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Christian Journal Ideas: 120+ Christian journal prompts

Looking for a different way to use your prayer journal but not sure what to write? Journaling using Christian Journal Prompts is a great way to not only use your journal when the words won’t come, but also a great way to grow closer to God. It can help you grow in your faith, and it is a wonderful way to remember the Lord’s goodness every day. 

It is a well researched fact that journaling in and of itself is beneficial to overall health and wellness, but at times the questions can seem self-centered. I get it, there are times when I struggle to answer the questions because they may seem to leave God out of a life I am very much desiring to keep him smack dab in the middle of.

If you’re looking for some journal prompts for your next Christian journey, look no further! Here are 365 Ideas and Christian journal prompts that will be helpful as you work through your self-care journey this year!

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How do you start a spiritual journal?

Before we dive into the Christian journal ideas let’s talk a bit about starting a Spiritual Journal! A Christian journal, prayer journal, or spiritual journal is simply a journal that you dedicate to growing closer to the Lord! It is a place where you can write your prayers, thoughts, emotions, or just share your day. And honestly, all of this can be prayer! So many times we think of our quiet time with the Lord as simply a place for us to request things, but prayer is so much more!

Prayer is a space where we get to communicate with the creator of the universe. In prayer, we fellowship with the only living God as his children!

Starting a Christian journal is pretty simple. You literally only need a journal and something to write with! Here you can be creative! Some women like journals that are strictly lined, others who enjoy bible journaling may enjoy a journal that includes blank space for creative drawing, etc.

What do you write in a Christian Journal?

As I mentioned earlier, you can write anything in a Christian Journal; thoughts, feelings, decisions, literally anything! You share your heart with your heavenly father!

This can be done freestyle, or using the help of a Prayer Journal prompt. Take a look here at these Christian journaling prompts!

124 Christian Journal Prompts

  1. What is one thing you most seeking God for today?
  2. Who are 3 people you need to pray for today?
  3. What is one thing you are thankful about today?
  4. How can you serve others this week?
  5. Where in your day can you take extra time to pray?
  6. What has journaling revealed about your heart recently?
  7. What do you enjoy most about the gift of faith?
  8. How has God revealed himself to you this week?
  9. What do you need to pray for this week?
  10. Give thanks for something that is difficult to be grateful for, but is a blessing nonetheless.
  11. What joy does Jesus bring you?
  12. When was the last time you looked forward to coming to church, and why?
  13. In what areas can you grow my faith?
  14. What are daily reminders of how great God is and how can you be more aware of these things in your life?
  15. What test of faith are you experiencing?
  16. What lesson do you want to teach your children through your example of faith?
  17. In what ways are you courageous?
  18. What is a lesson you want to teach others through prayer?
  19. When was the last time you were drained and needed a small break from the hustle and bustle of life?
  20. How can I be a blessing this week?
  21. What is one thing that gets in the way of praying more often?
  22. What bible verses have you memorized recently?
  23. What is the one thing you need prayer for today?
  24. What do you think about when your mind wanders from the gospel?
  25. How can you forgive someone that has hurt you? Use scripture to help guide you.
  26. How can you be a better listener to your spouse, children, friends and family?
  27. When is the last time you were in awe of God’s creation and what was the source of your awe?
  28. How can you speak life to someone today that is not doing well?
  29. Do you know how often God has an answer for your prayer?
  30. What does the word “prosper” mean to you?
  31. How can you show grace towards someone near and dear to you that needs it?
  32. What have you learned about God this week by simply trusting him?
  33. How can you increase your trust in God?
  34. Pray this prayer: God, reveal to me someone who I can focus my prayers on this month. Write down the answer/s.
  35. What do you need to ask for forgiveness for?
  36. What does the word “inspire” mean to you?
  37. What have you done this week that has inspired someone else?
  38. What is one distraction that prevents you from spending time with God?
  39. How can you make a difference this week in helping others see Christ in you?
  40. How can you serve others better this week?
  41. Who in your life needs a reminder that God loves them?
  42. What do you need to do today that will help you be a better parent/family member/friend/spouse?
  43. Who in your life do you need to create more space for?
  44. What is the most significant step that you can take towards God right now?
  45. What are some ways you can be a blessing on the next holiday?
  46. What are some ways you can show Christ to others this week?
  47. What could you be doing today that brings joy?
  48. What do you need to pray about this morning?
  49. How can you take time for more rest and refreshment in your life?
  50. How can you find purpose in this season of life?
  51. Who is a friend or family member that needs encouragement right now?
  52. What do you need to be praying for this year?
  53. What is your winning or breakthrough thought for the day?
  54. Who are people that give you strength to press on with God in your life?
  55. What is the most meaningful thing you can do today that would make a difference in someone else’s life?
  56. How can you strengthen my relationships with those closest to me this week?
  57. How will you handle conflict this week?
  58. What will you do to serve someone else this week?
  59. How can you help others find joy in their lives, whatever the circumstances might be?
  60. What do you need to pray for in your relationships?
  61. Who needs prayer from you this week?
  62. What do you need God’s help with?
  63. How can you be a blessing today during my time with the Lord?
  64. How can you bless someone around you today?
  65. What will help you actually take some time for yourself and what will you do with that time once it is here?
  66. When was the last time you prayed for your spouse?
  67. How can you be a blessing to God and others this week?
  68. What are you most grateful for this morning, and why?
  69. How can you empower someone this week?
  70. What do you need to tell someone else today that they need to hear?
  71. When is the last time you spent an evening in prayer?
  72. What do you need to pray about today that you haven’t known how to pray about until now?
  73. What’s a way you can show that you love your spouse today?
  74. How can you better serve someone else this week?
  75. What are some daily reminders of how merciful God is in my life?
  76. In what ways do you make a difference in the lives of others?
  77. What’s helped you maintain your joy in times of great difficulty?
  78. What scriptures help you resolve conflict?
  79. What have you done to share this gospel?
  80. What are some small ways you can take time for God even if you don’t feel like it?
  81. What is a life that is worth living and worth suffering for?
  82. What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to pray about? (write a prayer for that situation)  and then renew your commitment to prayer again today.
  83. Who are people in your life that need a reminder of their worthiness in Christ, and how can you show them this?
  84. What scripture reminds you of God’s faithfulness and how long have you known this scripture?
  85. What is a biblical example of someone being in the power of the Holy Spirit and what does that look like?
  86. What does the word “humble” mean to you?
  87. When was the last time you observed Sabbath?
  88. How can yo make someone else’s life better this week, even if it won’t change their circumstances?
  89. Where are you struggling to see the good in your life?
  90. What is a compliment that someone gave you recently?
  91. In what ways does my family need encouragement this week?
  92. What kind of physical activity will help me be a better Christian?
  93. How can you show God how thankful you are for him today by your actions and words to other people?
  94. When is the last time you praised Jesus out loud, and what did you praise him for?
  95. What Bible verse has encouraged you lately, and how long have you known this scripture passage?
  96. Who do you need to forgive today and then ask God to bring forgiveness into your life.
  97. What are your spiritual Goals for this week?
  98. What are some things you can do to help someone else today?
  99. Who is someone in your life that needs to be taught a lesson about perseverance and hope?
  100. What is something you need to hear this morning and how can you give it to me?
  101. How can you use your talents and resources to bring glory to God this week?
  102. When was the last time you truly thanked God for something, and why are you thankful today?
  103. Read Isaiah 55:10-13: How can you apply this scripture to your life this week?
  104. What is your most important relationship, and what are your goals for that relationship this week?
  105. How can you bless a stranger today?
  106. In what ways do you use your time wisely in order to be a blessing to God and others?
  107. Who do you need to extend grace to this week?
  108. What do you need God to do in your relationship with someone else this week?
  109. What have you learned about your faith during the past year and what are you doing to share this faith with those around you?
  110. What is something that has set your heart on fire for God lately?
  111. What scripture provided hope in the darkest of times?  (write down a verse or section of a chapter)
  112. Who is a person or family member that needs encouragement right now and how can you help them?
  113. What sin have you struggled most with this year?
  114. What is something you need to pray for this morning, and how can we help you pray for it?
  115. What two people in your life do you need to apologize to today and then ask for forgiveness from them?
  116. How can you listen better today?
  117. Who do you know that is going through a difficult time right now and what can you do to bring encouragement to that person?
  118. Why did Jesus come into this world, and what did he give up so that we could be saved?
  119. What is the meaning of salvation , and why is it so important?
  120. What scripture reminds you that God loves you?
  121. How often do you let the busyness of life prevent you from praying?
  122. What are some ways you can pray for those who hurt you?
  123. In what ways do you serve others faithfully?
  124. Read Ephesians 5:21-33: What can we learn from that passage to improve our home life today?

Use the prayer journal prompts as part of your Christian Self-Care Plan

Journaling is an amazing way to not only grow closer to God, but also a way slow down your day (morning or evening) and spend time reflecting on all that is beautiful around you. Having a self-care plan that includes journaling is something that I recommend to every busy mama who is trying to balance it all!

Love these prompts? Check out our guided prayer journals for more intentional quiet time with God!

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