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12 MUST-SEE Gifts for Military Moms in Every Branch of Service

Motherhood is hard, but for the military mother, the struggle that is found in your children leaving the nest is multiplied. When a mother sends her child off into the world, it feels as if she is setting her heart assail unprotected. The military mother has this same feeling, only multiplied.

When a child heads off to join the military a mom is filled with pride for the man or woman her child has become, but she also is filled with a nervousness that transcends anything she has felt before. She sacrifices her peace to allow her child chase their dreams and make a life for themselves!

So if you are celebrating one of these extraordinary women you know that the struggle can be, real. Gifts for military moms should be sentimental, full and pride, and remind her of the person who she loves so much. Whether its Mother’s Day, Christmas, a Birthday, or some celebration in between we’ve gathered the perfect list of gifts for military moms for that specially strong woman in your life!

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What are the best gifts for military moms?

If you were to ask any mom of a servicemember what her ideal gift would be, I would bet millions that their first answer would be the health and safety of their beloved child. They want to know that their young one is striving and excelling!

Aside from the safety of their child, reminders of the pride they feel when they tell others about their children are always great options! Add a personalized or sentimental touch and you’ve got the recipe for the perfect gift for a military mom!

Top Gifts for Navy Moms

Let’s start this gifting party off with a few navy mom gifts! Let your navy mom know that she is also a hero in your eyes with these sweet gifts!

Navy Mom Rosie the Riveter 3/4 Sleeve Baseball Tee

gifts for military moms, navy mom gifts

This Navy Mom Rosie the Riveter 3/4 Sleeve Baseball Tee is adorable!

This super soft, ring spun cotton tee is printed using water based environmentally friendly inks and dye sublimation. With three different color options and retro cool Rosie the Riveter design, this is a wonderful option for a navy mom gift.

Navy Support Candle

gifts for navy moms

Moms love candles and the navy mom in your life will really love this Navy Support Candle. The sentiment of placing a support candle in your window dates back to colonial times. The candle honors those who left their homes to fight to defend our freedoms.

This candle features a beautiful square glass jar with locking lid and wooden wick. It features a light sea breeze scent and comes with a US Navy logo charm attached.

Navy Mom Cup

Pair this super cut Navy Mom Cup with a Starbucks gift card, and your navy mom will be the happiest mama on Mother’s Day!

Handmade, this 24oz hard plastic reusable cold cup is a great way for you to show your love for your military mom.

US Navy Itty Bitty

The Navy Itty Bitty is a handmade 3” W x 4”H stuffed figurine. This is the ideal navy mom gift for the navy mom who has it all, because well, who has an Itty Bitty?!

Top Air Force Mom Gifts

This next set of gifts for military moms is dedicated to the moms of those serving the wild blue yonder. These hold a special place in my heart as I served in the Air Force for a while as well as being the child of an Airman! Gift mom one of these sweet personalized gifts for Christmas or just to tell her you are thinking of her.

Double Wing Bracelet

This beautiful gold tone brace double wing bracelet air force mom gift is sure to be a big hit. This bracelet is handmade to order with great care, and if you prefer, you do have the option of pricing up for a 14K gold filled band.

Air Force Mom Car Decal

Moms love very few things more than bragging about their kids. That’s why this air force mom gift should be considered at the top of your list- mom gets to let everyone she drives by know that she is a proud air force mom!

Proud Air Force Mom Hat

This Proud Air Force Mom Hat needs to be wrapped in a box and handed to your air force mom this Mother’s Day!

Stylishly distressed, this baseball hat features “Proud Air force Mom” in strong, glittery gold font. Made of super soft material, this hat is the perfect way for your air force om to show her support.

Air Force Mom Mug

Whether mom is having coffee with the neighbors or wants a cup for the office; this air force mom gift is sure to be a hit for any celebration or just because.

This ceramic mug’s design will never fade and is microwave and dishwasher safe! She can sport her pride and get a little jolt of her favorite warm beverage.

Army Mom Gifts She’ll Love

Now lets take some time to salute those moms of our soldiers near and far. These gifts can be customized to make them extra special for the army mom in your life.

I Raised My Hero Picture Frame

This handmade, pine wood picture frame will make your army mom cry tears of joy this Mother’s Day. Each frame holds a 4 x 4 picture, or, if you prefer, your photo can be printed right onto the wood!

Frame features the saying “Most People Never Get to Meet Their Heroes. I raised Mine”

Army Mom Laser Engraved Bracelet

This army mom gift is a handmade, stainless steel engraved bracelet featuring a durable silicone wrist band and is available in four styles and 3 sizes. The bracelet reads “Proud Army Mom; May the lord keep watch between you and me while we’re absent from one another.” Your army mom will LOVE IT.

Army Photo Bracelet

This army mom gift is a beautiful, handmade stainless-steel bracelet with custom charms and photo spot for your army kid’s army photo!

Totally durable, the photo charm is made of glass and steel, so you don’t have to worry about mom knocking it against something and breaking. A perfect Mother’s Day gift option so that mom can have a photo right on hand to show off to her friends!

Army Mom Bumper Sticker

This 3” W x 5” H bumper sticker would be loved by any army mom! Help her display her pride in the soldier you have become with this just because gift for military moms.

Perfect Marine Mom Gifts

Last but certainly not least, Hoorah for the Marine mamas you know! These gifts for military moms are all hand crafted and can be proudly displayed as conversation pieces in the home of your mom.

Black Marine Flag

This handmade, hand burnt marine flag would proudly hang in your marine mom’s favorite room!

Because they’re handmade and made from wood, each flag is slightly unique- no two flags are identical! That means you’re giving your marine mom a real couture Mother’s Day gift. Flags are made to order and offered in 3 size options.

Marine Corps Bottle Opener

This Marine Corps Bottle Opener is a great marine mom gift!

This opener is engraved with the official USMC emblem and Semper Fi. Made from high-quality hardwood this opener features keyholes for easy mounting, and

the cap catcher is a powerful magnet embedded into the opener and grabs the caps as they fall.

Proud Marine Mom Pillow Cover

This customizable Marine Mom Pillow cover comes in multiple size options perfect for your marine mom’s sofa!

The Marine Mom Pillow Cover features black pipping and is made of medium weight cotton duck and heat transfer vinyl.

Marine Mom Knitted Headband

marine mom gifts

Show your mom you will always take care of her- by keeping her warm! Gift her with this knitted wear band/headband with marine corps logo embroidered on the front. The ear band is in cream and lined with soft fleece. A very thoughtful gift for your marine mom on Mother’s Day!

We should always remember and be grateful for the sacrifices our mothers have made for us. Now that you, or someone you know, if making one for the, by protecting our country, give mom the gift of allowing her to be proud. Get her a gift specifically for a military mom this Mother’s Day- it’s a club she’s honored to be in.

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