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Skincare is Self-Care: Creating a Simple Skin Care Routine for Busy Moms

We all have routines that are filled with work, tasks, and chores, however, you name it. It may be perfect in terms of time management and allotting specific time slots for work, home, and family. However, when it comes to self-care and doing activities that prioritize you and make you feel relaxed and comfortable in your own zone, it lacks significantly.

The only self-care activities that one may think of incorporating into their routines is physically working out and people rarely think of adding skincare self-care activities to it. People usually miss out on self-care and prioritize other things over them, which, quite frankly, isn’t a wise thing to do. Besides, the downside of having such a routine is that it can get exhausting both physically and mentally rather than comforting and relaxing.

One best way to make sure you cover self-care in your routines is to add skincare to it. This is because skincare is self-care and it can be significantly rewarding. Not only is it soothing and calming, but It also has been proven to be beneficial in a number of ways. These include a significant boost in reducing your stress levels, anxiety, depression, and improving your mental health as well.

Additionally, a self-care beauty routine also provides you with a sense of accomplishment and can be meditative in some ways. If you’re still wondering why skincare is important and why can’t you just add other self-care activities to your routine, here is why.

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Why Is Skincare  Important?

For starters, skincare is self-care, and if you’re wondering why it is important or how is skincare self-care, here is how. Skincare is a means of self-care along with other self-care activities like yoga and fitness exercises and it is all about making you feel relaxed, stress-free, away from anxiety and depression at the end of the day.

To help you understand this better, let’s look at why it is important and why you should incorporate skincare into your routines.

  • One – It helps keep your skin good. When you’re focusing on your routine and you’re working throughout the day, you’re essentially shedding skin cells. This is due to exposure to environmental conditions which causes irritation in your skin cells. This leads to damage in your skin cells which eventually leads to your skin cells dying due to prolonged exposure.

    To make up for this, you need to incorporate skincare into routines. Not only is it soothing and calming, but, while you relax, you’re also preventing acne from appearing in your skin and boosting the natural glow of your skin –thus it leaves your skin looking at its finest.
  • Two – It makes your skin appear youthful. With the constant daytime routine stress build-up, your skin’s cells deteriorate over time. It will appear less radiant than usual and start looking dull –it’s the worst and no one likes having dull skin.

    But, fortunately, a good skincare routine is all you’ll ever need when it comes to making your skin appear more youthful. It works by removing the dead skin cells from your skin and allows your body the capacity to regenerate new, and youthful skin cells.
  • Three – It helps prevent skin complications. While you relax with your skincare routine, you’re also closing the doors for skin complications. Prevention is always better than correcting things later, and in this case, a skincare routine will serve the purpose of preventing skin complications.
  • Four – It boosts your confidence levels and makes you feel good about yourself. A glowing and more youthful skin will also lead to a boost in your confidence levels which will improve the overall experience of your daytime activities and lower the stress build-up. So, if you’re looking for improving your self confidence, a skincare routine is all you need.
  • Five – It can be significantly relaxing. A skincare routine is all about you being alone in a bathroom, or anywhere quiet, where it is just you being accompanied by a mirror. Or, let’s put it this way, you’re there for 10 – 20 minutes, away from the thoughts and the harsh realities of the world and your entire focus is on yourself –thus making the entire experience meditative and relaxing.
  • Six – It saves you money in the long run. When you incorporate skincare into your routines, you’re essentially saving yourself money by taking care of your skin. It saves you the trouble of dealing with acne scars, wrinkles, and other skin complications like discoloration. Treating these can become costly considering the costs of seeing a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. To avoid this, all you need is a skincare routine.
  • Seven – It allows you to maintain other healthy routines. With skincare routines, one thing will lead to another and once you get to enjoy the benefits of having a beauty self-care routine, you would want to work on other oral care activities as well. These can either be hair and scalp routines. The entire point here is that just by following a skincare routine, you’re essentially opening up a pathway to establishing other healthy routines as well.

Till now, we have only been talking about the importance of skincare and why you should incorporate it into your routines and we understand all of this can be compelling. Don’t worry, we have got your back and to get you started, here is a detailed insight into the basics of skin care.

What Are The Basics Of Skincare?

A skincare routine comprises of a number of activities compiled in a list, which can also be referred to as a beauty self-care checklist. It is a checklist that needs to be followed every day to benefit from the amazing gains of self-care. Here are some basics of skincare that you can start with:

  • Moisturize – Whether you’re taking a hot shower, or simply washing your face, moisturizing will open a new world of skincare benefits. It can significantly lower the chances of skin complications that are caused by skin that is either too oily or too dry. Additionally, it reduces the appearance of blemishes, fights wrinkles, and helps your skin stay young as it should. All of these benefits may make you think that just moisturizing your skin would be enough, but, don’t let this trick you. There are other skincare basics that you can add to the 10 – 20 minutes that are dedicated to you and you only.
  • Cleansing – At the end of the day, when you’re done with all the activities that make you leave your home, you end up with your skin covered in grime, and makeup. At this point, cleansing becomes the ideal thing to do to remove toxins, dead or damaged skin cells, and get rid of the excess oil secreted by your skin. The entire experience is significantly calming, relaxing, and it will make you forget about your daytime stress build-up.
  • Toning – Applying a toner on your skin after moisturizing, cleansing, and cleaning your skin from the grime and excess secreted oil. In fact, it is the cherry on top when it comes to making your skin feel healthy. It works by making the pores of your skin smaller. As a result, it looks and feels smoother. But, that’s not all, it also rejuvenates your skin by tightening it and protecting it against external environmental conditions. –The fun part of using a toner on your skin is the way it refreshes it, which feels absolutely amazing at the end of the day.
  • Massage – Massaging your skin can be significantly relaxing and rewarding at the same time. It has anti-aging properties that help fight off wrinkles from your skin and improve how your skin looks. Additionally, when you work through the pores and massage them, you’re also lowering the chances of acne from appearing on your skin and essentially glowing it a nice radiant glow that you’ll absolutely love. If you thought that was all, you’re wrong. Massaging can also aid in improving the skin blood flow and relieving the tension in your skin at the end of a busy day at work.

This further strengthens the statement “skincare is self-care” considering how stress-relieving, relaxing, and comforting skincare can be. This is specifically true if you cannot find time to allot to other self-care activities like yoga in your busy routines.

What Is The Best Simple Skincare  Routine?

The best simple skincare routine comprises of two basics and that includes moisturizing and using a cleanser. Additionally, the self-care beauty tips and skincare routines that you may get from dermatologists and professionals also revolve around moisturizing and cleansing your skin, but, there are other must-dos as well.

To help you understand what we mean by the “must-dos” here is a simple skincare routine that you can follow to get the most out of your self-care goals.

  • Step 1 – Cleanse: Cleansing is the number one step towards making your skin healthy considering the fact that it takes only a minute or two and wipes away all the grime, dirt, and impurities from your skin. The best way to cleanse your skin would be to do it twice a day. Once in the morning, and once in the evening before you go to bed.
  • Step 2 – Tone: Toning your skin helps remove excess oils and dead skin cells. Although it is more of a personal preference, a cotton pad would help you tone your skin better. Toning your skin prepares your skin for applying a moisturizer since it is more of a step-wise process that needs to be followed in the precise order for best results.
  • Step 3 – Apply a serum and booster: To get the most out of your beauty self-care routine, you can also add a serum and booster. These are products that are tailored to your skin’s needs and vary accordingly. Ideally, you can apply them after toning your skin and before moisturizing it.
  • Step 4 – Moisturise your skin. Any skincare  outine requires using a moisturizer since it plays a crucial role in protecting your skin from getting too dry and helps retain its moisture – the best way to make your skin feel fresh and plump!
  • Step 5 – Apply a mask and exfoliate your skin. Although it cannot be part of a daily skincare routine, giving your skin something extra by putting in a little effort will do no harm. It might take a few extra minutes of your time but the results are absolutely worth it. Applying a mask and exfoliating your skin twice a day would be more than enough to get the radiant glow that you’d love to have!

What Do You Need For A Good Skincare Routine?

A skincare routine is a must-have but for that, you need to know what would yield better results and allow you to actually get the results that you desire. So, it all comes down to what should go in your cabinet.

Here are some products that you need for a good skincare routine.

  1. Cleanser – The only product that you should be washing your face with.
  2. Toner – Apply for smooth, soft, and calmer skin.
  3. Moisturizer – Should be used every time you wash your face.
  4. Sunscreen – Irrespective of whether it is the summers or the winters, good sunscreen is a must-have!
  5. Exfoliation products – Keep in mind, you will only need this once or twice a week based on the condition of your skin. For instance, dry skin, you would want to exfoliate more frequently. It needs to be done after cleansing and before you apply moisturizer.
  6. Serum – Although it is more of an additional product, adding a serum (containing antioxidants) will do no harm. It will further aid in keeping your skin healthy, fresh, and looking plump.

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