warm the heart and soul.

12. For the Coffee Lover

When asked, most mama’s will say that the run off of Coffee and Coffee, and this Unique Coffee Gift basket will help give the mom in your life the coffee she needs to continue to give her all! It also comes with a sample of biscotti!

13. Honey Love Gift Basket

Created for the honey lover in your life. This Honey gift set is created by 2nd generation beekeepers at Gil’s Honey Bee’s. Each set includes a candle, skin cream, two varieties or honey, lip balm and seeds for wildflowers.

14. Tea Lover’s Dream Basket

Thrill the tea lover in your life with this calming tea lover gift set. Complete with your choice of 2 tea blends that are hand filled into individual tea bags, along with a 15 oz mug, and homemade honey stirrers.

Spa Subscriptions

Spa subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving. A subscription to a pampering subscription box provides the recipient the opportunity to try several different products in addition to being celebrated monthly or quarterly, depending on the frequency!

The following spa subscriptions are known for their consistently high quality products!

15. Bath Bevy Subscription Box

The Bath Bevy Box is a monthly subscription for the bath lover. These boxes are carefully curated with handcrafted bath and body products. Each product is small batch which adds to the luxury and uniqueness of this box! There are 2 options to choose from, the regular box and the TUBLESS box, which is for those who do not prefer or do not have a tub. Each box comes with 5-7 products and is an AMAZING pampering gift for any mama (hint, hint hubby)

16. Sam Wish

The next subscription box on the pampering gifts list is the Sam Wish subscription! This gorgeous pampering gift set includes organic, all natural high quality items each month. All items are hand crafted and created in small batches. Not only will the recipient LOVE the amazing products but you will also be helping out a small business.

17. Beauteque skin care subscription

For the last couple of years, Korean beauty products have been all the rage!

delivers in this growing trend by offering two spa subscription box options! One is a beauty box that delivers 6 full sized products that range from skin care and make-up to bath products. The Mask Maven subscription provides 9 masks monthly.

What can I put in a relaxing gift basket?

If you are feeling crafty, creating a gift basket to pamper the special lady in your life may be your best bet. Creating a gift basket doesn’t need to be challenging, in fact you can make it a fun adventure searching for items that the busy mom in your life may enjoy.

First thing you’ll need to do is purchase a great cute basket, and then fill it with all of her favorite things. You can include these items for a pampering basket:

  • Candles with her favorite scent
  • Bath salts
  • Bubble bath
  • Essential oils
  • Favorite snacks
  • Journals
  • Devotionals
  • Books
  • Coloring pages
  • Eyemasks
  • Comfortable socks or house shoes
  • Cozy blankets

Once you have collected all the items you want to add to your basket, simply arrange the items in a decorative way and add some simply packaging. This can be tissue paper or confetti, anything to beautify your gift basket.

Gift Baskets for all seasons

Gift baskets are an excellent way to let someone know you are thinking of them. Whether it is for the Christmas holiday, Mother’s day or a simple thank you, gifting the ones you love with any one of these pampering gift baskets is sure to encourage and delight.

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