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Top 15 Small Home Exercise Equipment and Accessories of 2021

One of the silver linings of 2020 was learning that we can get a lot of stuff done right from our homes. We worked from home, we ordered our groceries from home, we worked out from home!

For those of you looking to keep the momentum of your home workouts rolling, we offer you the Top 15 Small Home Exercise Equipment and Accessories of 2021!

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What is the best small home exercise equipment of 2021?

Whether you are a busy working mom or a dad looking for a gift for mom, when it comes to small home exercise equipment its easy to either get overwhelmed or to over-shop. If that’s the case and you’re looking for an easy way to get started, we have a 15-item list of what we at Undoubted Grace believe are some of the best small home exercise equipment and accessories for you.

Vergali Fabric Booty Bands

small home exercise equipment

The Vergali Fabric Booty Bands are perfect for getting in your booty workout at home! The booty bands strengthen your hips, thighs, and butt, giving you the ultimate lower body workout.

Kettlebell Weight Set

at home exercise equipment

The 3 pcs Kettlebell set is perfect for strength training from your home. Each kettle bell features a vainly, cement-filled design that has a comfortable, extra-wide grip for easy maneuvering. It is a great option for getting a whole-body workout in a short time, with limited space.

YNXing Thigh Master

small home exercise equipment

This is not your mother’s thigh master! Made of environmentally friendly PVC material, the thigh master can be used to work not only your thighs, but your chest as well! This thigh master is cheap at home workout equipment that will make your muscles burn.

Core Max Smart Abs

The Core Max Smart Abs machine is a must have piece of at home workout equipment. In just eight minutes a day, you can have a stronger core! Scientifically designed to combine 8 muscle-burning exercises in just 8 minutes a day, you’ll be baring that midriff in no time!

Cordless Jump Rope

What makes the Cordless Jump Rope unique? It has no, well, rope! Unlike an ordinary jump rope, you don’t have to worry about rope hitting things in a small space, and you will never have to worry about tripping. The EVA ball on the cordless rope simulates the real sense of jumping rope, so it won’t feel like you are wasting your time.

Sunny Health & Fitness Under Desk Pedal Bike

With the Sunny Health & Fitness Under Desk Pedal Bike you can get a workout in almost anywhere in your home. The Pedal bike is a great piece of small exercise equipment for legs.

The Fit Life Exercise Resistance Bands

at home fitness equipment

Resistant band training has been shown to be effective at burning fat while increasing muscle strength. Resistance training will also help increase coordination, boost stamina, flexibility, and range of motion. With these bands you are able to work different muscle groups including shoulders, arms, legs, glutes etc. A great workout for someone at any level of fitness.

Tripsky Fitness Sliders

The Tripsky Fitness Sliders allow you to make any workout more dynamic, challenging, and fun!  Slider workouts match the burn of aerobics, resistance, and calisthenics workouts, and you can use them right from the comfort of your own home.

AUM High Density HD Foam Tech Yoga Mat

The AUM Foam Tech Yoga Mat is constructed from high-density foam. The mat itself provides a soft, pressure-reducing surface for practicing yoga, stretching, resistance training, Pilates and more! Slip resistant material keeps you safe and stable, while the easy-to-clean top helps prevent germ buildup.

Gymax Rope

Yes sir you can have a battle rope at your home! The rope is considered basic at home workout equipment for anyone who needs to improve grip skill and muscle strength. Made of durable three strands of jute. Its diameter is 1.5 inches, which will give you the best grip. The top of the climbing rope has a ring knot so that it can be easily mounted to any sturdy anchor point without mounting brackets.

DEVEBOR Balance Ball

The DEVEBOR Balance Trainer gives a whole new meaning to “moving with control” as you work out on an unstable ball, you will feel that core working! The balance trainer is small and lightweight but mighty, assisting you to work your abdominals and obliques. The Balance ball is definitely a piece of must have at home workout equipment.

Chopfit Functional Training System

Just when you think you have heard it all, here comes the Chopfit Functional Training System! The ChopFit Chopper is designed to serve as an all-in-one r piece of at home workout equipment. This strength training meets cardio workout allows for a total full-body challenge that you’ll never bore of. If you want at home equipment essentials, look no further than the Chopfit.

Ab Roller Wheel

The Ab Roller Wheel is a piece of cheap at home workout equipment, but it is also one of the most effective pieces of home exercise equipment. Lightweight, convenient, and easily storable.

Chenlin Pilates Ring

The Chenlin Pilates Ring strengthens core abdominal muscles, helps you to gain back strength, shapes your thighs, your glutes, and assists in burning fat. These rings are almost flat, lightweight. you’ll never have to miss a workout while traveling if you ever decide to leave your home again.

ALEKO Non-Slip Dumbbells

Achieve a full-body workout from the comfort of your own home! The Non-Slip Dumbbells by ALEKO are your most important piece of basic at home workout equipment. These dumbbells are made for toning and strength workouts. Consistent use can increase your muscle mass, improve your muscular endurance, and encourage fat loss.

2021 is going to be our year. Make sure you feel great and look even better. Stay safe, and stay at home, but be sure to pick yourself up something from our Top 15 At-Home Workout Equipment and Accessories of 2021- your muscles will thank you for it!

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