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Me Time Ideas for Tired Moms: 53 Fun Things to do by Yourself

Are you feeling frazzled and run down? Do you feel like you never have any time for yourself? If you’re like most working moms, you’re probably always looking for ways to fit in some “me time.”

In between the busyness of mommying, working, and managing a household, you try to find pockets of time for yourself to simply take a break!

More often than not, when it comes down to it, finding the time and energy to do something just for yourself can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 56 fun things to do by yourself. From exploring new hobbies to simply taking a relaxing bath, there’s something here for everyone. So go ahead and treat yourself—you deserve it!

me time ideas, fun things to do by yourself

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Why is Me-time important

So many moms give of themselves selflessly. They put their own needs last and often feel guilty for taking time for themselves. But, moms need me-time just as much as anyone else!

When you take some time to focus on yourself, it has a ripple effect that positively impacts your entire family. During me-time, you can recharge your batteries so you have more energy to give to those you love! Taking time to care for your needs also shows your little ones that it is okay to take the time they need for their own health! Overall, its a gift that keeps on giving! A rested mama, is an effective and productive mama!

53 Things to do by yourself

Now lets dive into the activities to put in your self-care checklist for your daily routine or in your self-care toolkit for the rainy day when you need to take a break.

1. Take a walk

Walking is a great way to clear your head and get some fresh air. It can be a great way to start your morning or end your day. You’ll feel refreshed and ready for the things ahead!

2. Get a manicure

Take an hour or two and head to your local nail salon or spa. The simple act of having your hands pampered can do wonders for your self esteem and peace.

things to do by yourself, manicure

3. Try cooking a new meal

Take some time to explore new recipes. Try making something you’ve never made before and then enjoy a relaxing meal alone or with family.

4. Go to a concert

When was the last time you listened to live music? Got a favorite artist or genre? See who is playing locally and take an evening to have a listen

5. Learn a new language

New things can be scary, but they don’t have to be. If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, do it! You never know, maybe the new language could be the push you need to take a vacation!

6. Take a cooking class

Enjoy the things you like doing in your spare time. Cooking classes can be a fun way to try new meals without having to do all of the preparing, which is generally the hard part!

7. Write in your journal

Keeping a journal can be a great way to get things off of your mind. Write about what you did during the day or how you feel about the current season of life you are in.

8. Watch a movie or TV show that you’ve been wanting to see

Find a movie or show that you’ve been wanting to see and spend an evening vegging out. Grab some snacks and your favorite warm beverage and have an in home movie night!

9. Start a new book (or finish one you’ve been reading)

Reading is a great way to escape for a little while. Whether you start a new book or finish one you’ve been reading, its a great way to take a time out! We aren’t biased but we recommend our book Finding Time!

10. Take a painting class

Painting can be a great way to relax and let out some creative energy. Find a painting class in your area or search for online classes that can help you get in touch with your creative side!

me-time ideas
Creative student of arts drawing on easel in studio of arts

11. Experiment with make-up

Play around with new make-up looks. If you have a favorite look, try recreating it using different products or techniques.

12. Work on a puzzle

Doing puzzles is a great way to practice mental self-care! This can include logic puzzles, creative games, and your favorite picture puzzles!

13. Watch a TEDtalk

In the same thread of stewarding your mental health, consider watching a TEDtalk. These short and powerful chats can help you learn more about a topic you are interested in, or hear a new perspective on something you are struggling with.

14. Take a nap

Yes, taking a nap is an amazing way to spend time with yourself! So many of us moms have learned how to function on little to no sleep, which is not healthy! Opt for a slower activity and catch a few zzz’s in your me-time.

15. Organize your closet or another room in your house

This activity was added to our things to do by yourself list because decluttering your living space can be a huge stress reliever. It also feels great to cross something off of our never-ending To Do list!

16. Visit a nearby park

Take some time and walk through a local park or trail. Enjoy the things that nature has to offer and enjoy some time off.

17. Hit up the nearest library and check out some books/DVDs

Find a local library and check out some things to read or watch. You can’t beat the price and the atmosphere can be calming even if you just browse.

things to do by yourself

18. Have a picnic in your backyard or at a nearby park

Pack up a few pillows, blankets, and your favorite book or logic puzzle, make a to go charcuterie board and find a nearby park or backyard to enjoy your me-time picnic. Bonus: Create a fun or relaxing playlist to go along with you.

19. Take a yoga or meditation class

Both yoga and meditation can be a great way to spend some time by yourself. Find a studio near you or search for free classes online.

20 Work on a DIY project

DIY projects are the perfect way to spend time on things you love. Whether it is just making something fun or learning how to do a new skill, finding a project to work on alone can give you the mental stimulation you need.

21 Listen to an online sermon

Sometimes all you need to reset is to take a moment to fill your soul! Listening to an online sermon or podcast can help reset your heart and mind and calm the chaos.

22 Visit a museum or art gallery

Museums and art galleries can be a great way to spend some time by yourself. They offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, and most are free or have very low admission fees! You can also check out these museums virtually from the comfort of your home!

23 Attend a cultural event in your community

There are always cool local events happening! Why not check out your local community centers and plan to attend a festival or event coming up?

Want more self-care tips, activities, and ideas? Check out all of our Self-Care Resources created to help event the busiest mom steward her health well!

24 Go for a drive and explore new neighborhoods

One of my family’s favorite pass-times growing up was driving through new neighborhoods with sonic slushes! It’s still a favorite alone time activity of mine!!

25 Window shop at your favorite stores

Who says you HAVE to buy something every time you go to a store, and we all know we can lose hours in target! Why not grab your fave coffee and roam the malls or your favorite store!

26 Take a bubble bath

Grab one of these pampering spa kits and create a spa at home. This can be a relaxing way to spend your evening!

things to do by yourself

27 Try a new workout class

Interested in kickboxing or want to try the local pilates class? Search for local workout classes and spend an afternoon moving for a simple me-time activity.

28 Go to a comedy show

Laughter is one of the best medicines and going to a comedy show is definitely a way to spend some time by yourself that will leave you feeling good.

29 Sort through photos and organize them into albums

Sometimes the simple act of looking through old photographs can give us a sense of calm as we reconnect with our old memories! This could be looking at old albums or creating photo books from your phone camera rolls!

30 Start a blog or journal about your thoughts

I for one am so happy I tried blogging as something that’s solely mine! It’s a wonderful way to share about something you are passionate about as well as make some additional income!

31. Plan a staycation

You don’t have to travel far to have a good time! This me-time idea may take a bit of planning, but it can be an amazing way to take time for yourself! Get to know your town or try out a fancy local boutique hotel with a staycation.

32. Make your own face scrub or body butter

In preparation for the spa day you may want to have from above, why not create your own all natural face scrub or body butter! Get creative with scents and herbs for your skin-care needs.

33. Spend an afternoon in a coffee shop

Grab a book and your favorite coffee, or you computer and tea and spend an afternoon relaxing in a coffee shop!

34. People watch

Humans are fascinating, and people watching can be quite the anthropological pursuit!

35. Learn to plan an instrument

Here’s another educational and cultural idea! Why not pick up a new skill and learn a new instrument! There are equally good classes online and in person!

36. Create a playlist for your mood

We may be beyond the era of mixtapes, but there’s still something rewarding about creating a playlist for your mood!

37. Declutter your inbox

Here’s another practical activity you can do. Take the time to declutter your email inbox! There is something sooo satisfying about watching the number of emails get nearer to zero.

38. Go to see a matinee

Ditch the kids and watch a mommy movie at the matinee! You won’t have to worry about sharing your popcorn or having to leave for potty breaks!

39. Check out a thrift store or local flea market

There are true treasures at thrift stores and flea markets! Grab a listing of your local ones and see what you can find!

40. Listen to a podcast

Podcasts are an excellent way to pass time! You can listen to a podcast on literally any passion or topic you are interested in from true crime mysteries to DIY tips. Simply go to a podcast hosting platform and search!

41. Try Macrame

Macrame is a simple creative project that doubles as home decor! To get started all you need is some cord and a rod!

42. Make a vision board

Vision boards are a great way to visually see your goals and dreams. Why not try making one for yourself as a fun me-time activity?

me-time ideas

43. Pick up a new creative hobby by browsing your local craft store

I LOVE walking through Hobby Lobby and Michaels! Something about these spaces that get my creative juices flowing! Walk through the aisles and see if you can find a project to try!

44. Create a personal quiet space

Do you have a quiet corner or space you can use?? Why not create a space that you can call your own! It could be any space in your home (a corner, a closet, or just a section of a chair!)

45. Redecorate a space in your home

Have you been eying a space in your room, or scrolling Decor Instagram pages and fingers are itching to move something? Get a breath of fresh air and revamp a space! This could be as simple as rearranging furniture or getting a new statement plant!

46. Get your hair professionally done

We all know the wonderful feeling of a new do! Head to your beautician and try something new, or just get pampered with a wash and style!

47. Visit the local aquarium

There is something peaceful about the water, but you aren’t always near a beach. Why not spend the day walking through the aquarium? You could even download an audiobook and sit a while to listen!

48. Write a letter

This lost art can be a great way to not only spend your alone time, but a great way to reconnect with a friend!

49. Take a flower arranging class

Instead of buying a bouquet, why not try your hand at arranging with a flower arranging class! You can find a local class or consider a youtube training!

50. Create an at home spa

Whether you grab an at home massager or a footbath, or simply jump in the tub, creating your own personal spa oasis at home can be an excellent way to spend a couple of hours alone.

51. Take a essential oil shower

Try an essential oil shower for a quick me-time activity when you’re pressed for time! These shower bombs are great for aroma therapy when you need a quick shower pick me up!

52. Build a capsule wardrobe

Having a capsule wardrobe not only makes your morning routine easier, but it also makes laundry and traveling a snap! Take an afternoon to curate your own capsule wardrobe!

53. Take a gardening course

things to do by yourself

Spending time in nature is a great way to cultivate calm, creating beauty or growing your own food in nature takes this up a notch! Checkout Masterclass or other digital learning platforms or local colleges for gardening courses near you!

Make your me-time your own

It’s important for moms to take time and do things that make them feel like themselves. That doesn’t mean we’re selfish or neglectful of our families, but rather it’s a way to be intentional about self-care in order to give ourselves the space we need emotionally and physically. So many busy mommas out there are feeling overwhelmed with how much they have on their plate as well as the lack of identity they’ve been able to keep up with because so many activities were delegated off once kids entered the picture.

This list provides plenty of ways you can find your center again by doing those things that used to bring you joy before babies came into play! Take some time today to plan which activities you may want to try in the coming weeks!!

If you are feeling jazzy and ready to overhaul your daily routine to prioritize rest, why not check out our Soul-Care Made Simple Toolkit now with over 1,000+ self-care tips and activities, plus guides and courses to help you create realistic and sustainable routines that prioritize rest!

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