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Absolute Best Gifts for Dentists of 2021

Each year as National dentist day approaches you may be wondering how you can show appreciation to your favorite dentist or dental student.  Now most dentists will tell you that they LOVE knowing that they have the trust of their patients and that they are able to impact their lives and improve the health of their smiles.

What they may not mention is that they also have a collection of funny dental themed gifts, unique dental presents, and personal items that they have been given over the years. With the rise of craft sites such as etsy, the possibilities are endless for gifts for dentists, dental students, or dental auxiliaries you know.

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What are the best gifts for dentists?

Whether you find yourself with a dentist in your family whose birthday is coming up, or you just want to show appreciation to the person who keeps your chompers clean and healthy, finding a gift for your favorite dentist might be a little tricky.  Don’t let the DDS in your life stress you out. Instead, check out our guide for the top gifts for dentists! All of these gifts are dentist approved and would be so appreciated!

1. Just Floss T Shirt

No matter how diligent we are when it comes to our oral care, without fail at your next dental appointment, your dentist will remind you to floss. That’s why this Nike inspired Just Floss T Shirt by Tiptop Clothing USA is just, well, perfect.

Choose from a wide array of colors including black, white, red, and mint to name a few. Machine washable.

2. Vintage Dental Coasters

These vintage patent, natural marble tile dental coasters by Lotus Petale really are a chic and unique gift for any dentist.

The coasters are handmade, functional pieces of art. Each tile has its own unique qualities that come from the image transfer and qualities within the marble itself. These coasters are multiple use- hang them as a piece of art, or set your favorite drink atop one!

3. Personalized Occupation Engraved Cutting Board

gifts for dentists

The detail in the engraving of this personalized dentist cutting board by Walnut Artisan Gallery is impeccable.

Choose your wood type and any text you would like to add under the gorgeous engraving of a vintage dental chair.

This is a premium artisan cutting board, hand made with sustainable wood. The boards are unstained, and each piece is slightly unique. A classy and unique gift for your favorite dentist.

4. Personalized Dental Docking Station

dentist appreciation gifts

This personalized, handmade charging station by Wooden Dmit in the dental design is a top dentist gift idea.

Offered in multiple colors and styles, this is a functional and stylish gift to give a dentist. The station is made of durable materials that can withstand daily use. These stations are handmade, and feature not only a place for your phone to charge, but a resting place for your watch, keys, and anything else your dentist might want to take out of their pockets after a long day at the office.

5. Dentist Ornament

How cute are these dentist ornaments by Rudolph and Me Designs?

Customizable, you start by choosing your “dentist” and adding any personalized text you’d like to see. These ornaments are handmade with resin and tied off with a ribbon for hanging.

These adorable ornaments are great for hanging on the Christmas tree, rearview mirror, or anywhere else in your dentist’s line of vision to set off a smile!

6. Festive Dentist Socks

Socks may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are shopping for a thank you gift for a dentist, but, hear us out! If the Sock Fitz has created these cozy unisex socks to keep any dentist’s tootsies warm.

Choose from multiple color options, and then choose the saying you’d like shown on the sole of the socks. There are a few listed to give you inspiration, such as “Dentists Life”, “Dental Squad”, and “Best Dentist Ever” to name a few, or, you can choose to enter your own personalized saying.

All socks fit US sizes 7-12, and are machine washable.

7. The Dental Times

This fully customizable, Dental Times cover sign by Printadorable would be a lovely addition to your favorite dentist’s home or office wall.

Choose the size and text you’d like, and be sure to send in the perfect photo of your dentist. You will get back a handmade digital file, in jpg or pdf format that you can have printed and framed. This is by far one of our favorite dentist gift ideas.

8. Tooth Night Light

How cute is this battery operated tooth shaped, dentist night light by Night Light Lamp?!

Made from birch plywood and painted with Italian acrylics, this night light comes in at 11.7″ high x 10.4″ width. Personalization is available if you would like to add your dentist’s name or other text.

9. 1st White Coat Hanger

If you are looking for a unique and sentimental dental gift idea, look no further. This personalized hanger for your dentist’s first DDS coat by Hand Crafted Affairs ticks all those boxes.

This is a wooden hanger personalized with the Doctor’s name, and the world’s “First White Coat.” These beautiful hangers are offered in black, walnut, white or natural wood. They would make a beautiful graduation gift for a dental student

10. Lidocaine Molecule Pendant

In dentistry, the most commonly used local anesthetic is Lidocaine. It numbs you, so that you’re able to get a “beautiful smile without the pain!”

This 1.5” long sterling silver pendent is a beautiful thank you gift for dentists. Made to order from upcycled sterling silver, you choose your finish and chain length. The statement the pendant makes will do the rest to impress.

11. Dental Mask

This dental mask by Cooper Shop US could be the most usable gift on the list in 2020. No one will mistake what your dentist does for a living when they’re walking around in this black mask showcasing happy dancing teeth and toothpaste.

These masks are printed in the US and feature two protective layers and soft stretch ear straps. These masks are reusable, and machine washable.

12. Toothbrush Soap

Need a cute and quirky dentist gift idea? Soap Fantasy by Natalie presents these adorable toothbrush soaps.

Choose from a large variety of colors including pastel blue, orange, and purple to name a few. You’re also able to customize your scent, with Eucalyptus, banana, and fresh brewed coffee being a few of our favorites from the list. 

You will receive 5 toothbrushes, weighing in at about 1.3 oz a piece. The soaps are made from all natural ingredients and are sure to put a smile on your dentist’s face.

The dentist in your life is bound to be grateful for any of the gifts you might give them from this list. With a little bit of humor and a lot of creativity, you are sure to choose the most perfect gift for your DDS.

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