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10 Best Goal Setting Journals of 2023

Have you recently looked into ways to use goal setting journals to get more done? Have you ever found yourself thinking about all the things you want to do in life, while simultaneously worrying that there is just not enough time in the day to complete it all?

Life is a juggle, and there are a lot of things to remember and take care of. If you find that you’re interested in reaching your goals but need a little assistance, you might want to consider implementing a goal setting journal into your daily routine. Goal setting journals come in many different layouts and designs and which one is right for you will depend wholly on your goals and the demand you expect your journal or planner to take on for you.

In an effort to not add yet another task to your already overwhelming schedule, we have taken the liberty of compiling our favorite goal setting journals for your consideration!

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Why you need a goal setting journal?

If you have ever noticed how much more productive you are when you write down a to-do list? I know most of the things that I have forgotten to focus on have gotten that way because I have neglected to write them down. The same goes for our goals. One huge talking point for achieving goals is to write them out and create lists.

Using a journal to set goals isn’t just about increasing your productivity, in fact there are several compelling reasons why selecting a goal setting journal to help plan your goals is beneficial.

Writing your goals in a journal gives clarity to your dreams. Many times when we talk about our goals they are in general terms, for example, maybe your goal is to lose weight. Writing your goals and really digging into the reasons may improve the focus of your goal and you may instead begin working towards the goal of losing weight to decrease pain in your knees and being able to run with your children. Both goals have the same foundation, but one is much more focused.

Journaling your goals shows progress  When you journal your goals you can track your progress as you work towards your goals. Goal setting journals give you a clear indication of how far you have come in working towards your goals. This does two things: 1) it can show you why some steps may not have worked and 2) progress is key to growth, and it keeps you from feeling as if you are failing with the progress is less tangible.

Using a journal for goals can help you break the cycle of limiting beliefs When you write things down and plan them out, the process of stepwise breaking down your goals and journaling through the process helps you from falling into self-limiting habits that may have hindered your progress in the pass.

What are the best goal setting journals and planners?

This list of goal setting journals will help you choose a journal based on your specific needs. If you prefer the freedom of blank spaces, you may prefer to use one of the journals on this list. If instead you need a bit more structure and you have yet to really focus in on your goals, then one of these goal setting planners may be a better option.

Best Goal Setting Journals

These goal setting journals are perfect for the creative mama who likes the freedom of planning with blank pages and lots of space.

The Five Minute Journal

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The Five Minute Journal is an undated, 6 month goal setting journal that is broken up into morning and evening sections. The format provides inspiration and motivation throughout the day, and claims to be able to help your mental health.

This goals journal is great for busy, goal setting for working moms who may literally only have 5 minutes a day to spend on journaling, but want to take steps towards achieving their goals.

Write the Vision Goal Setting Prayer Journal Bundle

This is one of our signature prayer journals that incorporates the power of the word of God and prayer to help you make real progress in everyday life. Write the vision is meant to help walk you through the goal setting process, from vision to execution over a 30-day period. Using scripture promises and the SMART planning method this goal setting journal bundle also includes vision board printables and planner pages for a full goal setting experience!

Big Book of Self Care

The Big Book of Self Care goal setting journal by The Goddess in Training Co is a great option for those who need to slow down, and remember to put on their own oxygen mask first.

The Big Book contains prompts from January through March. You’ll find inspiring quotes, gratitude exercises, weekly affirmations- all of which are common finds in a variety of goal journals. What sets this journal apart mental health check ins- which isn’t only innovative, but also, important.

Mana A5 Training & Gym Diary

You best believe when it comes to goal setting, fitness goals are some of the most popular there are. The Mana A5 Training & Gym Diary helps you track your fitness goals and gains by logging your workouts, rest days, body weight, and measurements. It’s not only the perfect goal planning accessory, but a gym accessory as well!

The Mana A5 is a handmade, women owned, spiral logbook designed journal.

She Turned Her Dreams Into Plans Journal

This beautiful goals journal by Sweet Water Decor is different from the other planners and journals on our list in that the pages inside the journal are blank. This journal gives you the power to set your goals, write your intentions, and move forward as you see fit. Likely not the perfect journal for a procrastinator, She Turned Her Dreams Into Plans Journal would be a great goals journal option for those who are self motivated.

This journal features a fabric cover with gold foiled details, 200 pages front and back, and made in the USA.

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What should you write in a goal setting journal?

Life is full of different paths and each of us have a different purpose and plan. Because of this the possibilities are endless with what you put in your goal journal. Whether you use it to map out the dreams in your heart or to prepare for your resolutions at the beginning of the year, there are many ideas for goals to work towards. Some examples are:

  • Learn a new skill
  • Get a certification
  • Work towards a degree
  • Reevaluate your boundaries
  • Start a new business
  • Start a non-profit
  • Make a budget and stick to it
  • Plan a vacation
  • Improve your health by picking up a new habit

Realizing your goals can be overwhelming. Realizing what it is going to take to achieve said goals can be even moreso. Take off a bit of the pressure and get yourself a little help- a goal setting journal. You will be ticking off that bucket list in no time.

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