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Look no further for free printable journal pages!

If you are anything like me, you have a collection of planners and journals that you have built up over the years. Whether it is the super cute cover or the brilliance of the pages, you just HAVE TO PURCHASE that planner or journal!

While this is fun! It’s quite costly! One low cost option that I have started using to still get the benefit of tons of fun journals is to create my own journal with printable journal pages. Creating my own printed journals has allowed me to use the plethora of beautiful journal pages on the digital marketplaces as well as the page designs I create myself.

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Free Printable Journal Pages

These printable journal pages are a great way to get started with creating your own bullet journals, prayer journals, or planners! Simply click on the picture or the link below to get a printable copy of the page.

Simple Printable Journal Pages for Adults

These minimalist journal pages are great for adults. They have simple designs that allow a lot of room for creativity and personal expression. Click on any of the pictures below to grab this entire bundle of templates.

Cute Printable Journal Pages

For those who love the idea of a super decorative journal, but maybe don’t have the discipline or creativity to create elaborate pages on your own, I have created a few cute and fun printable journaling pages to give you the gorgeous journal of your dreams!

Cactus journal page templates

Floral Journaling Printables

If you have been looking for journaling printables with an extra feminine flare, these floral journal pages may be just the thing you need! Be sure to save this page as we add to this list consistently.

Sunflower Journaling Printables

Eucalyptus Journaling Page Printables

Blank Printable Journal paper

No list of printable journal pages is complete without options for notes blank printable journaling pages. Printable notes pages can be added to the end of any section of your DIY planner, or could be printed out to create a printable prayer journal or a journal to write out your journal prompts in. The possibilities are literally limitless!

Try these pages with some of our journal prompts.

How to make your own printable journal

Marketplaces like Etsy, Design Bundles, or Creative market have made the printable journal and planner process ridiculously easy. With these shops, you can find the journal or planner that you have to have, often for a nominal fee and then simply print it out! SUPER Simple!

blank printable journaling pages

Now, if you’d like to get a bit fancier there are some steps you can take to turn making your new journals a bit more of a project.

What supplies are needed to make your own journal?

In addition to purchasing the templates you may like (or using the free printable journal pages below) You may want to have to following items for your new journal:

  • Printer
  • Colored paper for cover
  • Lamination machine (or laminating paper
  • 3 Ring Binder (or binding machine if you are feeling extra fancy)
  • Stock paper for printing

Additional Journaling Resources

Whether you are new to journaling or a journaling pro, there is always more you can learn! We have additional resources to help your develop a journaling routine for your morning or night routine for self-care and personal growth!

Using our Journal Pages for Self-Care

Wanting to start journaling for self-care, we’ve got a huge listing of free journal prompts that you can use as well as tips for starting a journal.

Using the journaling printables for prayer

If you are interested in starting a prayer journal you can check out our huge vault of free prayer journal templates or learn how to create an effective prayer journal routine with a faith binder.

Using these journal pages for gratitude

Looking for gratitude journal resources? Check out our complete guide for gratitude journaling!