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12 Best Gifts for Organized People

We have all joked about that person in our life that is absolutely impossible to shop for. There’s the person who has it all, the person who is super picky, and the person who doesn’t want anything… Now, how about gifts for neat freaks? Those who are uber organized and can’t stand clutter? (aka- useless gifts lying around!)

We’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for organized people, that bonuses as a list of gifts for the people in your life that need a little of that Type A personality too- the unorganized!

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Our top picks: Organizing gifts

Whether that organized person in your life is a list builder, a reorganizer, or a planner loving mama, this list of organizing gifts is sure to include the perfect option for that special someone.

Best Gifts for Organized People

Multiple Device Charging Station

If there is one thing that will drive an organized person MAD, it’s cords everywhere. Enter the Hercules Tuff multiple device charging station.

This charging station features 6 slots for your phones and or tablets, with 6 cords for charging. It’s a tidy, central, and organized space to hold and charge all your devices. So bye bye to cluttered counter tops and full plug sockets.

The Hercules Tuff showcases sleek, clean, silver design. The station uses 2.4-amps ports to charge cell phones and tablets up to 80% faster than other chargers with less than 2.0-amp. So be clean, and quick!

Office Desk Organizer

This wooden desk organizer by EW Art Woods is sure to be a hit with the organized people in your life.

Select your size based on the amount of organization needed- there is a space for pens, paper, various clips and pins, and even if you choose, your coffee cup.

The organizer is 10cm in diameter and is made of natural wood. You’re able to customize by choosing the size, and inner material to your liking.

VTopmart Refrigerator Bins

When looking for gifts for neat freaks, don’t forget all the random spaces they’ll want to keep organized, like say, their fridge?!

These VTopmart fridge bins are designed for storing and organizing produce and other goodies in the refrigerator. Each bin is clear so you can easily see what’s inside, and features built in handles for easy access and easy transport.

Made of premium BPA free durable polyethylene material, these organizers are lightweight, sturdy, and easily washed using only soap and water.

Greeting Card Organizer

Have you ever noticed how organized people have it all sorts of put together? That’s because they’re always 10 steps ahead! If you’re looking for a great organization gift look no further than this greeting card organizer box from DaySpring.

This adorable storage box with magnetic closure contains 24 greeting cards with coordinating envelopes. There are 6 reversible dividers to keep cards organized by occasion, or year. You will never find yourself without words of encouragement for friends and family with this box of greeting cards for every occasion.

Metal Mail Organizer

You know what an organized person wouldn’t do? They wouldn’t toss their mail on a pile on the counter top. Do you know what they would do? They would use this metal mail organizer by Highland Ridge Rustics.

This chic and durable mail organizer is cut from 16 gauge steel.  The organizer is 6 inches long, 3 1/4 inches tall and 2 inches wide. It can be used for holding mail, documents, or books.

Pack This Pad

This Knock Knock Pack This Pad takes the stress and unorganization out of the process of planning for a trip.

This pad is essentially a comprehensive checklist of everything you could ever need on a trip. Forget the chaos that tends to ensue pre-trip with this organization gift.

The Pack This Pad is 6 x 9-inch and includes 60 notepad sheets.

Create Carry All Case

This cute 5 tray carry all case from DaySpring is a great organization gift idea. It’s trendy in black and white, with stripes and inspirational words on the outside.

The case features a handle for painless transport,and the trays are clear so you can easily see what’s inside. The case can be used for storing any of your tidbits- office supplies, hair accessories, even fishing lures!

Custom Spice Rack Organizer

gifts for planners

The A type personality on your shopping list would love this Custom Spice Rack Organizer by Life of Spice Designs. Have you ever been looking for a seasoning, but had to rifle through to find which one you’re looking for? Problem solved.

The spice rack comes in a set of four rods with a grip liner included. Width and rod size is customizable. This is the perfect solution for a messy spice drawer- your friendly neighborhood neat freak will thank you!

Best Gifts for Planners in your life

2021 Weekly Planner

organizing gifts

You can’t have a list of gifts for the organized people that you love and leave out planners!

This elegant handmade planner by Minty Plan is sure to keep anyone organized. This planner features 12 months of weekly pages starting in January 2021 and ending in December of the same year. Yearly overview pages and a layout from 5AM- 11PM, along with pages designed to help you track your habits and finances make this a top choice when seeking out gifts for planners.

Simple Eats Meal Planner

We’re loving this super chic Simple Eats Meal Planner. Because when you’re an organized person, the planning doesn’t stop at meal time.

This meal planner is clean and clutter free, simple to read and the perfect gift for an organized mom looking to tone up after baby. It features space for 3 meals a day, snacks, and includes a perforated, tear-off shopping list for you to take to the grocery store with you ensuring you’ll never forget to bring home the onions.

This is a hardcover, letter pressed planner, spiral bound, with 60 meal planning pages.

Rose Gold Pens

gifts for neat freaks

When thinking about gifts for organized planners, don’t forget that every planner with a planner needs some fancy pens.

These rose gold, ballpoint pens are the perfect accessory for the organized people you’re shopping for. These pens are 5.5” made of stainless steel pen tube and a metal copper holder. They are easy and self explanatory to use.

Orange Beaded Planner Clips

gifts for organized people
Image courtesy of Marti Marti Designs

These orange beaded planner clips by Mari Marti Designs are a lovely accessory to add to any day, week, or yearly planner. These clips work as page marks in your planer, or, just as a little decor to brighten your day.

The clips are adorned with real crackle agate stone. They arrive in a beautiful package affixed to a card and wrapped in a natural muslin bag- ready to gift to that organized person in your life!

Whomever is lucky enough to receive organization gifts from you will surely be excited to be given any of these wonderful organizational tools. Not mention how impressive you will look, having been so organized yourself!

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