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VERY BEST Playroom Storage Ideas + 7 Ways I Organize my Kid’s Toys

So your house is overflowing with toys and there’s no more room to put anything else? You try to keep things in order but before you know it, your once tidy living room is now overtaken with plastic playthings.

But don’t worry, these playroom storage ideas will help you get your kids’ toys organized in no time. Not only will you be able to reclaim your living room as an adult space, you’ll be able to create a space that the children love to be in!

Plus, I’ll share my tips for how I keep my own kid’s toys organized. Let’s get started!

playroom organization ideas

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What are the steps in organizing?

Without a plan, we plan to fail. This wise advice goes for anything we do in life, but can be especially important when trying to organize a space. Here are 3 steps I always follow when I take on the task of clearing and organizing a room.

1. Assess the room

The first thing you’ll want to do is get a base assessment of the room. This includes looking at the space overall that you have. Additionally you can determine if you need to do any furniture rearranged, if anything is obviously no longer in good working order, or just generally determine what storage solutions you already have available.

2. Declutter

You don’t want to organize clutter, so the next thing you should do is declutter. My favorite method for decluttering is the Four Container method. To declutter and organize any space or region in your house, follow these four-box steps.

Grab four boxes, containers, or bags and label them as (1)trash, (2)give away/sell, (3)storage, (4)organize.

As you go through your children’s toys and declutter the 4 containers are used to sort out your items. This method is probably one of my favorites because it gives me some mental space to change my mind, or to not be ready to let things go.

Check out: 5 Popular Decluttering Methods to Simplify Your Life

3. Storage and Organizing

The last step is to find a place for everything in the room. This is where you will want to find creative ways store items, and probably the main reason you found this post :).

Where to look for playroom storage ideas?

There are a ton of really amazing stores that have some super creative storage items. Here are a few of my faves! Just to warn you, if you’ve never been inside the container store, its an experience, and you will leave feeling like you want ALL the organizing things!

Playroom storage ideas I’m using

So this post is being written in the middle of a move as I am planning the look of the playroom in my new home. You can check out my kids playroom storage Pinterest board for more inspiration.

These 7 storage ideas are the ones that have caught my eye the most! We’ve rounded up 7 of our best picks when it comes to playroom storage. Check these eight storage solutions. 

Storage cube organizaters

playroom organization tips

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Shop at the Container Store

So these are super common and are actually what I have used in all of my kids rooms and literally every living space we have in our current room. They are easy to put together and I have seen some amazing hacks for how to customize them to make them your own like this storage upcycle from My Repurposed Life.

While the design is more for an adult room, the concept is simple and I am excited to see what can come from it!

What’s so cool about these bins is even if you aren’t a DIY mama, you can give them a more customized look by simply changing out the baskets that go inside of them!

Playroom organization labels

I think one of the things that makes organized rooms look so organized is the way all things have a place and the labels! Especially in playrooms. I love labels because they not only help with knowing where things go, but if you are teaching reading to littles, labels can help you teach basic and complex sight words!

There are tons of labels you can find online. Here, I’ve created a few designs that can be printed on sticker paper or with your Cricut!

playroom organization labels

Multipurpose Seating

When I decorated our current playroom, I was so excited to purchase beanbags, but my children (specifically my oldest) was NOT impressed. So this time around I am trying some seating that has a bit more function as well as comfort.

playroom storage ideas
blue storage bench with pillows inside

Overstock has a ton of storage benches! I’m particularly fond of this multipurpose storage bench which looks both comfortable and able to hold a wide array of toys.

Wall shelves

I’ll admit this is one of the playroom storage hacks I am most excited about, because as a longtime reading lover, the idea of a reading nook is literally the best! There are a ton of ways that you can use shelving to give you more storage solutions, but these reading shelves for books literally take the cake for me!

toy room storage ideas, playroom storage

Additionally, wall shelves can be used to store all sorts of things. If you are looking for some other ideas, check out this post on creative wall shelf ideas!

Playing stations

One way to organize your playroom and to use storage effectively is to create playing stations in the room. With this, you would basically create spaces based on what would get played in that area. The hope here is that toys would get contained to the play spaces (doesn’t always happen but we can hope!). Either way, I am incorporating these playing stations to hopefully encourage some level of structure to their play.

Hanging Storage

One of the playroom storage ideas that I was drawn to the most was the hanging storage hacks. This type of storage was ideal for items that I didn’t necessarily want my children to get to all the time, but did want to store in their rooms.

My inspiration for these types of items can be seen in my toyroom storage pinterest board. I love what Megan from The Homes I have made did with her playroom and these canvas bags! You can find similar hanging baskets here.

Floor Baskets

Using floor baskets are great for storing items large and small in your kids playroom. I like using them for blankets and pillows, but they can also be used for toys that are odd shaped or long.

Using baskets of multiple sizes can help with uniformity of the room, because you can use them to sort like items. These are the ones we have in our home.

Craft Cart

My youngest is an art fanatic (even at her young age). So making her easy to clean art supplies readily available allows her some autonomy. Whenever these carts are on sale I am tempted to purchase one or two!

They are easy to assemble, on rollers, and kid height so they can easily grab what they want!

If you are more fond of drawers, these rolling carts can also be found at Michaels!

Organized playroom, organized home

Congratulations, you’ve just organized your children’s playroom! It may have taken a little effort, but it was worth it to have that space decluttered and put into order. Now that everything has a place, keeping the playroom clean should be much easier. To make sure it stays this way, be sure to stick to the system you created and periodically go through and declutter again.

And if all of this organizing talk has you feeling inspired, be sure to check out our free Spring Cleaning Checklist for more tips on how to get your home in order. Thanks for following along!

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