Undoubted Grace presents

Finding Time – A Working Mom’s Guide to Time Freedom, Calmer Days and a More Fulfilling Motherhood Journey

This book is actionable compilation of my journey from Overwhelmed and Exhausted to Organized and Calm.

finding time

Working motherhood is tough! Do you feel like your to do list is never-ending? Do you constantly feel like you have to neglect your own needs just to have time to manage your household and spend time with your children?

Finding Time is your practical guide to overcoming the rat-race, slowing down, and creating a life that cultivates calm!

You can absolutely be the authentic mom you were created to be and love your career. And you can do this and still manage to have time to sit quiet, take a break and rest intentionally.

This world glorifies weariness!

We live in a world that sees exhaustion as proof that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get things done. In Finding Time you’ll have the ultimate guide to overcoming these expectations and making rest and self-care a priority.

If you have struggled to find time to steward your health well, this is the book for you!

In addition to the e-book you’ll receive a Bonus workbook. With over 10 actionable exercises to help you refocus, declutter, and reorganize, this workbook will give help you stay clear and action focused throughout the entire process.

A Book Designed to Inspire Action

Understand the big picture and prevent missing out on your fulfilling motherhood journey

Renew your mindset with practical minimal mindset shifts to improve your productivity
Refresh your home and create a peaceful decluttered and intentionally planned home and heart
Recommit to living out your most authentic journey of motherhood
Reset your day with realistic routines and schedules that easily adapt to constantly changing calendar of a busy family, AND stick to them.
Realize that a cultivated calm life is possible and you are worth all the time it takes to stewarding your health well!

Why Should you Purchase Finding Time?

Learning how to get back to my authentic self and undoing all of the expectations and obligations I held myself to in order to cultivate a more calm and fulfilling motherhood story took lots of trial and error.

I made mistakes and failed a lot on the road to understanding what true time freedom and cultivated calm looked like and I want you to avoid those mistakes!

So I held nothing back in writing this book! I know there are a million ways to manage your time better and steward your health well, in this book, I have packaged the most efficient, effective, and fun roadmap that has kept me consistently more balanced than not in the midst of this chaotic journey called motherhood.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll gain in Finding Time:

My step-by-step method for decreasing the things on your plate. Right in the introduction I’ll share with you my simple 4 step method for clearing the clutter in your heart, home, and schedule.
Recognize the signs you need to reevaluate your schedule. Teach you signs you need to reevaluate your schedule
Learn how to define, visualize, and create your ideal day. The day that allows you space in your heart and mind to rest.
Gain the practical mindset shifts to help you become a more productive mom
Understand the difference between busyness and being productive, and use that realization to guide what stays and goes on your calendar.
Prioritize essential vs non-essential tasks to clear the clutter and obligations of overbooking. Please recognize how to quickly delegate, outsource or automate.
Create peace in your home and clear the clutter with my easy assessment tool.
Understand the problems that clutter brings and create a roadmap to decluttering your entire space!
Learn how to let go of habits and behaviors that no longer serve you and keep you in the rat race of busyness, striving, and overwhelm
Understand the power of scheduling down time and Find rhythms that you should adopt for success

See What’s Inside..

Here’s the full list of chapters you’ll find inside Finding Time:

My hope is that you’ll read the book cover to cover – but I know our time as moms is limited and our struggles with time differ.

I created Finding Time so you can just as easily open it up at the chapter that looks more beneficial to you, and start from there.

With each technique you commit to embracing, be sure to give it the time and attention needed to really see impactful change. It’s better to do fewer things well, than do loads of things and increase chances of overwhelm and burnout.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. If You Had All the Time in the World
  3. Practical Minimal Mindsets of the Minimal Mom
  4. Busyness and Being Productive are not the Same
  5. Deprioritize Non-Essential Tasks
  6. The Problem with Clutter
  7. Assessing Your Home
  8. Maintaining a Clutter Free Home
  9. Set Realistic Time Expectations
  10. Creating an Effective to-do List
  11. The Importance of Rest and Scheduling Downtime
  12. The Key to Self-Care
  13. Create Routines that Prioritize Rest

Still Got a Few Questions??

What’s on your mind?

If you’re still reading this page, I know you’re interested, but something is holding you back.

Thank you so much for reading down to the bottom of the page.

That tells me that you’re interested, but maybe afraid.

Whether that is fear of failure, fear of the unknown, or fear of the process (overwhelmed, overtired, overworked)…

My last word of advice is that I WAS EXHAUSTED when I finally decided I had had enough.

I felt all of the feelings of overwhelm and guilt. I considered quitting a career that I knew I loved and was created for. I felt like I was doing my children a disservice and I was accepting that it was never going to change! How wrong I was!

If I had’ve known then, what I do now, If I had a step by step guide to more time for the things that make me, me. More time for the things that full my heart and make life beautiful. I would have jumped! I promise you the calm that I feel today is worth its weight in gold!

I’m so excited you’ve started your journey to time freedom. You can do this!