Top 10 Best Academic Planners for Students and Teachers

I feel like so many of us are broken records, but it still stands as the truth… Life is crazy these days! There are so many things that you have to consider and try to plan for(even if plans are constantly changing). It can be ridiculous to keep things organized, even if you are trying to live a minimally managed lifestyle! It is hard to keep track of who, when and where you have to be, what needs to be done and whatnot.

Add to this already bonkers living the added lifestyle layer of being a teacher or student! For those navigating this current season in the school setting, academic planners can be a lifesaver as far as keeping life in order.

So, for all the students and teachers out there, we present to you, the top 10 best academic planners!

What is an academic planner?

An academic planner is a handy tool that helps the academic organize all of the appointments, meetings, and assignments they have throughout the year for a successful matriculation. The main difference of note with an academic planner vs a more traditional planner is the start date

An academic planner usually starts in July which allows for planning up to the start of the semester for teachers, parents, or students who want to get a head start on creating schedules.

This doesn’t mean that you have to use one that starts in July, you can also use a traditional weekly or daily planner that goes throughout the year to keep track of all of your goals and projects.

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Best Academic Planners for Teachers

The first grouping of planners are geared towards the teachers and mama teachers! These academic planners are great for those wanting to get ahead and plan lessons, as well as just keep a handle on all of the many things you have to track as a teacher!

Best Academic Planner for Teachers: Teacher Lesson Planner

best academic planners

This teacher lesson planner by Erin Condren is a teacher’s academic planner dream come true!

This planner features a full school year of lesson planning pages, checklists and communications logs, graph pages, and much much more.  You get your choice of three binding options- coiled, binder, or softbound, and three interior design options: layers, mid-century circles, or focused. With all of the options, it is no wonder the Teacher Lesson Planner is one of the best academic planners you can purchase!

Best Printable Academic Planner for Teachers: Printable Teacher Planner

The Printable Teacher Planner by Pretty Pink Planners is another instant download, digital option, but this one is geared specifically towards teachers.

Designed specifically with busy teachers in mind, this planner will help organize you by day, week, or month. This is one of the best academic planner options because it includes pages for keeping track of seating charts, website and password trackers, field trip planning, student information and more!

Teacher’s Planner and Calendar

The Teacher’s Planner and Calendar by Creative Paper Designs is especially awesome because it can be personalized! This twelve-month calendar is uniquely yours because it has your name printed right on the front of it.

You will never run out of academic planning room with the Teacher’s Planner and Calendar because it comes with 270 color pages, an important dates section, grades list, attendance list, and so much more. This is planner is literally made for teachers. Absolutely one of the best academic planner options out there!

Bulletin Boards Planner

The Bulletin Boards Planner by Cotton N Kandi is a little bit different than the others on our list because it’s not in book form- it is an instant download, fully printable wall planner.

The Bulletin Board Planner is especially good for mamas who home school their children and want to share with them the lessons they will be learning throughout the week. If it does not come with the digital downloads you need (preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade) fear not! You can purchase add ons.

Best Planners for Students

The next group of planners is geared towards the students! Whether you are a first time student or someone who has been around the block a while, these planners can help make organizing the many tasks and assignments feel like a piece of cake!

Best Digital Academic Planner for College Students: Digital Student Planner

We love this Digital Student Planner by Easy Life Planners because it’s a modern alternative to the academic planners we are used to.

This is an undated, PDF file planner, that includes PNG file stickers, Goodnotes Stickers, a covers folder, and a help file. It’s easy to import and is an instant download- meaning you don’t have to wait for it to arrive in the mail! In addition, the digital nature of this academic planner means its environmentally friendly as well!

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Best Academic Planner for High School Students: Middle or High School Dated Planner

This planner by Global Datebooks is a student planner specifically made for middle school and high school students.

The planner features a ruler, bookmark, and planning stickers, but the real selling point making this one of the best academic planners you can buy, is that it comes with resource pages. Resources include study skills tips, and help learning English, Math, Social Studies, and Geography.

BooQool Planner

BooQool’s weekly and monthly planner is a stylish academic planner with monthly or weekly options.

This is the perfect planner or student or teacher. This planner features premium paper, 20% thicker than paper in your average planner, to ensure your pages will not easily tear or be lost.

Best Academic Planner Kit: Feela Planner

The Feela Undated Planner with faux leather cover includes one monthly and one weekly calendar for the academic year, eight colored journal pens, four highlighters, two stickie notes, and eight helpful planning stickers. So, to say this planner is jam packed with planning goodies is an understatement.

This undated planner is especially useful for students who can use the extras in their coursework. The perfect college planner!

Matilda Myres Day a Page Diary

Matilda Myres Day a Page Diary is perfect for students and teachers looking to start fresh in summer school- because it is a midyear planner, starting in June and going through the year from there. (whereas traditional planners start in January)

This planner is also great for that person on the go- it’s thicker, because it’s smaller in size, which is perfect for throwing in a handbag. The planner includes quick view reference calendars, eighty pages, and a “My book list” for reviewing all the textbooks you read throughout the year. Tell us this isn’t the best academic planner for a student or teacher?!

Global Printed Products Hardcover

This hardcover academic planner by Global Printed Products is a great daily academic planner option because it comes in two size options: medium, which is 5.5”x8”, or, large, which is 8.5”x11”. Not to mention the hardcover is a great selling point.

The academic planner also includes a matching bookmark, so you’ll never lose your place, sticky note set, and a pocket folder. Great for all those worksheets! A dream student planner!

Do yourself (and your teacher) (or yourself and your students- depending on which you are in this situation!) a favor and get it together for goodness sakes! Get that head screwed on straight and know what’s what with an academic planner. You can thank us later!

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