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7 Simple Hacks and Small Closet Organizer Systems for Everything in your Closet

We’ve all been there- we find the perfect home or apartment and are all but ready to start unpacking our bags when we see it- a small closet. I am here to tell you friends, a small closet doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. With a little finagling, and a lot of help from some super helpful closet organizing products, you can make a tiny closet feel like a walk in.

But wait wait! What if you have a ton of clothes? What if you’re thinking, “How do I organize my small closet with a lot of clothes?” All of the fashionistas out there, have no fear. Let me, help you! Here are our ideas for the best way for organizing clothes in a small closet and some sweet small closet organizer systems.

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How to Organize Pants

When it comes to our pants whether that be our jeans or dress pants if you are like me and more of a throw it in the dryer once more vs iron it type lady, then you’ll want to find a way to organize your pants that decreases the chance of wrinkles. I have tried a few different methods and finally determined that for myself, hanging my pants (jeans and dress pants) works the best!

Now this can easily take up much of your closet, especially if you haven’t quite decided to part with some of the jeans from college that could fit someday. Hanging pants on individual hangers ends up being exceptionally bulky, and if you have a small closet, quickly eats up your already lacking space.

What I have found that helps me is to use a S-type hanger such as the DOIOWN Pants organizer.

The DOIOWN S-Type is a stainless steel S-type hanger, allowing for multiple pair of pants to be hung on just the one hanger. The Stainless steel will ensure your pants don’t get snagged or stained, and bonus, is rust proof- so you can keep these hangers for a long while.

Super sturdy, these hangers will help you save space and keep your closet orderly. These hangers are especially great for someone who not only has a smaller closet, but needs to know how to how to organize clothes without a dresser.

Best for Organizing Sweaters

Ahhhh sweaters! This season they are all the rage! The issue with sweaters I always find is this. If I hang them I get that obnoxious crease in the corner of the shoulders and if I fold them, I can fit a grand total of 2 in my drawers.

Sweater are great, but they are bulky and at times cumbersome! Add to these issues a small closet and you may consider just braving the cold with a blue jean jacket! This is another time when it would be nice to have an option that increases the surface area of your closet, and that is exactly what Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers – Closet Shelf Organizer does!

These simple, sliding dividers will instantly organize your closet shelves. The Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers are made to keep all your sweaters, towels, linens, and purses, organized and separated, and tidy.

Made of non-woven polymer fabric and epoxy-coated square steel construction for a continuous ease of use. One of the best ways to organize clothes in closet.

Best Closet Organizer Hack for Organizing Shirts

Organizing your shirts in a small closet offers another challenge to the mama hoping to manage less stuff and finally organize her closet. The problem with shirts is there are so many different styles, weights, and materials.

Shirts are the one place where many people sort of splurge, because 1) they generally cost less than pants, and 2) most of us have one or two pairs of pants that we really love! With shirts we are generally more forgiving and so we have many more options! With this being said, most of the clothes in our over full closets tend to be shirts.

The hack for this is to find a way to double your closet space and that is exactly what the Simplify Commercial Grade Chrome Double Hang Closet Rod does.

This Simplify Commercial sturdy chrome rod will instantly double your closet space! It is fully adjustable to both the height and width of your closet, so you’ll never have to worry how to organize a small closet with lots of clothes again,

How to Organize Gym Clothes

What is a moms favorite type of clothes?? YOGA PANTS!! Whether you are an avid yogi or simply a comfort loving lady who runs after children more than she runs to the gym, you’ve probably got your fair share of gym clothes.

One of the most difficult thing to do in a small closet with too many clothes is to find a consistent place to put items that you have deemed necessary! Maximizing space in a small closet often requires a little creativity and ingenuity because there is often no room to properly sort and separate all the different types of clothing we own.  

Not if you have the 9 Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer. 

This Hanging shelf closet organizer with drawers is divided into sections making it one of the best ways to organize clothes in closet. This hanging closet is not only sturdy and durable, but also includes additional mesh pockets on the side giving you extra organizing space for accessories.

How to Organize Bras, Underwear, and Socks

Now its time to mention the unmentionables! That’s right, we are talking about bras, underwear and socks. These are often the most difficult to organize, because, HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU FOLD THEM? One of the better methods of folding I have found is the method described by ultimate tidier, Marie Kondo!

Now while the method was spot on and my lady clothes looked nice initially, it was impossible to keep them that way because there was no order to my drawer. So having a Drawer Organizer was a must!

Talk about space saving! This draw organizer not only gives your undergarments a specific place to live within your closet, but also makes it easy to see and find, exactly what you’re looking for within it.

If you have ever found yourself in the conundrum of how to organize clothes without a dresser, this organizer is for you. Perfect for keeping things like, socks, underwear, bras etc separate from one another so you’re not having to dig. Nice and easy to place and use.

How to Organize Scarves

Scarves are another one of the clothing items that beg the question: HOW IN THE HECK DO WE ORGANIZE THIS? They come in different sizes and they hardly fold well. Depending on your style and location they can also be pretty cumbersome!

One thing that has been a lifesaver for me, a scarf connoisseur of sorts, has been the iDesign Axis Metal Loop Scarf Hanger.

When you have a small closet, accessory storage can be a nightmare. The iDesign Axis 18 Loop Scarf Hanger is here to solve that problem for you by keeping your scarfs neat and tidy!

The hanger includes 18 loops that can be used to hang your scarfs (or ties!) allowing you to maximize your closet space. It also made finding your scarfs easier than ever- they’re all hanging in one place! Not to mention a hanging scarf is less likely to wrinkle.

How to Organize Shoes

We’ve made it through all of the different types of items you may want to store in your closet, save one. Shoes!

I have saved these for last because this is my whole passion! I so enjoy shoes and there is just something about having them organized in such a way that they become more like a work of art. Two of the shoe organizers that I am drooling over are below!

Whitmor 30 Section Hanging Shoe Shelves

small closet organizer systems

The Whitmore 30 is a durable hanging shoe shelf system, with  30 canvas pockets for your shoes. The system hangs right on the closet rod. This shoe shelf is not only super easy to assemble, but durable too. Get your shoes off the floor and into the Whitmore!

Swing Front Shoe Storage Bins

Another really great option for how to organize a small closet with lots of clothes is to utilize the Swing Front Shoe Storage Bins.

This set of 6 transparent bins perfect for your shoes or other accessories features a collapsible silhouette, allowing you to assemble into the configuration of your choosing. Meaning, you can fit it almost anywhere.

Now, a lot of these suggestions for organizing clothes in a small closet assume you already have a closet set up for storing clothing. Not everyone does. I know, right? Can you even believe it?! It’s ok it’s ok- we can help those of you as well. Let’s turn that tiny space into the closet of your dreams, shall we?

Top 3 Best Small Closet Organizer Systems

There are times when the closet you desire to use or need to use for your clothes is less than adequately prepared to hold the items you wear daily. When this is the case you essentially have to start from scratch to create a closet that is both functional and uncluttered. For these situations I have researched this list of inexpensive and well rated small closet organizer systems!

White Suite Symphony 42″ W – 108″ W Closet System

The Suit Symphony Closet System makes it easy to design and install your very own closet.

This DIY laminate closet organizer system features 5 shelves, 3 closet rods, and comes with all the installation hardware needed to assemble. Add on (at an additional cost) accessories like extra shelves and belt racks.

Pure White/White Suite Symphony Closet System Starter Kit

Call it the baby brother to the above, the Symphony Closet System Starter Kit is perfect if you’re trying to determine how to organize clothes without a dresser, but aren’t ready to commit to a full on, closet system.

Another DIY laminate system, this closet features 3 wall mounted rods and center shelves for keeping things tidy. Bonus? Choose from 5 different finishes to ensure this system fits right in with your home decor.

White Grid 36″W – 60″W Shelving Closet System

The White Grid System is fully configurable helping you organize your closet with ease.

Made from sturdy laminate, aesthically pleasing design will work with virtually any home decor.  This system includes 2 closet rods and 4 shelves, which is one of the best ways to organize clothes in closet. This system hangs on the wall so you do not have to remove or cut baseboards, making it an ideal DIY closet system.

Don’t let a small closet keep you frustrated

Rethinking that place you thought was a definite no because of the closet space? Feeling inspired to tackle the small closet in your current home? Rest assured that these are some of the best ways to organize clothes in closet. You’ll be wondering what to do with all that free space in no time!

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