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30 Clever Moving Hacks, Tips, and Reminders

Moving can be the open door to a new chapter of your life. You get to move to a different environment surrounded by new people to make memories with. However, when it comes to the process of moving itself, it can get quite stressful and may make you second guess your initial excitement in moving.

Packing for a trip and packing everything in your household to move to a different place is not the same. Packing for trips only requires you to carry only the things you will be needing for a short while and it might not even be more than a bag or two. However, when it comes to moving your entire household, things can get tricky.

But hey, don’t let that get to you since all you need is a few packing hacks for moving and tips from other people to get around. With these moving life hacks, you will be packing and unpacking like a pro. It will also let you reduce the overall time required for the process and will make the experience significantly smoother.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into our list of 30 clever moving hacks and tips and everything you need to know to get the most out of your time. 

clever moving hacks

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2 Top 30 Moving Hacks and Tips For The Most Efficient Move Ever:

How Can I Make Moving Easier?

How many of us ask this question? You can absolutely make the entire process smoother by thinking outside of the box and not doing things last minute. When you plan ahead, you end up make things simpler rather than complicating them. Wondering how? Here’s how you can make moving easier by starting off on the right foot!

Keep in mind, these tips will only help you get started and prepare you for moving.

  • Plan ahead and contact the utility companies – Right after you decide on moving, call your utility companies and let them know that you are moving.  Many times they can set the expiration of your services to the date you leave
  • Start your search for a quality mover – It is not something that you can do last minute. The longer you wait, the greater the possibility of you having to compromise. Right after you end your call with the utility companies, start your search for quality movers. It will take time to find a company that is reliable and also provides you with a bang for your buck. Make sure you make a list of all the reliable movers that fit your needs.
  • Calculate your overall expenses – Prior to considering a mover, you should calculate your overall expenses. It can get quite expensive so you need to consider all of your options to help set a budget for your move. This will help you from getting shocked at the last minute just because your mover handed you the bill.
  • Gather packing supplies – Before you begin the packing process, you will need packing supplies. It is common sense, right? You do not want to be left stranded in the middle of the packing process simply because you ran out of your packing supplies. Go over everything in the house and make a list of all the packing supplies that you will be needing. It will help make the process of packing smoother since you will not have to worry about running out of supplies.
  • Eat up and donate what you can –  Go through all the food items in your kitchen and then look for “throw it in the pot” recipes that you can make. Moving food can become a hassle and more importantly, it might get messy to be frank. So, eat up, and if you have any unopened food items you can donate them as well.
  • Relax, and breathe – Lastly, relax and breathe. You need to avoid being stressed and overthinking the entire process because, at the end of the day, it is all in your head.

Now that we have covered the grounds for your move, let’s dive into 30 moving tips and tricks to make sure you get the most efficient move ever.

Top 30 Moving Hacks and Tips For The Most Efficient Move Ever:

This list of moving ideas and hacks have got you covered. We didn’t just get them off of the internet. In fact all of these are based on real-world experiences from people who have moved multiple times, I.e. me a veteran and military brat. Here are 30 moving hacks and tips that will help you have a smooth move!

1.     Save up and get your hands on free moving boxes

The entire process of moving will put a dent in your wallet but this does not mean you cannot help it. If you are one of those people who keep the boxes of their appliances, it is about time you use them. If you do not have those boxes at home, you can head over to your local recycling drop-off points or your local grocery store to find boxes.

2.     Get quotations from at least 4 moving companies

Saving as much money on the move is of key importance here. Getting quotations from 4 different companies will provide you with a glimpse of how much you have to spend on a moving company and which one falls under your budget. I absolutely recommend not skimping on this expense so having a few quotes may help you in saving money.

3.     Pick a mid-week, mid-month date for your move

This next moving hack has to do with supply and demand. Your moving company will be charging you more on a weekend due to the high demand. Choosing a mid-week day will likely have lower prices compared to the high-demand days i.e, weekend. Moreover, you will also get a better bang for your buck on a mid-month date since at the start and the end of the month, the demand will be higher and hence the cost will also be higher.

4.     Have a plan for the young ones

Do you have kids that are not old enough to help? Let them stay over at the neighbors or any other family member’s house to ensure they stay safe and entertained. Trust me on this one!

5.     Make sure you reserve a parking spot for your movers

If you are moving to a city area, make sure you reserve a parking spot for your moving truck. You do not want to annoy your new neighbors or get a parking ticket on your very first day at your new home.

6.     Stock up on water bottles

Moving can be a tiresome process so you and the moving team need to stay hydrated. Stock up on multiple bottles and make sure you keep them at hand so you do not have to run around and look for them in your packed boxes.

7.     Donate unwanted items from your old home

To make things easier and become a helping hand in your society, you can donate unwanted items from your home to the needy. Moving is an excellent time to start a new minimalism journey! In the months leading up to the move, consider a decluttering method to help you decrease the items that have to be packed and moved. There are charity organizations as well that will take your donations and distribute them to the needy so make sure to look them up.

8.     Keep your donation receipts

Since the moving process can be expensive, you can use your donation receipts to get a reduction in your income taxes. Make sure you save them in a safe place.

9.     Take pictures of your valuables before packing them

Are you worried your moving company might damage your valuables? Try taking pictures of every valuable and fragile item that needs to be handled with care. This way, you will not have to worry about providing proof when you claim that product.

10.  Take a picture of the back of your electric appliances

It may become difficult to keep track of what wire goes where. Taking a picture of the back of appliances such as tv will help you get the connections right after your move.

11.  Place a tracker inside your boxes

Are you moving to an out of the state area? Place a tracker in one of the boxes to help you keep track of things. If you do not have a tracker, you can place an iPad or any Android phone or tablet that has a “find my device” feature.

12.  Grab some post-it notes and tag your boxes

This will help you organize stuff and you won’t have to worry about paying additional costs for moving labels. Pick multi-colored post-it notes to help you categorize everything better into groups like for sale, for donation, kitchen items, bedroom items, and office items.

13.  Wrap fragile items in plastic wrap or foam pouches

Wrapping things in plastic or foam wrap will help you keep your fragile items such as dinnerware and glassware secure since the entire moving process can be a bumpy ride.

14.  Plastic wrap your drawers

An easy way to keep the contents of your drawers secure, you can wrap your drawer using plastic wrap. This way you will not have to worry about packing and unpacking the contents of your drawers.

15.  Check your cabinets and closets twice before moving out

You do not want to accidentally forget your valuables in your cabinets or closets. Make sure to go through them and ensure you have got everything that you need.

16.  Get supplies for your first day of the move

Moving can be exhausting and you need to eat well both before and on the day of the move. Gather disposable plates and cups so you do not have to open up the boxes just to grab a plate or a cup.

17.  Stuff pillows and blankets into boxes carrying heavy and fragile products

In addition to wrapping fragile items, you can also stuff pillows and blankets in these boxes along with the fragile products. This will serve as an additional layer of security to protect your valuables.

18.  Move clothes without removing the hangers

Save up on wardrobe boxes and move all of your clothes while they are still on the hangers. Store bunches in garbage bags and save up! This is a game changer trust me!!

19.  Grab a basket and store all your essential appliances

Need some coffee on the first day of the move? Storing appliances like coffee makers in a basket will make things easier for you. Place these items in a closet labeled DO NOT PACK. To avoid the movers accidentally packing these items away too.

20.  Get a moving color key

Get bags of different colors or simply get post-it notes of different colors and tag the items of each room with a different color. This will help you organize things better

21.  Store your jewelry in egg cartons

What better than a plain old egg carton to store your jewelry in? It will not only keep your jewelry from tangling up but will also keep it secure. These items can also be prepacked inconspicuously as to be sure they remain secure.

22.  Store heavy and bulky items in small boxes

Storing heavy items in small boxes will allow you to move them with ease. Moreover, it will also lower the risk of these items falling down the bottom.

23.  Put books in a suitcase with wheels

When carrying multiple books in a single cardboard box, chances are it will likely fall down the bottom. Instead, store them in a suitcase with wheels to move them with ease.

24.  Carry a door stopper

Chances are, you will want the front door to stay open when you are loading and unloading boxes. A door stopper will come in handy and you will not have to let someone hold the door open for you.

25.  Grab a plastic bag and put your essentials in it

Start by grabbing some clothes to wear, your toothbrush, documents, and papers, and store them in a plastic bag. If you fail to unpack everything by the end of the day, your essentials bag will come in handy.

26.  Store holiday décor separately

Chances are, you will not be needing these items right after your move. These will simply end up in the storage and hence why you need to store them separately.

27.  Before unpacking, get other stuff done

If there are some cleaning and dusting to do, or a wall needs to be painted, get it done before unpacking. Having a moving out and moving in checklist can absolutely help you stay on task.

28.  Call a locksmith and rekey your new place

Chances are, the previous owner had given a key to the maid or a family member. Right after you move, call a locksmith and get the locks changed.

29.  Tip the movers and feed them well

Is it the summer? Get your moving team refreshing liquids to provide them with a boost on a hot summer day. After a job well done, tip them as well.

30.  After moving, store the boxes

You never know when you will be needing these boxes again. Start by flattening them and then store them in your garage for future use.

Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Simply following these few simple hacks can make the difference between a move full of strife and one that goes on without a hitch!

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