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14 Best Gifts for Working Moms – The Gifts She ACTUALLY wants!

If you’ve been on the blog for a while you know my heart goes out to all mamas, but there is a special place I hold for the women who are working and mommying! Whether that looks like working from home or full time out of the house work, being a working mama is hard work (pun maybe intended)

As a working mom, not only are you trying to raise a positive human being, you are also hoping to handle a full time job! It can be stressful and overwhelming at times, but if you were to ask any mama who is living out this life. It is worth it! So when its time to celebrate these wonder women you likely go searching for the perfect gifts for working moms.

We have searched high and low for gifts that working women would love and we have created this list of what we consider a complete guide to gifts for working moms! Keep reading to find the perfect gift for Mother’s day, Christmas, a Birthday, or just because you want her to know she is FABULOUS!

gifts for working moms

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What are the best gifts for working moms?

In creating this list I had to really think about the things that working moms want and what I found is there are a few recurring themes when it comes to the gifts for the busy working mom in your life. Likely she will ask for one of the following three things:

  • The gift of time
  • The gift of relaxation
  • A gift that sparks joy

So Below I’ve divided our gift guide for working moms into these three types of gifts.

The Gift of Time

Now, we know that we can’t exactly gift time to our working moms, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give her things that help managing time easier. The following gifts for working moms include items that take off some of the mental load she has to face, or improve productivity/efficiency. So let’s jump right in!

Erin Condren Daily LifePlanner Duo

gifts for working moms

So first off I am a lowkey planner junkie. I have a million, but they are also a lifesaver for my sanity. As a working mom, having a planner to just organize my whole like has been crucial for being able to set boundaries, to plan my days and weeks and to really feel like I have some semblance of control.

The Erin Condren Day Planner allows the working mom in your life to get that same feeling of satisfaction!

HelloFresh Meal delivery

gifts for working moms

While many times grocery shopping may be a space where moms go for “self-care.” Chores away from the house SHOULD NOT be self-care. Help out the working mom in your life by getting her a subscription to HelloFresh. This meal delivery service offers personalized plans for any eating style and provides all the grocery for meals delivered to your door.

This makes a great working mom gift as it takes the mental strain off of having to plan meals for the week as well as giving her the flexibility to cook or prepare dad to cook without having to explain everything! WIN-WIN!

Mom Life Planner

This digital download Mom Life Planner is such a useful gift for any mom. This planner includes everything from a shopping list planner, to journal, to mom affirmations. Let her know you care and are proud of her hard work by gifting her with this gift for a busy mom.

Off the Clock Book

working mom gifts

Off the Clock, Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done by Laura Vanderkam is a practical gift for busy moms because not only will it teach them to better manage their busy days, but works two-fold by causing her to take some time to stop, sit down, and read. In the book, the author speaks about the seven counterintuitive principles the most time-free people have adopted. She also teaches about mindset shifts that help a person feel calmer on the busiest days and tools to help them get more done without feeling overwhelmed.

The Gift of Relaxation

The next set of gifts for working moms revolve around relaxation. With the stress of growing in your career and the responsibility of raising and caring for the littles, working moms would all agree, sometimes we just need a little rest! So, the following gift ideas for working moms include items that can help soothe her stress and gift her a little pampering!

Cultivate Calm Prayer Journal

With the busyness of everyday life, sometimes the best gift is the gift of slowing down. The Cultivate Calm Prayer Journal helps remind that busy working mama that she doesn’t have to be everywhere all the time, and that calm is attainable if she makes it a priority. This 30 day guide will encourage and inspire the working mom in your life to seek God’s intention and purpose for her life and find peace and calm in him!

Dearfoams Mama Bear Slipper

Your mom will love kicking back and relaxing in these adorable Mama Bear Slippers. They’re offered in five comfortable styles and feature a memory foam insole- each slipper is fitted with a multi- density cushioned insole and topped with memory foam for a cloud- like feeling your mom will love!

ZenTyme Moments Aromatherapy Steamers

The ZenTyme Moments Aromatherapy Steamers will certainly give your working mom the Zen time she deserves, but they’re also a very practical gift for a working mom because a good steam shower can keep you feeling healthy and energetic in those moments when you feel like you can’t do much more. The pack comes with 6 steamers packed with natural essential oils made of Lemongrass, Citrus, Orange, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Vanilla, Rose, Cherry Blossom, Lavender, Chamomile, Mint and Eucalyptus.

Tired as a Mother Spa Gift Box

The Tired as a Mother Spa Gift Box is one of the best gifts for working moms who need some essentials to relax. The box comes with soy wax candle, full size hand and body soap enriched with mango and shea butter and essential oils, a super fizzy bath bomb, body mist, body oil, and an essential oil roller ball. This quite literally is a spa in a box and your hard-working mother will appreciate it to no end.

Mom’s Need Me Time Too Box

The Mom’s Need Me Time Too subscription box delivers your working mom everything she needs for a little me time, once every month! Every month mom will receive two handmade soaps, two bath bombs two candles and a bottle of bath salt. Each month is a new theme, and icing on the cake- this box is created and curated by a mother daughter team.

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The Gift of Joy

Last but not least we are to the final list of top gifts for working moms. This section is all about the things that put a smile on your working moms face. These items either have a sentimental touch or they are simple joys like beautiful smells, etc. Show her just how much you are thinking about her and how much joy she brings to your life with these joyful gift ideas for working moms.

Personalized Wall Art

How adorable is this personalized wall art with illustration of mom and her kids? Your mom will love it almost as much as she would if you drew it yourself! This is a personalized and handmade gift for the mom who has everything, and by everything, that includes working mom guilt- this print will put a smile on her face hanging at home, or in her office.

Home is Where My Mom is Mug

The Home is Where My Mom is mug is an easy way to force your working mom to at least take enough time for herself to drink a hot drink. The mug is printed front and back, one side personalized with you and mom’s names & states, and one with the saying “Home is Where My Mom Is”- she. Will. LOVE IT.

Endless Energy Soy Candle

The Endless Energy Soy Candle is one of the best gifts for working moms because not only do moms love to relax and enjoy a good candle, but they need endless energy to keep up with raising the kiddos and working at their job! This citrus scented all-natural candle in a glass jar is sure to be a hit with your mom this Mother’s Day.

The Comfy

HELLLOOOOO relaxation! Gift your working mom The Comfy for Mother’s Day this year and she will be basking in all the self-care glory.

The Comfy is a wearable blanket made of super comfortable and luxurious materials and includes a hoodie and pockets! The Comfy is one size fits all, fitting oversized with comfortable design- this is definitely one of the best gifts, and a perfect fit for most all shapes & sizes. Just pick your color- you get 17 choices!

Matcha Latte and Boba Pack Kit

This delectable Matcha Latte and boba kit includes everything your working mom needs to take a break and enjoy a yummy, organic, green tea treat! In fact, this kit comes with enough for your mom to have five hot or iced latte drinks.

Remember, your mom works hard every day. Show her that you see it, show her that you appreciate it, but most importantly, let her know you love her. Not just on Mother’s Day, but every day!

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