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July is a month where many of us are vacationing and enjoying the great outdoors. For some of us, myself included, I am often hit with the reality that my new year resolution for better fitness has been all but forgotten. This sometimes leads to guilt and a whole lot of comparison!

For some reason, we get it into our minds that we have to be on and we have to start on a Monday or the beginning of the month! This month, I just want to encourage you to get moving. Physical self-care is important not just for our appearance, but also for our overall mental health! My friend Lisa, from My Life nurse often talks about how we can be motivated to practice self-care more often, she shared about that in this guest post she shared with us on the blog.

This month lets all make it a point to be intentional about our health! This could be improving our water intake, making a plan for healthier food options, or just deciding that as a family we are going to move more!

You can grab your QUIET TIME PLAYLIST HERE. Then check below for the rest of your bundle resources.

Pray this Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for Divine rest. Thank you for showing me moments where I can slow down and be intentional about being near you! Thank you for reminding me that you are my strength! In Jesus’ name, Amen

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