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6 Uplifting Prayer Devotionals for Busy Women

Growing in prayer is one of the most transformative things you can do to increase your faith and your intimacy with God. I write so much about prayer because I have personally experienced the increase in joy, peace, and greater understanding of who God is by being more intentional about my prayer time. But I understand that while we don’t like to admit it, making prayer a habit can be difficult with busy schedules, and having someone tell you to just do it can make the guilt you feel about not coming to God consistently even greater! Daily prayer devotional books can be the bridge that helps walk you towards greater intimacy and more effective quiet time with God.

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Using a daily prayer devotional

There are several ways you can use a devotional on prayer. You can use it as part of your morning routine alone, read through the devotion and take time to dwell on where the prayer leads your heart. You can use it to start your quiet time with God, to help focus you mind on him before you dive into heavier reading.

During the day at work a prayer devotional is a great way to take a break and be intentional about inviting God into your workday, and checking in with him on what he is doing through you in the spaces you have influence.

At the end of the day, these devotionals can be used as part of your nighttime routine, to encourage a restful night sleep. You can use them in conjunction with a prayer journal to spend your last awake moments of the day pressing in with the Father.

Best Prayer devotional books

This list of devotionals on prayer are a mix of those I have personally enjoyed and those which have come highly recommended. Many can be found for free on kindle unlimited which is the way I enjoy several books in an effort to minimize the things in my home I have to manage. Without further ado, here is a quick list of my favorite prayer devotionals

A Rhythm of Prayer: A collection of Meditations for Renewal

prayer devotionals

This book brings together several authors as they share their raw truth and prayers. When prayer is hard, this book offers the words that you may not even know you need to say to God. It arouses your emotions and really helps usher you into a space where you can encounter our Father in Heaven. It is a beautiful collection of prayers and meditations for those moments when you need to lean on someone else’s words because your own heart has none.

Be Still: A Year of Daily Devotionals for One-on-One Time with God

The daily prayer devotional by Jill Lowry encourages you to discover God’s promises for your life as you make intentional effort to spend time with him. With 365 devotionals you can make this book a part of your daily routine! If you are new in faith, or just starting your daily devotional routine, these bite sized daily devotionals are the perfect way to get started!

God is With You Every Day

Best Selling Author, Max Lucado, encourages us to remember that God is with us through our daily interactions with this 365 Day prayer devotional. Included in this practical and relevant devotional is weekly prayers and scriptures followed by daily devotionals and reflections. This is another excellent choice to add as part of your daily self-care routine or your morning routine!

Each devotional is packed with biblical truths and encouragements that are both relevant and inspiring. Max keeps the readings short and practical so that implementing the considerations into your daily life is very easy to do.

Prayer Points for Today

Sometimes you just want a direction for your prayer. You know what you need to pray for, but you are unsure of exactly what you are asking for. So often we are reminded of the Verse in the gospel where Jesus asks the blind man what he wanted Jesus to do for him, and the blind man immediately knew what to ask for. When we consider ourselves in the same situation, we often fumble.

This prayer guide offers prayer direction for 10 different commonly prayed for topics from marriage to the nation, and daily scriptures to dedicate a week each to praying for these topics.

Life: An Obsessively Grateful, Undone by Jesus, Genuinely Happy, and Not Faking it Through the Hard Stuff Kind of 100-Day Devotional

From the first time I heard Lisa Harper speak I was low key obsessed. Her very real way of explaining the emotions that we often go through as women as well as the raw ways you can come to your Father in heaven and just be completely embraced by him is often what I need when I feel the pressure to be a “perfect Christian.” This daily devotional on prayer is no different.

Throughout this 100-Day reading Lisa infuses her down to earth personality with powerful moments of biblical truth to create this masterpiece of a devotional! This encourages you to reflect and bring your toughest questions and feelings to the one who loves you with no conditions!

60 Days of Faith for Women: A Devotional to Deepen Gratitude, Praise, and Prayer

daily devotionals on prayer

The last book in our list of the top daily prayer devotionals is absolutely not the least. This Devotional written by Cameron Trimble, will help propel you on a new or a continued journey to getting to know God, which is the whole point of prayer!

This prayer devotional book offers a great practice for those who want a structured quiet time with the Lord.

Free Daily Prayer Devotionals to bookmark

Sometimes you just want a free daily encouragement to remind or encourage you to pray consistently. Whether you are starting a new prayer habit or just wanting to make prayer a more integral part of your day, these daily prayer devotion resources are absolutely bookmarkable.

I am always looking for more impactful resources for my prayer time. Here are a few additional resources that can be an aid to your daily devotion time in prayer:

Abide: This is my go to for when I want to pray but have no words. What I love is it is an app and it has guided prayer meditations for different places and spaces in life you may find yourself in.

Holistic Faith: My friend Rachel Runs this very inspiring blog where she provides free weekly meditations to incorporate into your quiet time routine

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