Productivity Quick Guide

If you have been struggling to get ahead of your to do list and find time for the things that are important to you like stewarding your health and spending meaningful time with your babies, then this productivity guide is for you!

This guide includes our most popular posts on productivity as well as guided journaling prompts to help you reset your mindsets on time management.

You can download your Productivity Quick start guide here.

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**Ready to Get more Time Freedom**

Since you downloaded my productivity guide, I am guessing you are seriously interested in tackling your to do list efficiently and finding more time for the things that matter.

Maybe you have attempted the tried and true productivity techniques but you:

  • Feel overwhelmed by the shear amount of tasks on your to do list
  • Feel guilty for needing time to yourself when you are so busy working
  • Aren’t sure where to start
  • Worry that life is just supposed to be busy

If you have felt any of these super common working mom struggles then I absolutely recommend you grab a copy of our book Finding Time: A Working Mom’s Guide to Time Freedom.

In it you’ll learn:

My step-by-step method for decreasing the things on your plate. Right in the introduction I’ll share with you my simple 4 step method for clearing the clutter in your heart, home, and schedule.
How to Prioritize essential vs non-essential tasks to clear the clutter and obligations of overbooking. Please recognize how to quickly delegate, outsource or automate.
Understand the power of scheduling down time and Find rhythms that you should adopt for success
Plus so much more!

The Finding Time E-Book Bundle Also includes a bonus workbook with actionable worksheets to help you walk through the skills you’ll learn in the book.

The Bonus workbook features:

  • My Ideal day Exercise
  • Decluttering Methods Checklists
  • Our Self-Care Assessment
  • Time Block Scheduling Guide
  • + 40 day Bonus Guided Journal

This E-book and workbook include resources worth over $47 dollars but you can get this jam packed resource for only $9.

Take the overwhelm out of productivity and start clearing the clutter in your heart, home, and schedule today.