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Top 10 Most Stylish Budget Women’s Backpacks for Work

Do you know what I don’t use anymore? A purse. I can’t- I would 100% lose it. Plus, the over one shoulder thing, the over the forearm thing, I just can’t anymore. It’s much like my relationship with heels, but that’s another story for another time.

Anyway, what I can get on-board with is a good backpack. A backpack is easy, it’s comfortable, it carries a lot of stuff! The hard part about carrying a backpack is, finding a stylish one. They’re out there, but it takes some digging. The good news? We went ahead and did the digging for you. Here, we present to you the Top 10 Most Stylish Women’s Backpacks for work. The bad news? You’re going to want to purchase, all 10 backpacks.

stylish backpacks for women, stylish women's backpacks for work

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What to look for in a work backpack for women?

Looking for a great backpack for work that also won’t break the bank? Totally understandable! I’ve been there a time or two! Shopping for a women’s backpack for work can be a tedious task if you aren’t sure what you are looking for. If you are looking for a budget bag online, the process can be even more tedious!

Not to worry, there are a few questions I like to ask myself whenever I am looking for something that will hopefully stay with me for a while at work. The questions I ask when I am looking for a work back pack are:

  • What style of backpack am I looking for? This usually includes whether or not I am seeking a casual or fancier bag. Personally, I like to have a bag that is both classically stylish and casual. You may also want to consider the material you are interested in as well.
  • What will you place in your bag? This question will help you decide on the size of the bag as well as the pockets that are included in the bag. If you are a person who keeps a ton of gadgets, then a bag with lots of pockets may be more necessary. Should you be considering a bag for laptop storage then a bigger bag may be more necessary.
  • How do you plan to carry your bag? This may help you determine if you are going to get a single strap bag or one with two straps. This could also help in deciding if you’d like a bag that maybe doubles as a duffle!

Our Top 10 list of women’s backpacks for work

Now that you have an idea of some questions to consider when you are searching for a women’s backpack for work, lets jump right in to our top 10 list! I am sure there is one here you will love!!

LXY Vegan Leather Backpack

women's backpacks for work

The LXY Vegan Leather Backpack is appealing because it has a vintage leather backpack vibe. The LXY is available in black or brown vegan leather, features multiple pockets and storage areas for all your goodies and even has a hidden side button that increases the size of your backpack when released.

Himawari Laptop Travel Backpack

The Himawaru Backpack comes in two different size options and a whopping thirty different color combinations. You can quite literally find one of these bags to match every outfit. Featuring multiple pockets, the Himawari bag can be used for multiple purposes as your everyday bag.

Pack and Go Backpack

This super cute and colorful stylish backpack is perfect for moms because it’s made of water repellent fabric- easy to clean! Score. This one bag also converts into three different bags offering all the storage a lady could ever need. Not to mention this bag is trolley compatible and features a water bottle pocket for quick access to all your favorite drinks.

Suvom Canvas Backpack

The next bag on our list of women’s backpacks for work is the durable Suvom Canvas Backpack. It comes in three color combinations and is designed in a stylish and retro manner. The Suvom has padded shoulder straps and back, and multiple compartments for storage. This fashionable backpack is a great option for working professionals, moms, or ladies carrying laptops.

VSNOON Laptop Backpack

The VSNOON Laptop Backpack is a stylish laptop backpack for ladies. Offered in five floral design options made in high quality, water resistant material with reinforced edges and steel frame main compartment to keep an optimal shape of the bag. Don’t think this backpack is all looks and no function- the selling point of this beauty is a USB charging port which is extended on the side of the backpack and built-in a charging cable on the inside. The VSNOON prides itself in being a unique combination of function, and style.

Vegan Faux Leather Daypack

backpack for working woman

What the Daypack lacks in size, it makes up for in style. The Daypack features a multifunctional strap allowing you to carry your bag one of three ways, as a small backpack, as a shoulder purse, or, as a crossbody bag. It’s made to fit whatever mood you’re in that day! With two color options and a detachable inner pocket, the Daypack is a stylish backpack option for a working woman headed from work, to a night out.

Quilted Embrace Backpack

bags for working women

The Quilted Embrace Backpack was literally designed for the person on the go- making it a stylish backpack for moms, students, or working women. The backpack has an interior pocket for your laptop, is water resistant, and was designed with your comfort in mind. The backpack is quilted and has an integrated harness that contours to your body for ease of carrying. Fashion and comfort- a elusive combination indeed.

Geometric Luminous Holographic Backpack

This backpack isn’t for the faint of heart- you definitely have to have a specific style to make this one work, but if you have it girl, weeeerk! This backpack is made of geometric luminous, reflective material that changes color with the light. The backpack is large capacity and durable while being stylish and functional as well.

Hethrone Women’s Laptop Backpack

The Hethrone Women’s Laptop Backpack is quite a stylish laptop backpack for ladies. Available in five color combinations, the really cool thing about the Hethrone is that it’s an anti-theft backpack. It has a large opening and must be opened with both hands, meaning no one will be able to quick fingers steal anything out of it from you. It is impossible for the thief to open the backpack. Genius!

Baggallini Naples Convertible Backpack

The Baggallini Naples Convertible Backpack is both functional and stylish, providing a chic and elevated design that works in almost any situation. Work? Check. School? Check. As the coolest diaper bag on the block? Check check! Available in five different colors, The Baggallini provides amble storage and is water resistant.

So, there you have it. The next 10 bags you’ll purchase for your collection. Something for your workday, something for your school day, and so on. Get off the purse train and join me over here on the women’s work backpack wagon. It’s comfortable and roomy over here.

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