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As busy moms we all KNOW we need self-care. But… LIFE! So often, daily life gets in the way and without accessible ideas, we allow ourselves to believe that self-care is something we can postpone.

I get it! I too fell (read: STILL FALLING) into the trap that if I didn’t have 4 hours of free time to go to a massage, mani/pedi appointment and fancy lunch, I didn’t have time for self-care! SOOO, not true! Self-care is often the small mundane tasks we do to maintain our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. It’s budgeting, drinking water, going to sleep on time, praying, and parking out so you can get a few more steps in.

I wanted to create a product for YOU, a WAY TOO BUSY mama, to have at your fingertips 12 months of self-care activities in the spiritual, physical, and mental self-care categories!

Be sure to check in each month to receive your free Bundle of self-care goodies as well as offers for deals from Undoubted Grace as well as some awesome mamas I know who also believe in your self-care!

The new month’s Playlist and Devotional will be available by the 25th of the month prior!