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For the month of June we will be diving into the mental health aspect of self-care. So many of us tend to overlook the health of our mind and it often shows up in how we relate to others and our ability or inability to process the current stresses we face.

Mental self-care includes all the things that help us to steward the health of our mind. That could be intellectually, how we process our stressors, and even the effect that past traumas and hardships affect our present circumstances and reactions.

As with anything, I share, we will start with understanding it from a biblical standpoint. Understanding what God has to say about guarding our minds, the things we allow our minds to experience (entertainment wise) and the words we say to ourselves.

You can grab your QUIET TIME PLAYLIST HERE. Then check below for the rest of your bundle resources.

Pray this Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for a sound mind. I admit that there are moments when I subject my mind to things that hinder me from walking in your light. I ask that you would purify my mind and guide me to good counsel when needed! In Jesus’ name, Amen

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