9 Best Morning Devotions for Women + Free Daily Devotional Ideas

What’s the best way to start your day? With morning devotions for women!

These days, it’s hard to find the time for ourselves. We spend so much energy on other people and our jobs that we forget to take care of ourselves. Sometimes, this feeling can be overwhelming and cause us to feel guilty or selfish if we don’t take care of our own needs first. But it is important not only for your own well-being but also for everyone around you!

Starting your morning off in the presence of the Lord with a morning devotion is one of the best ways to reset and refresh for the busyness of life and motherhood.

Here are 9 of my favorite morning devotions for women. I hope they encourage you and help you grow in faith, love, and joy.

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Why are daily devotions important?

Spending time with God in the morning is vital for our spiritual health. When we start the day in God’s Word, it sets the standard for what we’ll encounter all day long.

There are so many benefits to being intentional about morning devotions. This benefits include :

Hearing the Lord: Being consistently intentional with quiet time with the lord helps us tune our ears to hearing him. We are primed to see him in our everyday experiences and life.

Better relationships: When both spouse are on the same page with God, there is less conflict in your marriage. You will understand each other better and have a stronger bond.

More Grace-filled reactions: When you start your day off in the presence of God you are better prepared to handle the frustrations of life! Whether this is interactions with co-workers, your spouse, or children, being filled with the Lord first allows you to navigate the hard parts of the day with Grace.

Morning devotions are such a great way to incorporate more God time into your mornings because they don’t take up a lot of time, therefore leave little room for excuses!

When I don’t have time for a full devotion, I try to read a verse or two from my Bible or pray at least one quick prayer asking God to guide me and protect me during the day.

If you aren’t into reading or you literally do not have time, consider listening to a podcast devotion or completing a devotional on the Bible App.

Best Morning Devotions for Women?

The beautiful thing about doing devotionals in the morning is it is a simple way to ensure that you are able to spend time with God and the length easily fits into any busy schedule. Morning devotions help us stop, think, pray, and grow closer to God. Here are 9 of my favorites:

Find Rest: A Women’s Devotional For Lasting Peace In A Busy Life

morning devotionals for women

It can be easy to become overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities in our lives. Even women who are moms, executives and volunteers have a hard time managing everything that they try to do every day. This is especially true for those days when we feel like it’s just too much – these feelings often happen more frequently than not because there always seems to be something new coming up or an unexpected event that needs attention immediately.

Finding Rest is the perfect morning devotion for women who feel this way! This devotional is relevant for any modern world weary woman! The 5 minute devotions can be completed first thing in the morning as an awesome part of your morning routine!

Life: An Obsessively Grateful, Undone by Jesus, Genuinely Happy, and Not Faking it Through the Hard Stuff Kind of 100-Day Devotional

morning devotions for women

Life can be busy, crazy, and sometimes painful, but the Lord is faithful and the good news truly is Good! In Life, a new devotional from Lisa Harper, you will read stories of God’s faithfulness in the midst of the hard and humorous stuff of life.

In Lisa’s familiar writing style, living her life, coping with challenges, and loving every minute of every day, she presents LIFE. She is totally genuine with her story-telling. You can’t help but laugh. The real challenge is to put the book down each day and not to read ahead!

God Hears Her: 365 Devotions for Women by Women

morning devotional

If you have ever felt like its a struggle to hear the voice of the Lord, or if he is hearing any of your prayers, then God hears Her is the devotional for you! This 365 day morning devotional for women is presented by Our Daily Bread and written by women like you and me.

The Simple and relatable layout is sure to be a great addition to your morning quiet time with the Lord! It also makes for a beautiful gift to any working mama you know!

5-Minute Devotions for Mom: 150 Days of Peace, Prayer, and the Power of God

Even on the hard days, God’s grace is with you every step of the way! Motherhood is one of those life experiences that changes you. It can be hectic, emotional, beautiful. This book of short and sweet morning devotions is a perfect way to find a bit of peace in the middle of the chaos!

Through intentional scripture readings, relevant anecdotes and insights, you will be reminded in 5-minute Devotions for Mom that God is with you!

A Little God Time for Women: Morning and Evening Devotions

Spending quiet time with the Lord can make or break your day! When you are intentional about being in his word and taking even a small amount of time and devoting that to him your life changes!

A little time with God is the perfect companion to your daily routine or to help you start a new one! This book provides motivational devotionals for women of all ages for your morning AND night routine!

He Whispers Your Name | 365 Devotions for Women

Looking to kick off the next year right? Consider He Whispers Your Name as your next devotional! This morning devotional offers stories of hope and comfort to strengthen your walk in the Lord.

In He Whispers Your Name, Author Cherie Hill, offers daily encouragement with relevant anecdotes and a guiding scripture! Each devotion is written with intention and feels as if it was created specifically for you! You will not only not want to miss a day, but will also want to share this one with all of your friends and family!

Word First Mornings: 365 Simple Scripture Studies to Start Your Days Right

morning devotions for women

Put God’s word first in your life with this simple but powerful daily devotional. Word First Mornings is a one year scripture journal that was created to help you create a habit of putting the Lord and his Word first in your life.

This bible study and devotional journal includes 365 ten-minute scripture studies to help you dig deeper into the word of God, lined pages to write your revelations and reflections as well as reflection sheets and SO MUCH MORE! This morning devotional for women is definitely a great way to dig deeper and draw nearer to the Lord each day!

A Moment to Breathe: 365 Devotions that Meet You in Your Everyday Mess

This next entry on our Morning devotions for women list is a book that speaks to the busy working mom’s heart completely. Life can leave you breathless, this book reminds you that the word of God restores!

This book of everyday stories is an encouragement to the weary mama that you are not alone! Start each daily devotion with a passage of scripture then read the stories from women who like you experience all of what life offers. In the end learn unseen ways that God moves through the mundane!

Free Resources for your Morning Quiet time

Perhaps you already have a favorite morning devotional or you are just looking to add a bit more intention to your morning routine. Here are a few free resources that you can incorporate into your morning time with the Lord.

Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages – Kingdom Bloggers

Printable Topical Bible Reading Plan

Additional Resources for Quiet time with the Lord

Looking for additional Morning Devotional Resources? Here are a few free resources on our blog and from a few of my blogging friends!

Joyful Living Toolbox

Rejoice Always: Bible Study Journal of Philippians

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