time block scheduling

Successful Time Block Scheduling: 6 Steps you Need to Take Today!

Time block scheduling is a powerful time management strategy that will help you feel more accomplished and less overwhelmed. It’s no secret that working moms are busy with the demands of their careers, family life, and household responsibilities. That can make it really hard to figure out how to spend your time in an effective way.

But don’t worry! In this guide I’ll teach you all about what time blocking is, how it helps you manage your day-to-day tasks, as well as how to start using a time block schedule so you can be successful today!

time block scheduling

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What is a time block schedule?

Creating a time block schedule is a strategy for organizing your time around specific tasks you want to accomplish during certain blocks of time. Anyone can benefit from using a block schedule, but it’s particularly helpful for working moms who are juggling the demands of their family and career with limited resources (or free time).

Time Block planning involves thinking about your day in terms of blocks. These can be time frames you dedicate to specific activities, or they could also be dedicated physical spaces that are set aside for these tasks. Each block of time is dedicated to a certain task, and you’ll complete all of these tasks during that time block.

As an example, using the blocks of time for specific tasks is helpful when it comes to managing your daily schedule at work or home. Instead of having chores like cooking dinner or cleaning up clutter always taking place whenever there’s spare time available throughout the day, you build a mental muscle memory surrounding certain tasks as you become accustomed to a block schedule!

Time Blocking is also one of the number one methods I recommend to my Working Mom Clients who are looking for ways to find more time in their day!

What are the benefits of time blocking?

There are several benefits to using this time management strategy!

Better time boundaries in your day. With a time blocking schedule, you’ll become more focused on certain tasks – like cooking dinner – because they’re happening at the same time each day (or week). This helps reduce the stress of never-ending to do lists as well as feeling overwhelmed by having too much going on.

More time with family. When you’re using a time block schedule, you’ll become more mindful of the way your day is structured and how it’s helping – or hurting – family life!

Increased productivity at work. Many busy professionals experience feeling disconnected from their personal lives as they spend too much time focusing on their career goals. Time blocking helps you to feel more connected and present in your personal life.

Improved Focus. Time blocking is designed to help you eliminate distractions, which can be super challenging for moms who are always on the go! Time Blocking gives you freedom to work on one task at a time because it requires you to create space for all tasks on your to-do list. The more time block schedule practices you build into your day-to-day life, the easier focus becomes.

Clearer Priorities. Many working moms struggle with feeling like they can’t say no to anything or anyone, which often leads to having a hard time prioritizing what tasks are most important at any given moment. Time Block Schedules will help you focus on your priorities so you know exactly where and when your “can-dos” need to take place!

Keeps you from being overcommitted. In the same mindset, time blocking also helps you to set clear and healthy boundaries. Your no becomes a lot easier when you are able to have a clear picture of your priorities and the true free time that you have in your day.

Helps in Creating Realistic Schedules. If overcommitted and overwhelming to do lists is the disease of realistic schedules, then time block scheduling is part of the cure. Time blocking gives you a visual representation of the time you spend on different activities, which then keeps you honest when you are planning your day.

Increase productivity during household chores. After all, you can’t feel like a more productive employee if your home life is chaotic and unorganized! Time blocking helps to ensure that there’s enough time reserved for things like cooking or cleaning up around the house each day.

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Is time block scheduling effective?

Using the block schedule method of time management is an extremely effective way to be more productive and find time to do the things you want to do in addition to the things you have to do.

Time block scheduling allows you to build mental muscle memory surrounding certain tasks, which makes it easier to become more productive while also feeling less overwhelmed.

How do I make a time block schedule?

Now that we understand the benefits of time blocking and we are super excited to get started, you probably want to know how you can implement time blocking into your daily life. Let dive into simple easy steps you can take today to make time blocking easier!

Step 1: List 2-3 Rest Prioritizing Activities

This may seem counterintuitive but walk with me for a moment. As busy moms we often save our needs for last. We take care of everyone else and leave our health and it’s stewardship as the last thing on our list. But we can not pour from an empty cup, and our weariness is not a badge of an honor, its a stronghold that keeps us busy, tired, and overwhelmed.

Prioritizing rest activities increases our chances of sticking with new habits and making rest a part of our productivity plan instead of an afterthought. So here list out activities that make you feel alive and rest, think prayer, meditation, fitness, eating, quiet time, etc.

Step 2: List out activities that you need to do

The next step we will take is list out all of the tasks we are responsible for. Such as cooking and cleaning, work responsibilities, side business responsibilities etc. These are the things that you have to do. Now do not get them mixed up with tasks that can be delegated, outsources, or automated or the tasks that are busy work tasks and not actually necessary.

Step 3: Figure out how much time you have in your day.

This is perhaps the most important part of creating a schedule because without knowing what times are free, it’s impossible create blocks! Get started by doing something simple like looking at your calendar for the week and writing down all of the different appointments that take place during certain hours. These become off limit blocks. Think activities like children’s practices, standing meetings, etc.

Step 4: Create Daily Blocks

Next you will want to visually create the blocks of time in your day. This is best done with graphing paper. With this step you will list times on the left side of the paper, and the days of the week at the top. Next fill in the off limits times that correspond to each day and time. Lastly you will create blocks throughout the day for certain tasks. So lets say you want to have a morning routine block, an AM work block, a email checking block, a PM working block, a cleaning and cooking block, and a family time block. Simply create squares/rectangles within the time that you want to do each of these activities.

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Step 5: Fill in daily blocks with tasks from your priority list and responsibility list

Now its time to fill in those rest prioritizing and responsibility tasks into your blocks. Group similar tasks together (i.e. don’t add your skincare routine into your work block.

Step 6: Test and Reassess

Lastly, you will want to test out your block schedule and see how it fits into your day/week. Don’t worry if it seems like its throwing off your entire schedule, you can always adjust as needed by adding more time blocks or making some smaller to allow for the amount of tasks that need to be completed in a shorter period of time.

Final Words of wisdom for time blocking

More than anything, time management is hard for mom’s. Between juggling work and household duties, it can be tough to find the time to get everything done on your list of priorities. That doesn’t mean you’re not trying though! The key is learning how to manage your schedule effectively so that you don’t feel overwhelmed all the time.

Creating efficient, realistic schedules can help you manage your time better. If this sounds like something you could use some help with, you will absolutely want to get your hands on our eBook Finding Time for more sustainable time management tips!

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